Intramuros By Night

It’s been months since our photohike group planned a trip to Intramuros to shoot some lensflare, but because of some schedule hullabaloos, we’re not able to check that place for months.

Our last photohike we did is almost a month ago and that’s our PUP Photohike doodle project, and also by the same reason, I wasn’t able to finish that certain photo set. Still, I have this bad habit of starting a new project while the other one is on a limbo.

My schedule last Tuesday is quite flexible, I was able to finish my post prod tasks and  got enough rest from a week long circus-like shifts from my “call cenner” work, thus it gave me a reason to have a hike in Intramuros.

I expect that the whole team will join but because it’s the first day of school, and their respective colleges need them, I ended up with Rose. She’s excited with the hike but she have to finish a certain task for an organization. To make it short, I managed to check Hidalgo for a Dslr handy bag and  finish a surreal [dawn] mass and a Novena in Quiapo church. Well, for me it’s a blessing in disguise.

We reached the place around 6pm. The weather is nice, we thought it’ll rain but I think my prayers worked that time, more effective than offering some raw eggs.

First stop, the Manila Cathedral, It such a wonder and I wonder what it feels like to have your dream wedding on that place. I think it’s perfect for me to have that place on my special day because, i must admit, I sweat like a pig on black tie events.

Then our conversation ended up with Philippine and Spanish architecture, short recap of the Intramuros’ history, previous DOT secretaries. Told you, If you’re listening to our conversation that time,  you might think we’re a couple of quasi tour guides with a lot of political baggage on the side. We do appreciate the place but after the DOT secretary who reoponed the place to the public years ago, stepped down, Intramuros was left hanging, some of it’s multi-million funded attractions were not maintained. The giant clam shell that hosts different festivals every week lost it’s glory. Some parts we’re abandoned and  destroyed by trippers and graffiti “artist”, mutilated history for the sake of their selfish art. Okay, too much baggage, told you..hehehe. But seriously, this shows to others how we treat our culture and history, sites like these plays a major role in our history,   to our being as Filipinos.

Enough with my commentary. I’d like to  acknowledge the place’s ambiance. Even though there are some parts that’s mutilated by commercialism, It never fails it’s tourist to feel the ambiance of being transported to the Spanish era

We just walked around and talked about Noli Me Tangere, El Fili and the movies “Rizal” and “Bayaning third world” , without any sense of direction we tried to locate the San Agustin Church but unfortunately, we reached that place around 7 and they’re already closed.

Again, both having no sense of direction of all, we tried to locate this museum, if our memory serves us right, it called like “Casa something” since then, we’re looking for that place we tagged as “Casa Chorva”

After several hours and pain in our soles, at last we reached that place, it’s Casa Manila pla , not Casa Chorva hehehe, as usual, it’s closed already because it’s around 7pm already, but those good Gwardya Sibil allowed us to enter the premises and shoot some lensflare.

After shooting some lensflares, we decided to call it a day and look for a nearest ice cream parlor. Again, with no sense of direction, we got a hard time to look for the exit.

Intramuros is like a maze for us since it’s been such a long time, since the last time we visited the place

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


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  1. Would you mind me questioning where you got the img in this article from?concept.

    September 3, 2011 at 8:16 am

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