Louie’s First Day at School : Bully in the Making?

Louie, my youngest brother prepared for his first day in class weeks ago. He even got his version of TDR [technical dress rehearsal? hehehe] , scribbling with crayons on random coloring books and also on our walls, just by that we’re glad to found out that he’s right handed. Good thing it’ll be not a hassle for us to teach him how to write his name or doodle on Larry’s face while the poor thing is sleeping.

Well, his big day arrived but not like most new students, Louie is not that excited, We’re trying to wake him up but he’s a real sleepyhead. Even though he’s able to got out of the bed, he managed to take a nap on our sala.

Hmmm, He woke up around six and his class will start around 8, i think the 2 hours of preparation is enough for him. Mama got a hard time to feed the kid breakfast because he always checks the contents on his bag like his pencil case, crayons and notebooks.

After an hour, our kid at last, got his uniform on and dashing ready to go to school.Β  As a kuya, I’m so happy that he finds going to school a chance to meet new friends. Excited, I asked him to strike a pose.

and off they go πŸ˜€

Then around 11am, his class ended and he got this nice pasalubong : a star πŸ˜€

Mom told me that he is the tallest of all kids even though he’s not the oldest. She left Louie inside the classroom unlike other parents who stayed inside with their kids, it’s for him to learn being independent, but the problem is Louie always go outside and look for my mom and will blurt out “Ma, uwi na tayo”.Β  Louie is shy as well, when his teacher asked all kids to stand up for a certain activity, he will just stay sit and observe while the rest of the class enjoyed following their teacher do a Dora-the-explorer-like performance. Hmmm…well, at least he’s not a bully as I expected hehehe πŸ˜€

After class, out of boredom, I asked Louie to go to the terrace with, I told him that I’ll take some photos. You know my li’l brother, such a cam-whore, he just love to post then after shoots, he’ll run towards my cam and say “Patingin…Toya, patingin..” hehe

I tried Engr Moks idea of Multiplicity shots [for more check out his article on this : http://mokong2007.blogspot.com/2010/06/multiplicity-shots.html ]

Hmmm...kung sakit na sa ulo ang isa, paano pa ang apat? talaga bang APAT DAPAT? πŸ˜€

Testing ng multiplicity Shots, thanks to Engr. Moks for the Idea. πŸ˜€ Silver Luna Gang, shot tau minsan with this concept πŸ˜€

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed πŸ˜€


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