No to “buwis buhay” much

Such a bummer, being sick for days is not cool at all. Yes, I wished for a long vacation but not like this. I do prefer a Caribbean cruise or something but not being stranded on my bed for days, being tormented with terrible headache, achy tonsils and muscle pains.

Good thing mom was there for me. with her, I tried all medications possible. I tried pills that we think will do, self medication it is but I cant go to the hospital, I’m not feeling well to get out of my bed and even  reach for my PC to check my FB. Mom also recommended this manghihilot and I tried a full body massage. it was so painful, I think i’ll get an asthma attack in the middle of the session. Even though the manghihilot is an old lady, my God, her grips are too tight and she can put so much pressure I must. I tried to tell her to make it soft since I’m not that into hilot like my mom. But she answered “mahina pa lang ‘to”.

So I have no choice, I endured the pain of hilot. She found a lot of “lamig” all over my body, even around my eye sockets which is not suprised me since i felt series of headaches these past few days. I think took too much computer radiation. Anyway, I giggled, laugh, perspire and gasping for air during the hilot. I even almost kicked manang when she’s massaging my legs, which I complaint the most.

After the hilot, I called the office and informed them I wouldn’t be able go to work, Sir Jason complied and advised me to take some medications and observed myself.

The next day is a different story, my whole body is aching and I sweat like a pig even though I’m only on my bed. Then I got the baddest headache I ever imagined. I cant check my FB, or work on “Ynvictus” all I can do is set my playlist and turn the volume low and let those songs lessen the pain.

Dave Matthews Band, Tori Amos, Maria Mena, Rascal Flatts and some of Best of College Acapella cuts helped me to sleep away the pain, the next thing I know, I wok up around 11 in the afternoon. not bad for a nap. i felt better. And of the nostalgic event happen to me is when I woke up while the harmonious  bridge of Dave Matthews band’s “Where are you going “is playing. So rejuvenating.  Since I’m almost feeling well and planning to get ready for work later,  I decide to make myself a calamansi juice. It so rewarding yet my cough wont go away. I took medications again and took a nap, I woke up around 7, still got a rough and dry cough. My mom advice me not to got to work and observe myself. Well, have to obey thy parents, that’s one of the ten commandments.  I ate my dinner, took medicines and called and informed my bosses. Again, good thing my mom is always there to take care of me.

Anyway, I got a lot of advice within the span of time that I”m sick like settle down on your offs, try to relax a little, less FB as possible and try to check out the local gym. Well, almost all of them have some sense to me and I’m not afraid to considerate. 😀

I dont want to let this thing happen again. No to “Buwis-buhay” much. So guys dont forget to take your vitamins daily and have enough sleep.

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


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  1. humongous daybook you admit

    May 5, 2011 at 6:52 am

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