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Doodle it up :D [Part 2]

I can’t help myself to doodle at work whenever there’s pen and paper available. It’s like a therapy, releasing stress while dealing something regarding work or just to kill time.

I also love of the concept of doing it in auto-pilot; it always surprises me with the end product. It like letting your hands draw thoughts straight from your sub-conscious.

Samuel Dash

Xriol : another hallucination

some random thoughts

I remember those days I enjoyed doodle wars with Sheila after our research work last year. Too bad I can’t do the same thing on my present nature of work. But it doesn’t matter anyway.

So that’s for now.

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


Amherst Ureiqn Studios : “Flash”back

The course of my life changed when I tried to learn some editing software when I was in college . First, learned Adobe Photoshop, created some crappy lay-outs and later on explored some tricks during the process. Followed by Audacity which I first used to make a 15-second radio plug for our Multimedia project. I got the prime of that learning curve when I tried to explore Macromedia Flash MX and boy, I got a blast with that software, everyone knows that Flash MX  is utilized for web lay-out and even games, but for an AVP?

Well, it’s so easy, just make a layer, put in an object, then convert it as a flash object, add some keyframe then tweak the object’s position on the  last keyframe and you got an instant animation of that certain object.[all you need to do is export it as a videoclip, then import it to your moviemaker to put tome audio clips and or connect them with other flash-made vids.]  It’s sounds hard at first but when you get along with it , I bet you’ll bid your old moviemaker goodbye.

As a result, I ended up doing my college AVPs with Macromedia Flash and moviemaker. Well, my PC way back is sort of primitive and I can’t use Adobe After effects and Adobe Premiere on it. So I ended up working with some unusual resources and on that note, Macromedia Flash helped with as it uses around 200+ MB of my disc space.

Just to prove how amazing we can use Macromedia Flash for AVPs, here are some of my samples [sorry for the quality, I made it almost 4-3 years ago]

SONG CREDITS : “Ironic” by Alanis Morisette

my first ever full length AVP made entirely with Macromedia Flash MX, i made this for my barkada whose taking up nursing that time.

CLIENT : First City Providential College | College of Nursing | Angielica Agana
SONG CREDITS : “One in Me ” by Akafellas

AVP about ectopic pregnancy, this is used in a forum organized by another friend who’s taking up nursing as well.

CLIENT : First City Providential College | College of Nursing | Angielica Agana
SONG CREDITS : “Push” [A capella version] by Harvard university Callbacks [not sure]

Made for the same friend who used the second video. This is one of my fave material on my video vault, not because of the poor thing featured on the clip, it is because how we incorporate the thought of Abortion with the choir-like rendition of Matchbox 20’s “Push”

Ironically, I only got good copies of those I made for my friends, I don’t know where I lost my college works, I think from now on I will think of a plan on how to back up things, specially my video vault.

So that’s for now, I’m thinking of having a video/AVP making tutorial here…hmmm, let’s see.

So till then and Godbless 😀

No to “buwis buhay” much [Part 2]

Sabi nga nila, “one step at a time”, but I not a fan of that saying. What’s the use of two feet if you can just hop 3 to 4 steps forward? I know it sounds ridiculous [and cheesy] but hey, who don’t want to accomplish everything in nick of time.

Well, I guess I was wrong. Everyone has its own limitations and I just felt it last Saturday. I went to work while my body is aching and my tonsils in wreck. I ended up wasted but the pizza party during that time somehow cheered me up.   It came back while I’m on my way home, the muscle spasms became influenza. It’s  not a joke being sick, it such a waste of time. Imbes nagawa ko na ang ilan sa aking plano, ay ‘yun, nakahiga ako sa kama, matamlay at nanunuod ng season 1 ng Futurama. I’d rather keep up to my plans on how to be a pop star than stay in bed, torture myself more by thinking what’s my life could’ve been if I were Rob Thomas or Jack Neo.

Anyway, I guess I need some freakin’ rest, but for 3 days? O c’mon. I need to join my team to save some frustrated peeps on how to save their failing gadget. I tried to go to the nearest hospital but the doctor is sick as well, Ironic huh? Then I tried to self medicate but hell, I felt something in my appendix area, I might harm my liver or something so I stopped immediately.

So I have no choice, Absent nanaman ako. I don’t think my boss would be happy about that. But…sigh.

Anyway, as I write this down my temperature went low, manage to ease some occurring muscle pain and still I have a sore throat. Sickness is a belief, which must be annihilated by the divine mind. I promise as soon I get my energy back I’ll do some workout, won’t miss a single pop of vitamin C and give my rest to have a 8 full hours sleep [in other words : less  time for Facebook. :D]

So that’s for now.

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

Just for now

It’s been a crazy month to start the latter half of this year. Post productions here and Day[night] job there, it’s like doing the same balancing act every day. But thank God, even though I didn’t get enough sleep, I still do enjoy both.

But lately, having enough sleep is getting harder and harder, it is more challenging than the calls I got everyday as a technical support. Well at least, it does not hard identify the reasons why.

First, the call “cenner” paranoia like getting irate callers at the beginning of your shift, escalations, accidents while on your way to work, etc. those fears begins to hunt me every time  I’m planning to get a shut eye. Those realizations will be accompanied by “last song syndrome” , horrible is, you’ll not hearing some straight-to-the-hell tunes, but some freaking ambient noise of the office like the collective murmurs of the technicians while they deal with their callers and the repetitive noise of the computer keyboard.

Second is too many thoughts, too many plans, so little time. Many plans are running inside my head this time, from re-editing our digital film”Relica”, some photography stints up to planning to redo my  opening billboard and updating my demo reel. Well, I think I can sleep now, must survive the 4th day of the week with a bang, very excited with the weekend. I think I can do some of my plans by then. And about those “call cenner” related nightmares? Well, I think I’ll hug an Avaya-inspired stuff toy, count irate customers until I fall asleep. Hehehe 😀

[about my lil studio’s opening billboard; care to share any suggestions? check out this OBB I’m currently using on my projects ]

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

Declare [11] : Taste tests

One thing that keeps me busy when I’m preoccupied is scanning someone else playlist, whether someone posted a music video on their facebook wall or tweeting they had experienced LSS on a certain song. I’ll just click their link and listen to my heart if it’ll go straight to my freakin’ playlist. [sorry for the cheesy intro…I know right? :D]

“Terrified” by Katharine McPhee  ft. Zachary Levi

This song was first posted by my dear friend Abby on her FB wall and I fell inlove with it the time I pressed play. I love this song for several reasons. First, It’s my first time to hear my idol Chuck Bartowski [a.k.a Zachary Levi] to sing and with Katharine McPhee, so odd, so surreal.  I can’t help myself to think of Chuck and Sarah, having a stake-out with this one on the background. If next season of Chuck will turn out to be a drama romance, this song fits the OST. Think about a song titled “terrified” for a series about spies and espionage. Great concept huh?  Then the lyrics, boy, they’re great, credits to Kara DioGuardi and Jason Reeves for writing this song.

“Beside You” by Marianas Trench

I heard the whole EP of this band during an oyster stake-out in Jay’s place at Obando Bulacan. You can compare the band to Boys like girls and Panic at the disco but boy, they got this distinct style of music, you can’t easy categories them as scream or pop rock or whatever genre you have in mind. Josh Ramsay and the band got these good vocals, as a proof, try to listen to their recent album “Masterpiece feather”  , one song caught my attention during that mentioned stake-out, remember how I love a capella right? Well, I heard “beside you”  while eating oyster in a gloomy Sunday afternoon and god, the vocals and blending, I mistakenly asked Jay what A capella band it is. Well it turns out to be a rock band. I grabbed a copy of their album on my way home that day and it is worthy, I also shared this one to Shiela during our post production and she fell in love with the band that easy, specially to Josh Ramsay.

“King of Anything” by Sarah Bareilles

Love those piano tunes, those claps and arrangement of the song, it felt like listening to a fast paced tango music yet the lyrics are so dreamy. Anyway, I got this one by checking RX 93.1 countdown top seven update on their site. The video is so simple yet well executed, nice template of colors and visuals, such heaven and so relaxing  for some tired eyes. 😀

“Gravity” by Sarah Bareilles

Well, I don’t love or hate the song, I just love the concept of the video, on how they shot the whole MV guerilla style, no cuts, all rough yet well executed. I imagine their painstaking rehearsals and planning for this single shot MV. Notice how they recreate the galaxy. So nice. Got this one when I scanned through the artist discography

“Sideways” by Sam Isaac

Remember his song  “Bears” that made it’s way to the Chuck series? Well, I found a lot melancholy than that, and that’s sideway, It’s so nice to watch a time lapse video that got this feeling of tranquility; I wondered how many cakes are used in this vid, well, I don’t care to count.

“Be my only” by FM Radio

Heard during Hilda’s wedding on one of Ugly Betty’s last 2 episodes. I fell in love with this song when it was played during the montage made showing the Hilda’s bridal entourage. I posted this one on my wall, and Neil fell inlove to this one as well, too bad, they don’t have any decent copy on the net as well on the iTunes because no one cares to produce and distribute them, what a shame for those producers.

“Top 40 violin mashup”  by Paul Dateh

This guy was  mentioned in a Creative Dork’s blog entitled “Asian-American Acoustic Awesomeness” , out of curiosity, I checked this guys youtube channel and he’s freakin’ talented, he can sing, rearrange and play that violin to the extent that he can pluck it’s strings  while fiddling it. This act is one of my faves.

Speaking of Mash-up, I would like to end the post with another mash-up mentioned over Engr. Moks blogsite [], “United State of Pop 2009 (Blame It on the Pop) – Mashup of Top 25 Billboard Hits“ by dr Earworm. Listen and let the title tell you the whole story.

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

scenarios inc [12] : Back from the Wild Green Yonder :D

A group of sinister aliens beamed me up and tried their best to hypnotize me just to use my body as their avatar. They’re planning to study humans by submerging their new avatar to the world, for them is unknown. I told them that there’s worth discovering here and they’re the subject of the conspiracy theorist like me, conspiracy theorists who are hoping to meet a much higher intelligent life form, higher than those politicians who claim that they can save the nation by their sunflower-guarded fat brains. Knowing this, they threw me out of their spaceship and hurled my way down through layers of the atmosphere.  I have nothing against it, for me, it was a short lived fantasy. Hope they’ll visit us again a thousand years from now and establish a good relationship to us humans and form a show called “FUTURAMA”

I miss this show a lot and learning that the show got canceled after that feature straight to DVD film “Into the Wild Green Yonder”.  It felt like that there’s a hole in my heart [naks] because I followed that series for several years and then suddenly FOX decided to send them to their total demise. What a shame, they still do it even though the series got a strong cult following. Well what can I do, I don’t have the money to give the series a new season. [as if] Well, good thing there’s Simpsons waiting to cheer me up ,as well Futurama reruns over at Studio 23 that time.

Anyway, the pain of longing disappeared when suddenly a “not-so-close” friend in Facebook suddenly posted a status about him checking out Futurama. Curious, I asked which episode or movie. I was struck by his answer , there’s all ne w season of Futurama  waiting over a comedy central. I instantly went to my fave torrent site [sorry but this is how I watch my series] and boom, I got the first 3 episodes of that series.

The pilot was the continuation of the Last straight-to-DVD flick “Into the wild green yonder”, with a puny intro about the show canceled by idiots and later reviewed by bigger idiots. At last I got a chance to see Fry again cope with the 31st century future as the 21st century man. Haist. And now they’re on the 5th episode, and I think this season have legs to stay. Well, to those conspiracy theorist and followers of this show, support the show like what we did on CHUCK.

Well that’s for now, Conspiracy theories, try to check it’s fifth episode where they tried to be one, they discovered the truth behind the Da Vinci’s Last Supper. Like what Dr. Zoiberg said when he were shocked by the painting “Jesus Christ!!!….and the twelve apostles”

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

Blogosphere’s Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010

Ahhh… Blogosphere, one of the worlds I mostly visit next to the portal under my bed while dreaming. Because of not having the luxury to visit some bookstores due to lack of time, I satisfies my literary hunger by scanning the vast world of the Blogosphere.

What I love reading blogs is that you’ll be able to discover new breed of writers, unique train of thoughts and creative ideas. Here, literatures are fresh and untouched, unlike those in the bookstores whose ideas are “processed” by editor, censorship and franchising.

I still love books but blogs are way different, It’s like sharing each other’s sub consciousness as we read freshly pressed ideas or while writing our own grunts and ideas through a blog article.

Anyway, there’s this project about the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2010 wherein bloggers around the world can share to others what they think are interesting and influential blog sites of the year.

Well, with no further ado, here’s my top nine [for now]  entry.


Enter the world of the infamous FM jock as he tackles everything under the sun from viral videos he likes up to photography.  I love his photographs every time he came back from a vacation. He featured and gave reviews to some resorts and tourist destinations here in our country that many of us are not aware of.   And by the use of his hobby, he was able to give his readers a glimpse of those vacation getaways by his nice photographs. Also he have this THE MORNING  TOP TEN, wherein he posts funny and or interesting transcripts of previous top ten episodes heard on their radio Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar over at RX 93.1.


Let the title speak for itself. Well, I’m studying how to become a professional graphic/visual artist and this graphic designer’s blog is sort of one of my bible. His works are so amazing; I adore them and at times, felt frustrated by those artworks. His posts about his pop culture preferences are something to look forward to. So Hip and the lay-out…well, so dorky, so creative. 😀


This blogger have this gift in storytelling, he got this interesting scenarios and dialogues in his head.  He got this thing with veggies, fruits, plants and animals. He write these short stories full of emotions complete with some illustrations [that I think Jason made out of MS paint] , it’s like reading an adult version of Veggie Tales.  No wonder he won a  Saranggola Blog SIKAT award last year for a certain category.


I am so proud with this Pinay artist. Her artworks are so dreamy. She posts her projects in works and as well as the step by step process or evolution of her stunning artworks. This woman relived my hobby to draw and rekindled my childlike imagination through her blog. It’s nice how people like her see things in a different way and able to share it to the world.


For those who don’t know, People who listen to RX 93.1’s Morning Rush are called “Rushers” . There are 2 types of Rushers, those “ACTIVE RUSHERS” who contributes entries for the top ten and those “SILENT RUSHERS” who just listen and if got time, will tweet the ultimate duo for some greets and requests.  That radio show is like a huge family or barkada and because of this man’s dedication, the community extended abroad. Blue Ritz is such a dedicated rusher, he records the show every day and post it into his site for everyone to download.  It’s a nice experience for people like me who can’t listen to the show because of work to download the show’s podcast and play them whenever and wherever I want. Laughtrip with the Morning rush duo could be endless if your playlist is full of Top ten. And at times, top ten gives our barkada a laugh during our drinking sessions or post prods. 😀


This infamous parody of facebook is hilarious. Those made up accounts and statuses are so funny, it’s like having access and have a laugh on celebrities’ catfights, got overload with the mushiness of Cha Cha bulilit’s love life and Politicians’   dumb and dumber status replies.  Your addiction with the actual FB will be papered here, like what the site’s status says, “It’s like Facebook. Only Delicious”


Political satire at its best.  His posts are funny and full of wit and one of the blog relevant to me when it comes to current events. Well, as a callcenter agent, I don’t have that luxury to watch TV specially news that much, that’s why I always follow this site.  His nasty take on politicians and celebrities are so rewarding and I must say, It’s like watching a show straight out of a local version of Comedy Central . If you got a chance to check the site, please do check out his “Top 10 Messages Left on  [blank]’s Answering Machine” post wherein Politicians and Celebrities leaves their sarcastic and funny voicemails. I also love his posts during the election season, he have this “Ayon sa mga Bituin”  and “Twitter” segments for  those who joined the election rat race.


To update me fully on what’s happening on the local scene, I complete it with some dose of local showbiz news. It’s local movie reviews are very useful at times that I’m craving for something local to watch in the cinemas.


I envy the way how she come up with those micro short films. I envy her a lot because she has a set of friends who are willing to act in front of her camera.  I visited her site by having a typo  error during one of my google searching sessions. I badly want to create short films but I don’t have enough much time and friend actors to work with. I envy this blog a lot hehehe. 😀

It’s so nice to join this project because it not only sharing your fave blogsites to others, you’ll get a chance to discover and read new blogs contents as well.This writing project will not be possible without the support of sponsors such as Events and Corporate Video, Budget hotel in Makati, Pinoy Party Food, Copyediting Services, PR Agency Philippines, Budget Travel Philippines, Send Gifts to the Philippines, Black Friday Deals, Roomrent – units for rent, Search Profile Index, and Corporate Events Organizer.

so guys, that’s for now, check them out, read and write.

So Till then and Godspeed 😀