Evolution of the Motion Designers Toolkit

Digital Juice is trying to outwit VideoCoPilot.net for the past 2 years with their products they’re releasing lately. It started with VideoCoPilot’s “Evolution”.  As a video editor, I am must aware of the trends when it comes to post prod applications and sorts and “Evolution” is one of my fave. Not to alienate everyone, Evolution is a collection of high quality decorative design elements for creative video. You’ll get the idea after the jump

and undeniably, after the it’s launch, Editors all over the world got their claws on this product, able to use and exploit it. Syempre, di pahuhuli ang Pinoy. Our editors here became instant fan of this and was able to use it on everything, from AVPs , music videos, TVC, OBB [CBB] and sometimes, it’s templates on print media.

That’s what we called the “Evolution” era. On that moment, we see a lot of swirling effects on our local TV and not conscious that we already saw that effect on other shows or MV. For example, on the Pinoy MV scene, I first saw Evolution on Nancy Jane’s “Love Song” :

It gave the vid more sparkle and club feel. then after that, a lot of our MV started using Evolution, like this one.

Notice the same animated swirly designs used one both videos.Well “Evolution” in undeniably a hit on most editors. It is simple to apply and tweak, just put it on your vid and by using after effects, you can give them a nice glow effect, color, transition, anything just to make the evolution element compliment the video or better yet, owning the animation by putting some twitch effect or grungy texture. Editors was settled into a long hiatus, satisfied and fulfilled with this collection then suddenly Digital Juice came up with “Motion Designers Toolkit”

As usual , editors like got loco with these set. Even though it’s pretty obvious that the idea of this set of collection came from the VidoeCoPilot’s “Evolution”, It didn’t stop editors to notice and use this one. Well, I must say, this one kinda handy than Evolution because there’s many designs  and themes to choose from, compare to Evolution’s set of limited flourishes. on MDT [Motion Designers toolkit] , there’s a design on every post prod needs. Want to have glassic feel? use the gradient frames, Banners or Hoolanders. Want your vid to have that grungy look? Use paint splat, circular grudge or brush strokes. Want to be playful or have that pop thingamajig feel, use circularities or  my favorite Pen strokes.

Compare to Evolution, you can play more with MDT because of the enormous set, same as Evo, you can set these elements on glow or any after effects trick to own the MDT design you used on your vid.

Well, some editors still uses Evo because it got a mood that the MDT dont have. The frame second speed of Evo is quite better than MDT, ahead of its time, I must say. Evo got this feel of calmness, then you can just set it into FPS  that you want. MDT on other hand, I noticed that the FPS is too fast and all yo can do to achieve that calm feel for a specific vid is to stretch the time frame of the video element.

Well Digital Juice didn’t stopped there, they released the Part 2 and 3 of the collection, but this time, it concentrated on techno graphics and animations. sort of when you’re doing a techno, sci-fi, computer geeky or android POV videos, those sets are perfect for you. check the elements use on this vid. This used MDT part 2 and 3

It is cool right? and the set will literally help you execute such futuristic videos. And if you an action film or war of the techno worlds sort of project that need playbacks to complement your Art design. I am sure, these sets are for you.

Part 2 and 3 have a lot of themes to offer and these are some of them [well, I picked up my faves :D]

Fortunately, I got a copy of the first set of MDT and very glad to use it along with my Evolution but sad part is, the frustration started when I saw the last 2 parts of the MDT collection. I [literally] drooled when I first saw it’s demo reel on this official site Digitaljuice.com

I mean “really?  am I only  dreaming? ” that’s the only thing I said when I finished the demo reel. The collections are full of colorful elements, hand painted and very detailed. It is like having your very own graphic artist handy. Each element splashes with big amounts of hues all over the place, there’s no need to color, adjust settings or put some twitches or glow on that, it is pure work of art.

You can check the demo reel on this link

and let Digital Juice Intro introdue you well to the product

Taking off where Motion Designer’s Toolkits 1, 2 and 3 left off, volumes 4 and 5 in the series (MDT4 & MDT5), explode the MDT line with two unprecedented packages of dynamic animated elements. Over 8 months in the making, these volumes of lively, richly colored organic animations involved a team of over 40 different artists from a wide variety of artistic fields — pencil and tablet sketchers, vector design pros, and traditional fine artists — as well as a dedicated crew of animators.

The painstakingly handpainted animations in these volumes include real watercolor, oil paint and ink effects which were scanned at super-high resolutions, expertly cut out and then animated in a way that allows the user maximum flexibility to use the elements as-is or customize to suit a specific job. Each volume contains 11 unique categories of artistic looks from Watercolor and Oil Paint to Dry Brush, Swirl Filigree and Thought Bubbles. There has never been a package like this. It blurs the line between fantasy and reality, bringing a real life, energetic, full color fine arts feel to any type of project.

And I must say, they do what they say, I mean check out these sets. [note: prepare your hanky for unexpected drooling :D]

Like what I mentioned earlier, it is something to drool over. Unfortunately, “nobody” intended to “donate” these sets. I am kinda frustrated having those 4 sets and I am must say, I am willing to spend some dollars just to have those. Anyway, September is near , hope my “Law of Attraction” works. Please…please dont bother to put it on a nice giftwrap, just hand it to me and I’ll assure you, I’ll thank you for the rest of my life..hehehe… ‘lil exagerrated

Anyway, for those who have those last 4 sets, please create a torrent and share it to the world , dont be greedy okay? having these MDTs from the other side of the world is not easy.

For now, I’ll control and convince myself to be contented with the MDT part 1 and Evolution and Riot Gear [btw, Riot Gear is another collection from VideoCopilot, just check it out after the jump :D]. So far I’m learning how to use a certain element and compliment it with another element from it’s rival set. Collections like these make an editor play with his imagination.

Well that’s for now, sorry for a geeky comeback. Just want to share this info as a video editor 😀

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


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