scenarios inc [12] : Back from the Wild Green Yonder :D

A group of sinister aliens beamed me up and tried their best to hypnotize me just to use my body as their avatar. They’re planning to study humans by submerging their new avatar to the world, for them is unknown. I told them that there’s worth discovering here and they’re the subject of the conspiracy theorist like me, conspiracy theorists who are hoping to meet a much higher intelligent life form, higher than those politicians who claim that they can save the nation by their sunflower-guarded fat brains. Knowing this, they threw me out of their spaceship and hurled my way down through layers of the atmosphere.  I have nothing against it, for me, it was a short lived fantasy. Hope they’ll visit us again a thousand years from now and establish a good relationship to us humans and form a show called “FUTURAMA”

I miss this show a lot and learning that the show got canceled after that feature straight to DVD film “Into the Wild Green Yonder”.  It felt like that there’s a hole in my heart [naks] because I followed that series for several years and then suddenly FOX decided to send them to their total demise. What a shame, they still do it even though the series got a strong cult following. Well what can I do, I don’t have the money to give the series a new season. [as if] Well, good thing there’s Simpsons waiting to cheer me up ,as well Futurama reruns over at Studio 23 that time.

Anyway, the pain of longing disappeared when suddenly a “not-so-close” friend in Facebook suddenly posted a status about him checking out Futurama. Curious, I asked which episode or movie. I was struck by his answer , there’s all ne w season of Futurama  waiting over a comedy central. I instantly went to my fave torrent site [sorry but this is how I watch my series] and boom, I got the first 3 episodes of that series.

The pilot was the continuation of the Last straight-to-DVD flick “Into the wild green yonder”, with a puny intro about the show canceled by idiots and later reviewed by bigger idiots. At last I got a chance to see Fry again cope with the 31st century future as the 21st century man. Haist. And now they’re on the 5th episode, and I think this season have legs to stay. Well, to those conspiracy theorist and followers of this show, support the show like what we did on CHUCK.

Well that’s for now, Conspiracy theories, try to check it’s fifth episode where they tried to be one, they discovered the truth behind the Da Vinci’s Last Supper. Like what Dr. Zoiberg said when he were shocked by the painting “Jesus Christ!!!….and the twelve apostles”

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


2 responses

  1. Waaaaaaah! Isa to sa mga favorite cartoons ko! Bentang benta ang humor nito sakin kasi parang mga sabog silang lahat. Hahaha.

    Although hindi ko masyado napanood lahat ng episodes before, nalungkot din ako nung nalaman kong huminto na sila. But this is great news! Buti naman at may bago nang season!

    Torrents na to! Hahahaha. Salamat! 🙂

    July 20, 2010 at 4:34 am

  2. welcome, oo nga, tadtarin na ang torrent. download the pilot up to Ep 5 [or pag me time ka, pati yung 4 straight to dvd films nila hehehe]

    nangangamoy futurama marathon ah hehehe 😀

    July 20, 2010 at 5:17 am

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