Declare [11] : Taste tests

One thing that keeps me busy when I’m preoccupied is scanning someone else playlist, whether someone posted a music video on their facebook wall or tweeting they had experienced LSS on a certain song. I’ll just click their link and listen to my heart if it’ll go straight to my freakin’ playlist. [sorry for the cheesy intro…I know right? :D]

“Terrified” by Katharine McPhee  ft. Zachary Levi

This song was first posted by my dear friend Abby on her FB wall and I fell inlove with it the time I pressed play. I love this song for several reasons. First, It’s my first time to hear my idol Chuck Bartowski [a.k.a Zachary Levi] to sing and with Katharine McPhee, so odd, so surreal.  I can’t help myself to think of Chuck and Sarah, having a stake-out with this one on the background. If next season of Chuck will turn out to be a drama romance, this song fits the OST. Think about a song titled “terrified” for a series about spies and espionage. Great concept huh?  Then the lyrics, boy, they’re great, credits to Kara DioGuardi and Jason Reeves for writing this song.

“Beside You” by Marianas Trench

I heard the whole EP of this band during an oyster stake-out in Jay’s place at Obando Bulacan. You can compare the band to Boys like girls and Panic at the disco but boy, they got this distinct style of music, you can’t easy categories them as scream or pop rock or whatever genre you have in mind. Josh Ramsay and the band got these good vocals, as a proof, try to listen to their recent album “Masterpiece feather”  , one song caught my attention during that mentioned stake-out, remember how I love a capella right? Well, I heard “beside you”  while eating oyster in a gloomy Sunday afternoon and god, the vocals and blending, I mistakenly asked Jay what A capella band it is. Well it turns out to be a rock band. I grabbed a copy of their album on my way home that day and it is worthy, I also shared this one to Shiela during our post production and she fell in love with the band that easy, specially to Josh Ramsay.

“King of Anything” by Sarah Bareilles

Love those piano tunes, those claps and arrangement of the song, it felt like listening to a fast paced tango music yet the lyrics are so dreamy. Anyway, I got this one by checking RX 93.1 countdown top seven update on their site. The video is so simple yet well executed, nice template of colors and visuals, such heaven and so relaxing  for some tired eyes. 😀

“Gravity” by Sarah Bareilles

Well, I don’t love or hate the song, I just love the concept of the video, on how they shot the whole MV guerilla style, no cuts, all rough yet well executed. I imagine their painstaking rehearsals and planning for this single shot MV. Notice how they recreate the galaxy. So nice. Got this one when I scanned through the artist discography

“Sideways” by Sam Isaac

Remember his song  “Bears” that made it’s way to the Chuck series? Well, I found a lot melancholy than that, and that’s sideway, It’s so nice to watch a time lapse video that got this feeling of tranquility; I wondered how many cakes are used in this vid, well, I don’t care to count.

“Be my only” by FM Radio

Heard during Hilda’s wedding on one of Ugly Betty’s last 2 episodes. I fell in love with this song when it was played during the montage made showing the Hilda’s bridal entourage. I posted this one on my wall, and Neil fell inlove to this one as well, too bad, they don’t have any decent copy on the net as well on the iTunes because no one cares to produce and distribute them, what a shame for those producers.

“Top 40 violin mashup”  by Paul Dateh

This guy was  mentioned in a Creative Dork’s blog entitled “Asian-American Acoustic Awesomeness” , out of curiosity, I checked this guys youtube channel and he’s freakin’ talented, he can sing, rearrange and play that violin to the extent that he can pluck it’s strings  while fiddling it. This act is one of my faves.

Speaking of Mash-up, I would like to end the post with another mash-up mentioned over Engr. Moks blogsite [], “United State of Pop 2009 (Blame It on the Pop) – Mashup of Top 25 Billboard Hits“ by dr Earworm. Listen and let the title tell you the whole story.

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


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