Amherst Ureiqn Studios : “Flash”back

The course of my life changed when I tried to learn some editing software when I was in college . First, learned Adobe Photoshop, created some crappy lay-outs and later on explored some tricks during the process. Followed by Audacity which I first used to make a 15-second radio plug for our Multimedia project. I got the prime of that learning curve when I tried to explore Macromedia Flash MX and boy, I got a blast with that software, everyone knows that Flash MX  is utilized for web lay-out and even games, but for an AVP?

Well, it’s so easy, just make a layer, put in an object, then convert it as a flash object, add some keyframe then tweak the object’s position on the  last keyframe and you got an instant animation of that certain object.[all you need to do is export it as a videoclip, then import it to your moviemaker to put tome audio clips and or connect them with other flash-made vids.]  It’s sounds hard at first but when you get along with it , I bet you’ll bid your old moviemaker goodbye.

As a result, I ended up doing my college AVPs with Macromedia Flash and moviemaker. Well, my PC way back is sort of primitive and I can’t use Adobe After effects and Adobe Premiere on it. So I ended up working with some unusual resources and on that note, Macromedia Flash helped with as it uses around 200+ MB of my disc space.

Just to prove how amazing we can use Macromedia Flash for AVPs, here are some of my samples [sorry for the quality, I made it almost 4-3 years ago]

SONG CREDITS : “Ironic” by Alanis Morisette

my first ever full length AVP made entirely with Macromedia Flash MX, i made this for my barkada whose taking up nursing that time.

CLIENT : First City Providential College | College of Nursing | Angielica Agana
SONG CREDITS : “One in Me ” by Akafellas

AVP about ectopic pregnancy, this is used in a forum organized by another friend who’s taking up nursing as well.

CLIENT : First City Providential College | College of Nursing | Angielica Agana
SONG CREDITS : “Push” [A capella version] by Harvard university Callbacks [not sure]

Made for the same friend who used the second video. This is one of my fave material on my video vault, not because of the poor thing featured on the clip, it is because how we incorporate the thought of Abortion with the choir-like rendition of Matchbox 20’s “Push”

Ironically, I only got good copies of those I made for my friends, I don’t know where I lost my college works, I think from now on I will think of a plan on how to back up things, specially my video vault.

So that’s for now, I’m thinking of having a video/AVP making tutorial here…hmmm, let’s see.

So till then and Godbless 😀


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