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scenarios inc. [14] : Bring my old TV back

Ibang-iba ang Pinoy TV ngayon. I’m a couch potato before I got addicted to the internet. To me, television fulfills my frustration of having my own set of encyclopedia or internet access. Television is the only source of entertainment and sense of adventure when I was young . But things changed and now I spend almost all of my waking hours in front of the computer, whether at work or just checking my accounts in various websites. It seems that television doesn’t have anything new to offer for a kid at heart like me. All shows are complicated than ever, timeslots are getting weirder and the plots are all the same, they just changed the character, timeline and etc.

I miss my old TV.  I miss spending long time in front of the TV, engaged to some sort of adventure.  I miss that every evening there’s an anime being shown, it’s like a kid’s retreat before going to sleep.

Remember the days when  after the news, we switch our TV on ABC 5 and watch ETO rangers? Inaabangan natin kung anong Chinese Zodiac at alin story ang susunod nilang pupuntahan. Tanda ko paying mga araw na iyon kung kelan palakasan ng hiyawan ang mga batang magkakapitbahay, paunahan ng reaksyon  sa mga moves na gagawin nila Powell, Kelly , Yaboo at iba pa.   Minsan naman katapat nito yung nasa IBC 13 na Super Boink at Time Quest. Di ko alam kung bakit pero ang weird ng feeling ko pagnanapanood ko ang mga iyon, mas nagagandahan ako pag nagiging baboy  si Karin/Rini sa Super Boink at naiiyak o nalulungkot ako sa loop video closing credits ng Time Quest.

Part narin ng pagkamiss ko sa kanila ay dahil siguro sa  kanilang mga unfinished businesses. Ano nangyari kay Karin nung nakumpleto na niya ang mga pearls? Eh yung dal’wang bida ng Time Quest, nakabalik kaya sila sa kanila? I don’t know, kinakansel sila lagi pag nasa gitna na sila ng  kwento, siyempre, ratings game.

Animes that time is so entertaining , it’ll not cause you internal hemorrhage, unlike today, you should think just to comprehend with the complicated plotlines. Well, ‘till now I love Japanese animation, and everyone who knows me that I’m a big fan of Full Metal Alchemist series but still I’m rooting for my old comrades like Yaiba, Zenki, Ranma, Pietro and Pinon  [of Popolocrois], Izami, Mojacko and the rest of the Restol Gang. I also miss spending those post siesta days with Tenchi Muyo, EL Hazard, Neon Genesis Evangeleon and Escaflowne. Pero wala nang tatalo pa sa paborito kong Blue Blink at B’TX, siguro dahil narin yun yung mga una kong “cartoons” na kinamulatan. Hmmm…anyway, dapat ang anime na mga ‘to ang magkaroon ng reruns eh.

May values pa at unti lang ang pagdanak ng dugo [naks]. I miss Blue Blinks and kirara’s child-like voices, nagagaya ko ‘yon dati, ngayon, for obvious reasons, hindi na. Namiss ko rin yung mga de-buong B’TX na laruan, payabangan ng laruang kabayong may pakpak.

Namiss ko rin nga mga live action series tulad ni Bioman, Masked Rider Black, lao na ang Fiveman, Hercules, Young Hercules, Xena at Louis and Clark. I fell inlove with mythology by just following Hercules, young Hercules and Xena.

Noon, solb na solb ako sa effects at kwento ng mga series na iyon, at lalo na sa mga landscape shots ng New Zealand. I came to the point thinking that they’re real, hoping na maligaw sila dito sa Pinas and I’ll teach them anything about civilization hehe…what a nerdy dream. I also used to watch Mighty Morphing Power Ranger, yung pinakaunang version ha, yung nagkaroon ng movie. Dahil doon ang una kong pangarap noon ay maging si Billy a.k.a Blue Ranger paglaki ko, magkakaroon ako ng triceratops at magiging akin si pink ranger. Pinangarap ko rin maging isa sa mga Bettleborgs at Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog. Well bata pa ako noon, di ko masisisi ang sarili ko kung nung mga panahong iyon ay umaasa ako na baling araw uuwi si itay na may pasalubong na Ferbus.

Haist. Ibang-iba na ang TV ngayon, siguro Pinoy TV landscape evolved based on  the changing demands of the mass, the rating games and profit. Well I’m hoping that someday kids of this generation have a chance to enjoy the sense of adventure we got from TV way back when we’re young through reruns.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀


Bookworm Deluxe [nom.nom.nom]

Boo-yah! Spending less on books is a bookworm’s ultimate dream. But it’s not all about the price,  it is about getting more and higher content of a literature and paying a low price…in other words, getting a bestseller on a bargain. Even though there are some store selling second hand books in low prices, it is so frustrating that they don’t have those titles that the public wants, but they have those books written by unknown authors. Well, it’s not bad to grab a random book and read, an adventure to read other genre of literature and get along with authors that you never heard before. But I think I’ll just try that later if I got a pretty amount of time in my hand.

Anyway, it’s such a heaven when National bookstore declared a SALE up to 70%. For a bookworm like me, It’s so hard to ignore offer like this one, it’s like starving yourself while staring to fresh apple. Good thing I was able to drop by to the nearest mall to check that out and Boy! I just found myself spending almost 3 hours in an abyss of books, checking all titles on sale. It’s so hard to choose which one to take to occupy your private library when you’re on a tight budget. Good thing I left my credit card at home, I don’t have to worry about my weakness.

At first, I challenged myself to buy books and stick to a 500 pesos budget, but as I spend more time between the bookshelves, the more books I ought to buy. Needless to say, I ended up haggling books in my mind with a 1000 pesos budget. Too bad, I can’t consider some Neil Gaiman and Douglas Adams books, they’re still pretty expensive event though they’re on sale.

After almost 5 hours I ended up with these interesting finds [well so far, for me , they’re interesting]

ORLANDO BLOOM HAS RUINED EVERYTHING: A collection of the FOXTROT comic strips created by Bill Amend. It features a ten-year-old Lord of the Rings nerd Jason Fox whose trying to dominate the world by doing a 3D film that will rival Pixar and Dreamworks and ended up doing a feature entitled “Finding Hemo” . His pop culture parodies are witty and priceless. Such had a good laugh reading it.

THE FAR SIDE ; GALLERY 2 : One of my fave comic strip. Yup, strip. It’s a single panel comic created by Gary Larson. Its surrealistic humor is often based on uncomfortable social situations, improbable events, an anthropomorphic view of the world, logical fallacies, impending bizarre disasters, or the search for meaning in life. Larson’s frequent use of animals and nature in the comic is popularly attributed to his background in biology. A local broadsheet still features this comic strip every Sunday until it was renamed “The Other Side”

ULTRAVIOLINS : Collection of poetry, short stories and mini-novels written by indie film maker KHAVN, the way he write stories is so personal, the scenarios are very ordinary but it is cleverly written, the characters are breathing . He is not your typical writer that suppressed and very into the rules of writing just to win a Palanca or impress some , for him writing is like narrating bullshits and recreating them into sensible literature.  He’s more like Alan Navarra, the one who wrote “Girl Trouble” , Alan Navarra and Khavn’s work are good combo for back to back reading.

Speaking of Palanca, How odd of me to buy a copy of PALANCA’S ANTHOLOGY OF WINNING WORK : SHORT STORIES [ the 1980’s]. I think my inner frustration of winning a Palanca made me do this. In fairness, it’s so refreshing to read pieces written way back 1980’s, too bad there’s no Tagalog version of this one, I bet all pieces here are translated in English. I often hate translations pa naman, it sometimes looses the main thought of the literature or the author itself. Well, haven’t opened the book yet, but I hope it’ll be a good reference when I try to join Palanca again.

UNDERPASS:  four eye-candy comic strip that illustrates Philippine horror for the new generation, this is not your typical “Horror Komiks”, every piece has it’s own story and way of depicting horror on visual context. From the  “mala beyond belief” na SIM, confusing murder story in JUDAS KISS, more confusing narrative of KATUMBAS, up to the sexy “manananggals” in THE CLINIC. I literally finished the whole thing in one sitting, sinimulan ko syang basahin nung pagkasakay ko sa Fairview, then nung natapos ko yung comic book, I’m surprised na nasa Caloocan palang ako. Too short and bitin.

THE COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED WORKS OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM:  wala lang na-curios lang ako, it’s not that I’m still and I love those tales, yes I am still a kid but I do want to read the real unedited stories of the brothers Grimm. According to some authors, Brother Grimm stories are violent and gruesome on the time it was released. I also remembered Rue Morgue Magazine’s interview to Richard Matheson , author of the 1960’s vampire classic “I am Legend” [yup, that I am legend which the Will Smith movie was based] He told Rue Morgue that Brothers Grimm is one of his literature preferences, that he realized growing up with those tales, never realizing the true gruesome and violence hidden on each story like how Hansel and Gretel  were being ditched by their parents and how the huntsman tried to kill Snow white.  Well, I haven’t opened the book yet, still on its minted condition.

And lastly the star of my library, Dan Brown’s THE LOST SYMBOL. Continuation of the Robert Langdon adventure, the setting is Washington DC, the theme this is time is about Masonry and Noetic Science. It’s so early to judge that book because I am practically stuck on chapter 25. But if my senses serves me right,the flow would be like the first 2 Robert Langdon adventures,  Langdon will discuss a p[art of history, one of his friend/colleague will be endangered, someone very close to the  victim will be Langdon’s leading lady and Dan Brown will try again make a debate between  history/religion and Science. Again it’s too early to scrutinize and it’s like backfire due to I’m a Dan Brown fan.

I think those books are enough for this whole month, I already promised myself that the next time a sale will take place, I will hoard a year-long supply of Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adam , Arnold Arre and other Pinoy new literatures.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀

Untitled Questions [1] : Vantage Points

It’s 8:00 PM already, still I’m stuck in front of the TV, having a hard time to set the focus of my defective eyes.  The TV shows multi-frame shots of a certain bus in front of the Quirino Grandstand. I have no idea what is happening that time. All I can hear is Erwin Tulfo narrating about something.

Makalipas ang ilang minuto ay may umalingawngaw na putok, umuga ang shot sa TV, malamang nagulat ang cameraman. “HOSTAGE CRISIS” ; sabay superimpose sa baba ng TV screen, katabi ng logo ng news program. Ang location : Harap ng Quirino Grandstand. Nilipat ko ang channel, hoping to get better shots of the incident. All I can feel that time is curiosity. It’s 8:30, oras na para umalis ng bahay papuntang trabaho. Makalipas ang limang minute ay nakasakay na rin ako ng bus, di ako nagulat nang lahat ng pasahero ay nakatutok sa TV, di bale na ang ma-stiff neck. Sa bawat  masasalubong naming bus, expect mo na ang mga laman nito ay nakatingala rin, nakikinig sa mga kabadong boses ni Julius Babao, Erwin Tulfo, Mike Enriquez at iba pang reporter, nagtitiis sa vertigo habang ang mga mata’y nakatutok sa mga magagalaw na shots sa magalaw ring telebisyon.

Kanya-kanyang palitan ng kuro-kuro ang maririnig sa buong bus. May mga tanong, mayroon nanang nagpapaliwanag kung ano ang nangyayari, nagmamarunong, daig pa ang mga reporter na nasa mismong lugar ng krisis. Bigalng nagpakawala ng putok ang isang pulis, sunod sunod ang putok, armalite raw ang bitbit. Biglang napasigaw si Mike Enriquez, may natamaan ng ligaw na bala malapit sa kanyang kinalalagyan. Isang nagaalalang Mel Tiangco ang sumagot, pinapalipat ng pwesto ang katrabaho.

Mabilis ang pangyayari, lumakas lalo ang ulan, napasok ng pulis ang bus, nagputukan at pagkatapos ng ilang minute, ang mga nagaabang na pulis ay isa isang naglapitan, sumesenyas ng isa, nagsilapitan lahat ng patrol car, ambulansya at mga usiserong nakapalibot sa bus. Biglang nabanggit ni Mike na may granadang hawak ang Hostage taker, pero di ata epektib, tila may piyesta sa paligid ng bus, dumadami ang mga usisero, di bale nang maulanan, makalapit lang talaga sa bus. Tapos na ang lahat. Nakahinga na ng maluwag ang mga kasakay kong pasahero. Biglang segue sa two frame shot ni Mike at Mel, ilang statement from Mike at closing spiel na sabay segue, sa teleseryeng “Pilyang Kerubin”. Parang walang nagyari. Walang follow up interview, di man lang inestretch ang coverage ng kahit mga 15 minutes. Siguro kailangan na nilang kumita, kailangan na magpalabas ng commercials.

Plano ko sanang bumawi ng tulog ngunit di ko magawa, ang daming tanong ang nasa isip ko nung oras na iyon, pero alam kong wala makasagot maliban nalang kung magreresearch ako sa net. Pero tulad nga nga isang kasabihan sa communication theory, there’s a big difference between the knowledge gathered from a collective article AND  having an exchange by interpersonal communication.

Ang iba ay mababaw, at ang ilan ay masasabi nating masagot lang ng hostage taker o ng mga biktimang nakaligtas. Pero walang namang mawawala if I write it down here right?  [disclaimer/ note : some of my questions may sound insensitive but I just made them out of sincere curiosity]

-Hindi ba naisip ng hostage taker na hindi solusyon  sa kanyang problema ang manghostage ng isang bus? [at ang malala pa ay Hongkong tourist bus] He’s a police, I’m sure doing such act will cause him a lot. Lifetime imprisonment. Kung pagbalik sa serbisyo ang hiling mo, why not appeal to the court, be sincere and make your point by presenting more proof that you’re innocent.

-Bakit mga turista pa galing Hongkong?  ang ilan sa kanila ay di nakakaintindi ng Ingles, siguro when the hostage taker tried to explain things to them, some of them can’t understand him, all they  know that they’re in danger without any reason. Siguro nahirapan ang hostage taker makipagcommunicate. Siguro they’d exchanged thoughts by gestures.

-Bakit sumisigaw ang driver ng bus na patay na ang lahat? Hindi ba niya alam na kalahati ng kanyang statement nakasalalay ang moves ang mga pulis, SWAT at media? Hindi ba niya naisip na maaring ikamatay iyon ng mga hostages?

-Alam ba ng mga pulis o SWAT ang magiging epekto ng pagtapon ng teargas o flashbomb sa loob ng bus? Eh ang mag”spray” ng armalite?  [“spray” ang terminong ginamit ni Mike Enriquez during the coverage] siguro kalahati sa mga namatay ay nalagutan ng hininga dahilsa mga ligaw ng bala.

-During the hostage crisis, sa anong TV station nakatutok ang hostage taker? Malamang he got some references sa TV ng bus. Kung sino man ang reporter ng pinapanuod niyang news program, good job, you made it more complicated. But can’t blame you sir [or ma’am], it’s your job.  Ano ang huling TV ad ang kanilang napanuod, ano ang kanilang naramdaman nung napanuod nila iyon? Irony?

-Before the incident, those tourists don’t have any idea that a hostage crisis will take place. Siguro naenjoy nila ang Luneta. Siguro nakita nila ang may dugong Chinese na si Gat Jose Rizal na binaril sa likod ng mga kastila nong araw. Malamang may bitbit silang mga digicams tulad ng Sonia, Penesonic at iba pa. Anong kaya ang backdrop sa huli nilang picture sa kani-kanilang sa digicam? Ano ang huli nilang impresyon sa ating lugar? Nakita ba nila yung mapa ng pilipinas sa likod ng monument ni Rizal? Eh yung sunset? Malamang hindi, nasa loob na sila ng bus ng mga panahong iyon.

-Nasarapan kaya sila sa Chicken Joy meals na inabot sa kanila during the crisis? Ang ilan sa kanila ay di daw nakakain dahil sa tension, naiintindihan ko sila. Eh yung hostage taker? Ano ang huli niyang almusal? Kumain rin ba siya ng chicken joy?

-Kanino kaya ang mga pangalang huli nilang nabanggit bago sila namatay o nasagip?   Eh yung sa hostage taker? Nakatawag ba sila sa kanikanilang mga pamilya at kaibigan? Nakapagtext ba sila? Post sa FB?

-Saan naggaling ang mga usisero? Ang dami nilang nagsulputan matapos ang hostage crisis, yung may bitbit na payong, pero marami sa kanila talagang binalewala ang malakas na ulan, makasilip lang, anu kaya ang tumatakbo sa kanilang isip? May pinakita pa nga sa TV na babaeng usi, nakapayong, pinapaliwanagan ng pulis na lumayo, kaso nakikipagtalo pa ang babae, akala mo may kamag anak sa loob ng bus.

Kinabukasan ang site ng hostage crisis ay naging instant tourist spot. Nakakapanlumo, sabi nga ng isang ancient saying “Injurea addis contumeliam” [you add insult to my injury]

Mga estudyante ng mga kalapit na university, mga office workers at mga turista rin ang tipon tipon malapit sa bus, hindi para magalay ng bulaklak, kundi magpapicture. Pati mga pulis at SWAT pangiti ngiti nalang, OMG, ang ilan sa kanilang feeling artista habang nagpapapicture ang mga kolehiyala sa kanila. Cute ba sila? Ano ang tumatakbo sa isipan nga mga “post-bloodbath Usiseros”? ano ang profile at shoutout nila sa FB, twitter [at kung meron man, sa friendster]? Di ba nila naisip na ang pangit tignan ng picture ng isang barkadahang nakangiti at ang backdrop mo ay isang “duguang” at basag-basag na bus? Kung sa burol kaya nila magpapicture ang isang grupo ng usi na walang kinalaman sa kanila?

-Ano kaya ang ginawang hakbang ng mga pamunuan ng mga universities at  mga pinuno ng SWAT at pulisya? May nagtag kaya sa kanila ng mga pics sa FB? Naging Masaya kaya ang mga usi ngayong nakakuha na sila ng atensyon, hindi lang dito kundi pati narin sa Hongkong and the rest of the world. Hindi lang atensyon, hate comments pa.

While writing this article, I am FB-cruising , suddenly I found myself in a Chinese based FB page containing pics showing students, policemen and some from the SWAT taking a pose, smiling in front of the infamous bus. So insensitive and on my part, I am so ashamed with this one. I know that the government is trying its best to do damage control, but photos like these won’t help, it blurs our sincere apology to HK as a nation. Even though I don’t understand Chinese I know that that page is covered with hate. Flooded with angry comments to all Filipinos in general. They judged the whole nation by the pics of those insensitive people. I know that they have a right to be angry, but not to the point they need to judge all of us? Do they know, understand  the whole story? If so , why generalize the whole Filipino nation?

Those insensitive post bloodbath pictures circulated the net with Chinese watermarks, tagging them as future maids, bitches and dumb. Some have bad comments like “why Chinese people keep hiring Filipinos and giving them HK money, they’re all evil” [sic.]. Please stop it, we’re ashamed already and we apologize on the expense our kababayan did to your people. But please don’t be judgmental enough to be called racist. Yes I know many of my countrymen works in HK to earn some money to feed their families but I assure you that they worked hard for it. I am also aware that many HK [many not all, okay] treat their Filipino maids as animals, they lock them without  food, worked  for days without pay, some turned to sex slave by their Chinese masters.  Hindi lang yan nangyayari sa Hongkong, if you’re informed enough, many Chinese Immigrants whose living here our country do the same thing, mistreated Pinoys as if  there in Hongkong, they  also lock Pinay maids without food, hurting them by clubbing them with whip and hot flat iron, I’m not exaggerating things, I dare you to search the net or Youtueb for clips and you  too will be ashamed by the “everyday little murders” did by many Chinese people to our countrymen in HK and here in the Philippines.

My point is, hope that Chinese community don’t judge us as a whole because of those mishaps but rather unite to secure each other. Again, As a Filipino, I do apologize on what happen and ashamed.

I would like to wrap up this post with some questions. What will happen to HK-Phil relationship? What will the Philippine government do to clean our image to the foreign community?  Are they going to impose new laws to prevent something like this to happen again? What about the police force? Is there any way to improve their equipment? Is there any way to filter our policemen?  To those peeps on those insensitive photos, any ideas to help Philippines do damage control?

I also do think that you have questions to ask at the back of your mind, question you would like to ask to the hostage taker and to his victims. Everyone of us have its own way how to show curiosity and posting questions in a blog is one of them. Well, I found this statement from the net, hope this one will answer some our questions

Well I think this is too much for a personal post.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀


It is easy to lie than tell the reason why your eyes are twitching
It is easy to tell someone your explanation rather than let her understand your reason
it is easy to reason out things which is none sense than apologize

It is so hard to tell hide your emotions when your eyes are twitching
When your explanation is out of peak
and apologies are not easy to compose

It is easy to hide, to mumble and cry

Feeling safe when your down by hiding will not give you any comfort, It’ll just make you more smaller when you decided to come out and feel the summer breeze. later you’ll realize it’s not the breeze that keeps you warms, you’re getting hot by the  pressure of inferiority

Unspoken words are something you have to worry about. Words have feelings of their own, they want to be spoken, uttered by the owner’s lips. They want to be sworn  like no tomorrow, flattered in recognition and loved because they compose out inspiration. Time will come that words will escape you, abandon you and later on, you’re wont able to speak at all. Pratice to speak your heart out, mumbling is like being a traitor to that person your pertaining to, mumbling is like being traitor to yourself.

Crying is a sign of strength not weakness but there’s a very thick line between wining and crying. Tears are more subtle when you’re crying over something meaningful like your friend, pet dog and that toy airplane that defines your childhood. Crying is hard but wining is easy. It make us actors on our own stage, doing so will gain more sympathy and but less empathy.

Communicate in various ways make us human. Convey emotion with soft spoken words, Influence other by these big words and sudden realization by just having a simple talk, gentle to minds, easy for the thoughts. a cup of tea wont hurt you, as well standing by your closest parent, sibling or friend and kill almost half a day just to exchange gestures, talk about so many things, catching up with each other. Time used for doing nothing is not time wasted.

our lips is somehow connected to our heart, so the emotions are raw and spoken words are half cooked. Our eyes are close to our brains, it’ll give away in an instant how we think , how we see things, how we digest certain things.Our left hand is bridged by the heart to the right hand, so we could feel the senses , measure the emptiness of your heart or the space between you and your better half.
(Well just doing a writing exercise while I’m here at work hehe—bad. anyway, it sort of effective to freeverse sonata or poem or short, whatever, the important is , writing activities like this prevents my writing be controlled by my inferiority. I just let my heart do the talking, honestly, I didn’t think any topic at all, I just let my fingers tap some keys and i was surprised that it was able to finish a piece. It’s like I’m doing it while I’m on trance, hehe…)

So that’s for now.

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

scenarios inc. [13] : Demo Reels I like

Learning by watching demo reels  is fun.  It gives you opportunity to get fresh ideas and visuals to use in your future projects. Famous editors and motion graphic artists also watches various demo reels as it offers vast line of design that can be recreated, modified our make an original piece bit inspired by a certain  demo reel. Also demo reels set a goal and gives inspiration to those self taught editors, motion graphic artist and animators.

So here, I would like to share some demo reels that inspired me to learn video editing and 2D animation, hope you’ll be inspired by these 😀

Ramon del Prado’s work is something to look forward to. The progression of his animation skill is something to admire. Too bad I don’t have that patience to learn Maya or 3D studio Max. I can do flash animations but not as sophisticated and quirky like his works. Hope guys like him got a break in mainstream media, that a major TV station will give them a project that will showcase original Filipino content animation.


Rianne Hill Soriano is a Director, Independent filmmaker, Writer and critic and an Educator. I was able to watch some of her works like “Karsel” [Prison] and “Aninag” [Light’s Play]. I remember working as a Production assistant in one of StreetPark Production  Projects wherein she worked as an Associate Producer. Her vast knowledge in production for me is overwhelming, I learned some  techniques about filming from her, but that time I have no idea who she is until I got time to search the net and saw her works in Youtube. I don’t know that she is filmmaker behind the short “Karsel”. Anyway, I love her recent demo reel; hope I got a mentor like her in near future. As of now, all I know she’s in Vegas doing some projects. She is a  regular content contributor as well for Associated Content. Check out her reviews and sorts in


Rocketsheep Post is One of the Inspiring Pinoy Posts around . This tiny home based post got a lot to say when it comes to their freakin’ portfolio . A lot of their projects dealt with animation and special effects, and boy they executed it very well. Their clients varies from food to clothing brands, mainstream Pinoy music artists and corporate. I like their treatment to  Yeng Constantino’s “Time In” music video. It is so Pinoy.  I heard that they’re the brains behind a feature film that combined 3D-2D animation and live action vid called “Saving Sally”. Since they normally works with Ad agencies and Music Vids expect that the feature would be an extravagant eye candy. Sneak peek of the “Saving Sally” production can be seen here :

i don’t know what happen to that feature, the last thing I heard is that they’re looking for a new Sally 😀


Chibibotoons is the Production behind the first Filipino made animated interstitial that aired in local Filipino TV and that is BARKADA TRIP. I miss this toon bits much.

Buddy Gancenia is One of the premier wedding and events videographers here in the country. I once worked with his team in a certain wedding and boy, they’re fast and the outfit is superb. We didn’t felt the stress at all. The team literally runs from the hotel to the church up to the reception area and still they’re enthusiastic and creative when it comes to shooting lensflares in a certain event. And I will tell you they’ll surprise you with their onsite AVP 😀


A newcomer when it comes to  wedding videography, MAYAD Studios  got nice wedding AVPs on their vault I must say. One of them is Tisha and Donald Wedding AVP which starts with a nice multiframing. They’re also responsible to the well celebrated  lovely wedding AVP in facebook. It is the wedding of Coy Placido + Izel Sarangelo [a.k.a. Tuesday Vargas]


Now here are some of my faves when it comes to International  Posts.

Vector Meldrew Motion graphics show reel projects made using a mixture of Animation, Graphics, Live Footage and 3D. I want to learn the Software used: After Effects, Cinema 4D they got Clients such as: adidas, Rolls Royce, Levis Engineered Jeans, Wincanton Defence Systems, Olympics 2012


Then Mi Ultimo Faborito [huh? Hehe] Mark Coleran is a visual designer who has worked in a wide range of design disciplines from print graphics to motion design and visual effects. His work in motion graphics has included television show titles and branding through to his specialist area; the design, creation and animation of fantasy user interfaces for film. Over the years this work has seen him create interfaces for such films as The Bourne Ultimatum, Tomb Raider, Mission Impossible 3, The Island and Mr and Mrs Smith. Currently he is working with the Canadian software developer, Gridiron Software. He is creating the user experience and interface for a next generation creative workflow application; Flow. It is so admiring how film outfits have budget and effort to make a specialized live playback for  sets that so techy. I haven’t seen a Pinoy film that uses Techie Live playback for it’s “Cyberspace” themed sets, usually the “playback” is inserted during the post prod, so as a result, the actors are clueless about the interface they’re “using” in a scene and the interaction is choreographed and fake.

Anyway there you go, Hope these demo reel inspire those who wants to be an Editor, Motion Graphic artist or Animator.

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

Adam + Eve [Part 2]

Continuation of the Adam + Eve photoset.  I just love how easy I can manipulate these mannequins. And with the help of natural light, for me, emotions of these wooden folks were unveiled effectively.

I was still preparing for that stop motion flick for these two. I’m thinking of doing a fanvid of the song  “Grace is gone” by Dave Matthews Band. Hmmm…well, any suggestions?

So that’s for now.

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

Adam + Eve [Part 1]

I read the lyrics of this song about lovers traveling through the unknown , they don’t what store for them and they don’t know what to give each other during the journey. It is so poetic and I kept listening to it while doing the storyboard of my next personal project. Stop motion flick featuring these mannequins I brought last month.

Then suddenly I got this itch to grab them as well as my dslr and look for a location. I ended up with our terrace. The sunlight enters that part of the house so vivid and dramatic. then I saw this wooden thingamajig that I think my younger brother made last year as a part of his huge wooden toolbox.

I laid that wooden piece on the floor then placed those match-head mannequins and poof, the drama started. Thank God for that vivid sunlight, I love natural light when it come to these things. there’s no need to move bulky lights, just learn how to project so the light would be well distributed on the subject or depends on your “artistic” preference.

It took me hours before I realized that I took too much photos of the two. well, I can’t stop it, the sun + the wooden set + the emotion the mannequins have, is such a neat combination that so addictive.

So that’s for now.

So Till then and Godspeed 😀