Pictures and Photographs

Due to many post prod project these past few weeks, my PC got a hell of a work out. I downloaded tons of Futurama , the simpsons, History channel specials and when a project comes, I need to exterminate them quickly to accommodate a  huge amount of memory for a single animation sequence. It’s like Nibbler who gorges a spaceship-full of extinct animals and then poop a small ball of antimatter.

Well, Good thing my computer didn’t gave up on me even though I abuse him a lot [I’m not a fan of the shut down button, I’ll just unplug him from the outlet. I also turn it on, run my torrent, then have a 5 to a day worth oif shut eye, then I’ll use it for the next whole day without giving him a rest.]

Now, I don’t have any projects to worry about, it’s about time to clear my PC from huge amount of unnecessary files, like  video/image/audio clips used in my past projects, word docs of CBBs, movies i downloaded from torrent that I didn’t watched at all, up to some software that I downloaded and used when Sony Vegas fails. Tasks like these require time, so I ended up doing so on my free day.

During the clean up, I found a lot of photos that I never been posted on the net, some of them are overlooked personal projects, but most of them are just for keepsake, reminding me what kind of shutterbug I am.

Well here’s a roundup:

LEGO’s Clutch Powers Exhibit

Part of Lego’s promo for their straight-to-DVD full length feature “The Adventures of Clutch Powers” . Hell yeah. I felt like a kid again. those Lego bricks are such an eye candy. I almost buy one of the starwars lego set that were being sold on the vicinity that time.

Louie : Bully in the making [part 2]

Just visited my pal on one of his classes. As usual, He’s such a bully on other kids and still wears that  naughty smile.

Aspirin and some freakin high dose anti-histamines.

Ode to the “Buwis Buhay Much” series.  Napapadalas ang pagkakasakit ko lately. It’s too much to blame the freakin’ weather. I think my friends are right. It’s the lifestyle. Anyway, above is that 600mg of Flumucil, just put it on a half cup of water and watch its chemical reaction similar to a dry ice,  I feel like a mad scientist every time I’m doing my medication. And guys, this one taste like a Sprite soda reject 😀

Strolling somewhere in cyberzone

Strolling somewhere in SM North, waiting for the 3:30 showtime of “Cinco”. Good thing there’s a spacious floor in the new cyberzone where I can rest for a while.

Pechay Mode

Here, Louie is wearing a pechay-inspired clothing. In preparation of a production number for their class  about Go Glow and Grow foods. Hehehe. Anak ng Gulay.

Fortress is down

One of my rosary bracelets turned into pieces after it’s almost 5 year old garter that holds the beads dearly snapped. bad thing, it’s one of my fortress / shield against accidents and like. This one is special to me because “someone” gave me this as a gift and protection during my college days, for that time we’re doing a documentary about embalmers and the script oblige us to shoot in 3 different morgues, documenting in film how embalmers of different kinds [morticians for the rich and the poor] prepare dead bodies. Haist. I’ll miss that  string of beads.


Lunch after my mom and lil’ brother accompanied me buying new jeans. I’m experiencing pants shortage lately with my ever changing waistline. Grunt. Anyway,  because I also checked some lenses and tripods for my cam, I brought it that day, I enjoyed taking picture of my mom and my little brother, it’s like looking back when I was still a kid, careless and no worries about work or anything. The time where all I care are not getting enough ice cream and daily dose of Mighty Morphin [freakin’] power rangers. hehe. I also attempted to teach Ma how to use a DSLR cam, unfortunately, she captured  ceiling pics a lot. 😀

Blackout Carousel

This is what I hate the most. Walang kuryente for 24 hours, me shortage sa tubig and not getting enough sleep becasue those monsters under my bed are grunting all the time due to they cant make their air-condition to work.

Good thing Larry [my brother, the family’s resident inventor] Invented numbers of rechargeable lamps which he was able to recharge during the summer. but still, I do prefer the candlelight drama for my room. It is nice for  my cam to got a nifty amount of batt,  I was able to experiment  midst of the darkness surrounding me.


Yeah, I know, i’m getting fat and it’s not too late to start a diet. But what the heck, I’m still young and I do prefer to enjoy meals rather than be conscious on what other people will say about my body shape. In self defense, I do believe in the famous saying of a famous cook that “those who reached the age of 90 means they didn’t enjoyed the food when they were young” [ironically I forgot thy name]

Matchhead Mannequins

Brought from NBS, Its about time to get one of these. I’m always daydreaming of doing a stop motion animation but I have no idea how to start. I’m no good at clay modeling as well as carpentry, so I think this mannequins will do. I’m still doing the storyboard ’till now. Any suggestions?

Doodle it up [Part 3]

Haist. Doodling on random sheets of paper. Haist, if only I could have a whole for myself, I will draw my heart out. I got stacks of rims of clean bond paper, waiting for me to stroke some lines and occasionally crumple some of them.

Syncomass going Japanisa-hai.

Straight from our Intramuros shoot, I got a quick tutorial from co-photohiker Rose and Neil about going from SM Manila to Glorietta by riding LRT line 3 [or whatever, not sure with the number ] because I have to meet my Syncomass friends for a little chit chat. And Boy, It’s amazing how we laugh our hearts out by sharing our “call cenner” stories and fascinated by Tin’s stories about her indie film shoot. it such fun to have some time with good ol’ Syncomass pals. too bad, we cant  have each other the whole night because all of us have work the next day. still, that moment is hilarious and unforgettable. Also, would like to offer a toast to that waitress who almost chased us because we almost forgot to pay our bill as we walked out of the resto, still high of laughing amidst of Jiesyl’s jokes.

well there you go, sorry for the long hiatus [wordpress is having hard time to upload my pics hehehe, hmmm, is it about time to switch to premium? tempting. tempting…]. Anyway, thanks for those who regularly check my posts. This post is inspired by a Vertical Horizon song titled “Heart in Hand” from their infamous [almost] acoustic album “Running on Ice”

Heart In Hand lyrics
I know it’s been a long road
To get these towns behind me and I
Will gladly reap what we may sow I am
There for you and you’re there for me

Pictures and photographs
Memories and windows
Goodbyes and epitaphs
Heartbeats and hellos

Are you waiting for
Heart in hand
Woman and man
See me where I stand I am
Heart in hand

These fields may hold a hunting ground
But the wolves are far behind me and I
Hear the howls and the distant sound
Of the messengers lost at sea

Into the morning light
Followed by madness
Reach through the empty fight
Searching through sadness

I know it’s been a long road
To get these fears behind me and I
Will gladly reap what we may sow I am
There for you and you’re there for me

[sorry for this geeky portion, they rearranged this song and changed the lyrics for a contemporary rock feel, and for me , the song lost it’s senses…darn rock. watch the vid and you decide, reactions are welcome :D]

from the refrain of the first version : “Pictures and photographs / Memories and windows / Goodbyes and epitaphs/ Heartbeats and hellos”  they changed it to “I stopped believing / a long time ago / And it’s you I keep seeing/ And I won’t let you go” hmmm, well, again I do apologize for this nerdy interlude hehe 😀

So that’s for now.

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


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