Adam + Eve [Part 1]

I read the lyrics of this song about lovers traveling through the unknown , they don’t what store for them and they don’t know what to give each other during the journey. It is so poetic and I kept listening to it while doing the storyboard of my next personal project. Stop motion flick featuring these mannequins I brought last month.

Then suddenly I got this itch to grab them as well as my dslr and look for a location. I ended up with our terrace. The sunlight enters that part of the house so vivid and dramatic. then I saw this wooden thingamajig that I think my younger brother made last year as a part of his huge wooden toolbox.

I laid that wooden piece on the floor then placed those match-head mannequins and poof, the drama started. Thank God for that vivid sunlight, I love natural light when it come to these things. there’s no need to move bulky lights, just learn how to project so the light would be well distributed on the subject or depends on your “artistic” preference.

It took me hours before I realized that I took too much photos of the two. well, I can’t stop it, the sun + the wooden set + the emotion the mannequins have, is such a neat combination that so addictive.

So that’s for now.

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


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