It is easy to lie than tell the reason why your eyes are twitching
It is easy to tell someone your explanation rather than let her understand your reason
it is easy to reason out things which is none sense than apologize

It is so hard to tell hide your emotions when your eyes are twitching
When your explanation is out of peak
and apologies are not easy to compose

It is easy to hide, to mumble and cry

Feeling safe when your down by hiding will not give you any comfort, It’ll just make you more smaller when you decided to come out and feel the summer breeze. later you’ll realize it’s not the breeze that keeps you warms, you’re getting hot by the  pressure of inferiority

Unspoken words are something you have to worry about. Words have feelings of their own, they want to be spoken, uttered by the owner’s lips. They want to be sworn  like no tomorrow, flattered in recognition and loved because they compose out inspiration. Time will come that words will escape you, abandon you and later on, you’re wont able to speak at all. Pratice to speak your heart out, mumbling is like being a traitor to that person your pertaining to, mumbling is like being traitor to yourself.

Crying is a sign of strength not weakness but there’s a very thick line between wining and crying. Tears are more subtle when you’re crying over something meaningful like your friend, pet dog and that toy airplane that defines your childhood. Crying is hard but wining is easy. It make us actors on our own stage, doing so will gain more sympathy and but less empathy.

Communicate in various ways make us human. Convey emotion with soft spoken words, Influence other by these big words and sudden realization by just having a simple talk, gentle to minds, easy for the thoughts. a cup of tea wont hurt you, as well standing by your closest parent, sibling or friend and kill almost half a day just to exchange gestures, talk about so many things, catching up with each other. Time used for doing nothing is not time wasted.

our lips is somehow connected to our heart, so the emotions are raw and spoken words are half cooked. Our eyes are close to our brains, it’ll give away in an instant how we think , how we see things, how we digest certain things.Our left hand is bridged by the heart to the right hand, so we could feel the senses , measure the emptiness of your heart or the space between you and your better half.
(Well just doing a writing exercise while I’m here at work hehe—bad. anyway, it sort of effective to freeverse sonata or poem or short, whatever, the important is , writing activities like this prevents my writing be controlled by my inferiority. I just let my heart do the talking, honestly, I didn’t think any topic at all, I just let my fingers tap some keys and i was surprised that it was able to finish a piece. It’s like I’m doing it while I’m on trance, hehe…)

So that’s for now.

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


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