Bookworm Deluxe [nom.nom.nom]

Boo-yah! Spending less on books is a bookworm’s ultimate dream. But it’s not all about the price,  it is about getting more and higher content of a literature and paying a low price…in other words, getting a bestseller on a bargain. Even though there are some store selling second hand books in low prices, it is so frustrating that they don’t have those titles that the public wants, but they have those books written by unknown authors. Well, it’s not bad to grab a random book and read, an adventure to read other genre of literature and get along with authors that you never heard before. But I think I’ll just try that later if I got a pretty amount of time in my hand.

Anyway, it’s such a heaven when National bookstore declared a SALE up to 70%. For a bookworm like me, It’s so hard to ignore offer like this one, it’s like starving yourself while staring to fresh apple. Good thing I was able to drop by to the nearest mall to check that out and Boy! I just found myself spending almost 3 hours in an abyss of books, checking all titles on sale. It’s so hard to choose which one to take to occupy your private library when you’re on a tight budget. Good thing I left my credit card at home, I don’t have to worry about my weakness.

At first, I challenged myself to buy books and stick to a 500 pesos budget, but as I spend more time between the bookshelves, the more books I ought to buy. Needless to say, I ended up haggling books in my mind with a 1000 pesos budget. Too bad, I can’t consider some Neil Gaiman and Douglas Adams books, they’re still pretty expensive event though they’re on sale.

After almost 5 hours I ended up with these interesting finds [well so far, for me , they’re interesting]

ORLANDO BLOOM HAS RUINED EVERYTHING: A collection of the FOXTROT comic strips created by Bill Amend. It features a ten-year-old Lord of the Rings nerd Jason Fox whose trying to dominate the world by doing a 3D film that will rival Pixar and Dreamworks and ended up doing a feature entitled “Finding Hemo” . His pop culture parodies are witty and priceless. Such had a good laugh reading it.

THE FAR SIDE ; GALLERY 2 : One of my fave comic strip. Yup, strip. It’s a single panel comic created by Gary Larson. Its surrealistic humor is often based on uncomfortable social situations, improbable events, an anthropomorphic view of the world, logical fallacies, impending bizarre disasters, or the search for meaning in life. Larson’s frequent use of animals and nature in the comic is popularly attributed to his background in biology. A local broadsheet still features this comic strip every Sunday until it was renamed “The Other Side”

ULTRAVIOLINS : Collection of poetry, short stories and mini-novels written by indie film maker KHAVN, the way he write stories is so personal, the scenarios are very ordinary but it is cleverly written, the characters are breathing . He is not your typical writer that suppressed and very into the rules of writing just to win a Palanca or impress some , for him writing is like narrating bullshits and recreating them into sensible literature.  He’s more like Alan Navarra, the one who wrote “Girl Trouble” , Alan Navarra and Khavn’s work are good combo for back to back reading.

Speaking of Palanca, How odd of me to buy a copy of PALANCA’S ANTHOLOGY OF WINNING WORK : SHORT STORIES [ the 1980’s]. I think my inner frustration of winning a Palanca made me do this. In fairness, it’s so refreshing to read pieces written way back 1980’s, too bad there’s no Tagalog version of this one, I bet all pieces here are translated in English. I often hate translations pa naman, it sometimes looses the main thought of the literature or the author itself. Well, haven’t opened the book yet, but I hope it’ll be a good reference when I try to join Palanca again.

UNDERPASS:  four eye-candy comic strip that illustrates Philippine horror for the new generation, this is not your typical “Horror Komiks”, every piece has it’s own story and way of depicting horror on visual context. From the  “mala beyond belief” na SIM, confusing murder story in JUDAS KISS, more confusing narrative of KATUMBAS, up to the sexy “manananggals” in THE CLINIC. I literally finished the whole thing in one sitting, sinimulan ko syang basahin nung pagkasakay ko sa Fairview, then nung natapos ko yung comic book, I’m surprised na nasa Caloocan palang ako. Too short and bitin.

THE COMPLETE ILLUSTRATED WORKS OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM:  wala lang na-curios lang ako, it’s not that I’m still and I love those tales, yes I am still a kid but I do want to read the real unedited stories of the brothers Grimm. According to some authors, Brother Grimm stories are violent and gruesome on the time it was released. I also remembered Rue Morgue Magazine’s interview to Richard Matheson , author of the 1960’s vampire classic “I am Legend” [yup, that I am legend which the Will Smith movie was based] He told Rue Morgue that Brothers Grimm is one of his literature preferences, that he realized growing up with those tales, never realizing the true gruesome and violence hidden on each story like how Hansel and Gretel  were being ditched by their parents and how the huntsman tried to kill Snow white.  Well, I haven’t opened the book yet, still on its minted condition.

And lastly the star of my library, Dan Brown’s THE LOST SYMBOL. Continuation of the Robert Langdon adventure, the setting is Washington DC, the theme this is time is about Masonry and Noetic Science. It’s so early to judge that book because I am practically stuck on chapter 25. But if my senses serves me right,the flow would be like the first 2 Robert Langdon adventures,  Langdon will discuss a p[art of history, one of his friend/colleague will be endangered, someone very close to the  victim will be Langdon’s leading lady and Dan Brown will try again make a debate between  history/religion and Science. Again it’s too early to scrutinize and it’s like backfire due to I’m a Dan Brown fan.

I think those books are enough for this whole month, I already promised myself that the next time a sale will take place, I will hoard a year-long supply of Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adam , Arnold Arre and other Pinoy new literatures.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀


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