PhotoHike : San Mateo Candles

After our PUP Photohike Doodle Project, our team got into a sort of hiatus. Sheila, Josh and  Kenneth we’re busy with their upcoming thesis, Rose is busy looking for her career and me, enjoyed a pretty plenty of time in la-la-land.Then out of nowhere, a thread in Facebook was made regarding having a next Photohike, we don’t know where to go. We are only tend to go somewhere in Manila due to time constrains [as well as budget matters]. Then suddenly Josh suggested a goth-inspired photohike. After a long thread of discussion, we ended up huddling for the cemeteries within the Metro, but we failed due to some reasons like, we don’t know how to get there [we’re using google maps okay, it’s way different], then permit issues and then the infamous ghost stories.

Good thing, Rose invited us to her town, San Mateo Rizal for a celebration for their church. After celebrating with God, we packed our bags, brought a box full of matchsticks, long candles split into halves and went to the nearest cemetery.

Sheila was the first one who posed for our cameras. I call this set the “Emo Gurl”

SHEILA’s set [the emo gurl]

Then here’s the mastermind. Josh. I must say he did his homework, He knows how to project in from of the camera very well, but the problem is, the camera is having problem capturing him. I think because of the light source we chose to use. I call this set “project project” [pun intended]

JOSH’s set [Project Project]

Then it’s the host’s turn to strike a pose. On this set, it looks like Rose summoning the candles around her. Thus the set’s name “Summoning the candles”.

ROSE’ s set [summoning the candles]

And there was Kenneth, the one who “voluntary” ran from the cemetery from the nearest [farthest] store just to buy the second set of candles. We [even Kenneth] had a hard time to think some pose for him. But, just like those lightbulb moments, because of his cap and uncontrollable hair, we’re able to come up with some positions. I call this set “100-ways-on-how-to-put-your-cap-on”. Sorry for the lame title, I dont know why but I can’t help it. 😀

KENNETH’s set [100-ways-on-how-to-put-your-cap-on]

As usual, every photohike, I do have my turn to be their subject. usually, I do have some poses in bag waiting to be executed promptly. However that time, I went blank. I don’t know what to do. They don’t have anything to suggest as well, and then suddenly, another lightbulb moment. A print ad of a certain clothing brand ran across my mind. and there you go, I ended up with some positions that weirdly done. 😀

By the way, many thanks for Rose and Josh for having enough patience to deal with me as their subject hahaha 😀

It’s raining that day, the surrounding is  in pitch black and our only light source are those candles.  We’re wasn’t able to bring some lights, and if ever we did, there’s no power source that can be found near our location. But even though, we had fun doing such exercise. It’s like sort of learning how to  do low light photography.

And even though we dont have a tripod, I was able to do multiplicity shots. Well, I’m just learning the trick so please be nice with the following photos 😀

So there you go. We’re all back now to our busy lives. Thesis and work. If chances will permit, we will do another photohike. Sheila were thinking about having a colorful playground scene and Rose is buying for a beach [post summer] photohike. For me, I am thinking of a Cosplay Massacre inspired amateur pictorial on the PIA rooftop, full of satellite dishes in various shapes and sizes. still, if time and chances permit.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀


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