23 years of Facts

Yup. Just turned 23. I can’t believe that I’ve grown so fast, I don’t even enjoyed my childhood that much. Last  year, I posted an article about my insight of still being a kid at age 22. Well, I’m still a kid at heart, even though I got so many “wake-up calls” last  year, still I haven’t changed my mind.

Anyway, to thanks those who greeted me on Facebook, Twitter and text [and even in friendster] , I would like to share you these 23 facts about me. I planned them originally in a timeline format, but it turns out that there’s nothing interesting in some of my living years. Well, here you go my friends [and future wife and kids] ENJOY 😀

1.       With the help of a midwife. I was born September 14, 1987, around 12:10 PM somewhere in Pembo, Fort Bonifacio, Makati City. Pero lumaki at nagkaisip ako sa San Jose del monte Bulacan. Imagine kung dun ako lumaki sa Makati, siguro ibang-iba ako ngayon.

2.       Di ko raw pinatulog ang mga magulang ko nung baby pa raw ako; the thing is, I got hooked to television as early as my eyes can see things clearly. 1-2 years old perhaps. My dad once told me that they had to switch TV channels every 5 minutes, kasi umiiyak ako pag hindi commercial ang palabas sa TV. Hindi ba baligtad? Siguro dahil duon, I have this eagerness to work in an ad agency. 😀

3.       According to my parents, Late na raw ako natutong magsalita, mga around 3 years old. Kung anu ano ang pinakain sa akin nung bata ako para lang makapagsalita, mula sa pritong pwet ng manok up to those things that I ‘ll leave to your imagination.

4.       Snob daw ako nung bata. I hate nosy neighbors naman ngayon. I can see the pattern now

5.       During a beach party, my dad suddenly told me this unknown story. I was kidnapped somewhere in Manila while my mom buying burgers. Tinangay daw ako ng matandang babae, at isinakay sa isang dyip. Nang namalayan ni mama na nawawala ako, tumawag sila ng pulis, nahabol  nila ang dyip and thus I was saved. ‘Di daw ako nagsasalita sabi ni mama kaya madali daw ako nakidnap. Anu na kaya ako ngayon kung di ako nasagip nga aking nanay? Hmm…interesting.

6.       Laging umuulan pag birthday ko, minsan bumabaha pa. ngayon lang hindi. Masarap sana gumala ng maaraw, kaso nakatulog ako ng buong araw [FYI: call cenner agent]

7.       Ilang beses naconvert ang kwarto naming magkapatid sa isang 3-foot swimming pool. Yun yung mga araw kung kelan lagi kong naiiwang bukas ang gripo ng kusina. Hindi pa elevated ang kwarto naming magkapatid noon kaya madalas ang pool party [at relief operation ng mga gamit] sa  tuwing umuuwi kami ng bahay galing sa galaan.

8.       Family Computer addict as early as 5 years old. Favorite games ko noon : “Tanks” at “Twin Bee”

9.       Bata pa ako noon, nagluluto ako ng longganisa tapos dumaan ang kaibigan ko sa gradeschool, nagtatanong ng direksyon, sinamahan ko sya, after 30 minutes ng lakaran at kwentuhan, naalala ko ang niluluto ko. Mag-isa lang ako nuon sa bahay. Buti nalang uling na longganisa ang nadatnan ko, hindi uling na bahay.

10.   I can speak and write fluent English way back high school.  I lost my senses nung nagcollege na ako, I think it’s inferiority complex.

11.   I spent 3 years of my gradeschool life in a Catholic School. ‘sing dami rin ng bulllies sa regular school. Dahil malayo sa bahay, I ended up learning how to commute at age of 7. Thus, I have plenty of time to stroll after  school. Matatagpuan ako usually sa school library [promise I love and misses that library, hindi mahigput, kuha ka lang kuha ng books, sabay upo sa sahig then read. Pag tapos ka na, isauli mo kung saan mo kinuha at magpaalam kay Sister na librarian. Doon ako natuto ng discipline, honesty at courtesy. ]

12.   Prince of Charity ako nung Kinder ako. Partner ko nuon ay isang high school student. Nagparada pa complete with float sa buong subdivision. Niresearch ko pa ang name nia para sa post na’to. Her name is Ma. Chelo F. Jimenez. Ang huli naming kita ay nung bata pa ako, nung matapos ang coronation night. Hmmm…asan na kaya siya?

13.   I’m not NERD , I’m just a geek. There are so many differences between those 2 terms. I hate Math, Calculus, Trigonometry, statistics and taxation like everyone else. But I love Chemistry, Conspiracy Theories, Behind the scenes documentaries. My interest ranges from useless but interesting trivia up to Facts brought by History Channel Specials.

14.   Proud Boy scout po ako. From being a Crab Scout of a team up to being a leader of my own tribe. I’m proud to say that I’m one of the most “decorated” Boy Scout sa aming grade school. I even got my Tender Foot Rank even bago mag grade 5. Beat that :D. If ever I got some time and resources, I’ll join one of their jamborees. 😀 [it’s way fun than CAT, iba ang samahang boy scout]

15.    Hindi ako snob. Torpe lang. sobrang torpe. ayii…

16.   Worst fear s : Rusty Metals. Ants. Catfish and RnB music.

17.   I don’t know how to play Lotto that’s why hanggang ngayon di parin ako yumayaman. 😀

18.   I must admit, I’m hopeless romantic. My friends always caught me smiling while watching Little Manhattan, [500] days of summer and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. BTW those are my fave movies. I have this big crush on Zooey Dechanel and Denise Laurel.

19.    I always picture myself as a Beatbox/Piano luvin’ skateboarder who can belt out Eric Hutchinson and Rob Thomas songs. I am currently practicing how to beatbox by having all Blake Lewis EPs

20.   I have this weird taste when it comes to music. I am a big fan of Acapella music [coined by my college barkada as Tribal music]. I collect covers and original acapella tunes from international and local school choirs. Also fond of showtunes, TV and movie soundtracks and Indie music. That’s why all my friends always felt alienated with my playlist. But I got this way how to introduce some to my friends. One of the  proofs is how I introduce Eric Hutchinson to Galaxy during my 22nd Birthday, he became an instant fan. I also uses acapella tunes to my AVP projects like that Acapella version of Matchbox 20’s PUSH, which I used in an AVP about abortion shown in a seminar of nursing studes . It was such a hit 😀

21.   I have some weird gradeschool memories.  We have this classmate that claims he is living with an elf, that elf is giving him answers during our exams. Reason why we’re intrigued with his pencil which tip “glows” during our exams.  We also had this “levitation session” beside the church, ala lang, trip trip lang, a group of catholic students tumatambay sa katabing Grotto Church para mag-inidan sit at pumikit, magko-concentrate ng unti , then katahimikan ng ilang minuto. Too cut the story short, payabangan sa school van kung sino ang nag”levitate” at gaano kataas.  Basta weird ang gradeschool memories naming, puro mysteries at takutan.  Sayang, di ko na sila nakikita. 😀

22.   I love to massage my dad, love to cook for my Mom, love to nag my younger brother and I really really love to terrorize the childhood of my youngest brother Louie 😀  Because of him, I have a valid excuse to loot and hoard chocolates and all sorts of junk 😀

23.   Today my plans are so jampacked, I don’t know where to begin. I want to fully pursue my Masters and teach audio-video techniques. I want to join Cinemalaya next year as a screenwriter, finish ALL my pending novels, personal animation projects and sketches. Well I think another year of trying to accomplish those feats will not hurt.

Like what I mentioned in the intro, I’m still a kid at age of 23. Nothing stops me to dream wild and appreciate little gestures. I still do enjoy playing games without any inhibitions. I don’t care on what and who I will be wearing. I’m still patient, optimistic and wide-eyed expectator . I don’t want to lose those qualities as I grow up. I don’t want to be jaded as most grown up I’ve met. I would like to be more optimistic and hopeful like my dad and as creative like my mom.

I’m thinking what would be life for me after 5,10 or 20 years from now. I hope this article will serve sort of time capsule to my future kids and grandchildren 😀 Again thanks to my family, friends and peeps I met and contributed something in my well-being [naks, ang deep :D]

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀


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