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T-shirt Design Boot Camp

It’s been years since the first time I planned to have a T-shirt printing business. I thought t’was easy but no, you got to have a big capital, fresh and bold ideas and group of creative designers or Illustrators. Well, I think it’s about time to start the old plan and to jumpstart the whole process, I decided to have my own T-shirt design boot camp.

I scanned the net for hours for tips on how to make successful printed shirts. I got so many tips but I think I’ll stick to the simple ones. I am so excited to make my own line of shirts. Well, I’m thinking about statement shirt since I would like to give my typography skills a try.

Well here are my own tips on how to design a statement shirt and I would like to share them:

1.       Keep a pen and notebook wherever you go, great ideas comes from unsuspected time and place and sometimes you can’t recall them because thoughts already escaped you. Having it jotted in a piece of paper can be handy.

2.       Have a lot of chit chat with your friends, colleagues and family. Again, some of the priceless statements came from unusual sources.

3.       Try to scourge for a lot of Fonts. Meaning downloading 14 thousand different fonts would be a great weapon when it comes to practicing typography. But be careful, don’t install them right away, you might ended up with a slow PC. Try to download a Font Viewer : a free software that can give you a preview of the uninstalled fonts , it’ll give an option to install your selected fonts with just one click. Try to check this freeware here :

4.       Research for the latest trend in pop fashion, your color templates for the fonts will depend on it.

5.       Start with Iron transfer method when it comes to T-shirt design. It is so easy that you will not worry about color separation and other complex things. It’ll give you more freedom on designing the print

6.       Learn to use different platforms such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. Don’t be scared to explore new thinks, think as it was new knowledge gained.

7.       Make sure that you’re starting a project by creating it on the actual scale. Create a new workplace in inches and high resolution

8.       Try to play with the fonts, try to rearrange them, distort them and color them. Having each letter have its own layer make you more in control of the typography.

9.       Do not afraid to put designs or other visuals, such as doodles and photographs, since you’re working on a iron transfer print, don’t worry about missing a WYSIWYG aspect of the output. There’s no color separation needed on this one. It’ll print the design as is.

10.   Imagine what your design will look like in a shirt. Download some picture of a white shirt from the net or try to look for a downloadable set of T-shirt templates, there’s an available T-shirt template in various cut and colors for both men and women, you can find it in

11.   Remember to save your design as is in .PNG [portable network graphics] format. Remember that not all the iron transfer companies have the fonts you use on your project. Because if you only have the photoshop/illustrator file of the project, it’ll look for the font you used in the project, if the PC that opened the project doesn’t have it, it means you have to select an alternative font. You don’t want changing your project’s design on the spot.

12.   Finally, share your design or output to your friends, family and colleagues. It’ll not only boost your confidence in doing such project but you’ll get some suggestion as well some constructive criticisms. You might get tips from some fellow beginners.

So there you go now, start having your own T-shirt printing boot camp. And you might surprise on what you can do when it comes to T-shirt designing.

By the way, here’s my first T-shirt design for this month.  It’s still raw, I must say, but not bad for jumpstart.

Note : If you know what AUX means, meaning you’re included in  my target market for my upcoming T-shirt line 😀

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless  😀


Bookworm Deluxe [nom.nom.nom] II

I was intrigued when I first this certain trailer. It looks like some sort of a short film but I was surprised when it turns out to be a trailer for an upcoming book.  Nice publicity I should say. I’m not a Twilight saga fan but I love the idea of someone from the history books was able slash some vampire throats.  It’s like BLADE circa 1800s.

I’m sure a certain bookstore would be having copies of this novel and they didn’t fail me with this one.  I’m a bookworm and it’ll be appropriate that a bookstore would be my fave hang-out. I love scanning book titles and reading short synopsis written in book sleeves. I can do it for hours but since I have a shift that day, the joy was shortened. Anyway, I asked a staff about that book and God knows how fast they found the book for me. Halatang kabisado nila ang librong tinda nila.

And there he is, he dashed through the bookshelves and suddenly stopped and grabbed the book. The book glimmered because it’s covered with plastic but that moment is magical. Again, finding the book is magical. Then the book salesman suggested some book title with same genre. He even gave me the new book from Neil Gaiman, as he points out the “M is for Magic” book in my hand that time.  It is so refreshing to get a bookworm salesman, and I only get that on this specific bookstore.  It never alienates their bookworm client, that’s why I prefer this store when it comes to buying books and graphic novels. “Maybe next time?” I told him, as I remember I have to stick with my budget. A thousand bucks is not bad for a month worth of books.

I ended up with 4 books.

As early as now,  I’m starting to hard some film studies related books. I want to fill my library with many references once I continue pursuing masters.  I feel in love with these two old books. The first one is “The World of OZ” [A fantastic Expedition over the rainbow] by Allen Eyles. [published : 1985], the book tells about OZ as a phenomenon, starting with L. Frank Baum novel up to Judy Garland’s portrayal that made the literary piece more immortal. I like the trivia and stories behind the phenomenon in this book, that’s why I think this is best for keeps. Anyway, did you know that Michael Jackson and Diana Ross played a Broadway version of Wizard of Oz?  I can’t scan now the picture but seeing young MJ and Diana Ross is so surreal.

The second Film study related book is entitled “Future Tense : The cinema of science fiction” by John Brosnan. [Published : 1978] It’s about the insights and dreams of people involved in the Sci-Fi Cinema. The book is written late 70’s, so expect that you’ll disagree with some of their insights about the future of sci-fi cinema, some of them are pessimists but mostly optimistic. I am proud to know that many of those dreamers acknowledged in the book achieved something today in their field, from screenplay up to Visual / special effects. This book somehow gave me sort of a time traveler feel while studying 70’s take with sci-fi storytelling. I do recommend this book.

Then came my new babies. “Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter” by Seth Grahame-Smith  and “M is for magic” by my fave author, Neil Gaiman.

Neil Gaiman is such a genius for his chosen genre. If you watched “Mirrormask”, “Stardust” , “Beowulf” and “Coraline” , you just watched a Neil Gaiman screenplay.  He reminds me of H.P. Lovecraft because of the surreal details he uses on his storytelling.  I love the book so far, it’s a collection of interesting short stories for young readers [also young at heart]. I also love his introduction in this book. “Short stories are tiny windows into other worlds and other minds and other dreams. They are journeys you can make to the far side of the universe and still be back in time for dinner.  Another good thing about a book of short stories is if there’s one you don’t enjoy, there will be another one along soon.”. I’m in the second short story so far and I am intrigued on the other shorts, but I don’t want to rush the book, I want to linger it. 😀

Then the current star of my mini library. “Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter” by Seth Grahame-Smith. I must admit, I wasn’t able to open it yet because I want to finish “M is for magic” first but I am excited for it, maybe I’ll be having this book read on a long bus ride to Baguio this coming November. The books trailer made me interested, as well the reviews are promising, and they say it’s not your typical Twilight story.  Well, hopefully, this book will; give a blast once I opened it. To give you an idea, here’s the trailer I’m talking about.

I am looking on his first book “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” , unfortunately my beloved bookstore don’t have it anymore, they suggest to check other branches.  By the way, the bookstore that I’m talking about is PowerBooks. Everyone who buys books on that store surely experienced their top notch assistance as if they treat everyone as their book club buddies.  Unlike NB and FB [just guess] who just sell books without any knowledge about their merchandise.  I am always disgusted when I approach saleslady about a book and they just point me on a rack, assuming a book written by a Filipino Author would be in the Filipiniana section, not knowing it might be on the graphic novel, specialty book or international bestseller section. Tsk. Tsk. What a shame. So Kudos PowerBooks on this one :D, don’t stop giving opportunities on book lovers.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀

Declare [12] : Weekend Riot

I practically spent whole Sunday reading books and listening to morning rush podcast. Then suddenly, while listening in a Wednesday Riot edition of the podcast, I suddenly got an itch to download albums from some familiar artists.So weird that  “When you say nothing at all” by Ronan Keating is constantly playing in my head. I don’t know why and how, I’m not in love that time..hmmm..must be the book I’m reading.

Well, I ended up downloading some compilation albums of Ronan Keating, Gavin DeGraw, and  Michael Buble

the dude got so many good tunes. Most of them are ballads like “When you say nothing at all”, “when tomorrow never comes”, “I hope you dance” [which I think quite a homage for “dancing with my father’] and “Father and Son”. Those reminds me of the  “Boyzone”.

I like his upbeat songs, I think it is good for some long out-of-town joyride, especially this one 😀

last heard this one is way back highschool, and damn, having it on my playlist feels so good 😀 and aside from that one, I’m also drawn on these two

well, even though this one is not as jumpy as the first three, I’m just intrigued with his version of this song. Does he nailed it? hmmm

that video reminds of “Obvious” of westlife. [wtf, my boyband preferences begins to show up. teehee… my bad, just missed my highschool day tunes badly. anyway…]

Aside from my fave  “Home” and “Everything”, I heart this new jazzy tune from M.B. The music video is cute but M.B. as Justin Bieber? that’s quite disturbing,  it  hurt my eyes a little bit and until now, that image is still haunts me. Well, must appreciate thy music.

Gavin DeGraw reminds me of a college good friend [and yes Abby, that’s you.] I think it’s becasue of the One Three Hill addiction of that girl.

Hmm. I guess I’m not use to hearing Beyonce [or other lads] belting out that much [unless it’s Glee or showtunes] , I just like plain good ol’ music that will soothe my mind on a weekend. no complicated and angry tunes, no octaves…such a treat I must say.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀

Happy Campers on my 23rd

Yup, it’s been a month already and yet I wasn’t able to post them. Yes, hiatus brought by various activities and my day[night] job. Anyway, this happened a week after my 23rd Hurrah. My pals didn’t failed me on this one, we spent the whole evening laughing and fighting the drowsy feel of the good chilled vodka.

My mom cooked everything I requested, from the main course up to our pulutan. She’s the best. And Dad, who came back after almost 2 weeks of being confined somewhere in Batangas and underwent in a gal-bladder  operation, brought me a cake. He still treats me like a kid and I treasure it.

Well,kahit di kumpleto ang aking high school barkada, okay lang dahil nagenjoy naman kami. look at the photos below, hanggang tenga ang ngiti ko. [napansin ko lang nung ineedit ko na ang mga  pics…masasabi ko na masayang masaya ako that night.]

after stuffing our gout with a sumptuous dinner, we ended up having a round up in my blue walled room. As usual, kelangan ng movie to make it more interesting. good thing I was able to download some horror flicks before the occasion. We watched “Cinco”, we can’t scream [or laugh hard on the almost crappy CGIs] because everyone is sleeping and my younger brother’s room is only one “wall” apart.

After Cinco, I played “the Orphan” pero dahil pagod sa trabaho, ayun nakatulog ako sa first 10 minutes ng movie. pagkagising ko ay nagfafacebook nalang sila sa PC ko. hope they didn’t visited my bookmarked sites. 😀

pero bago ako nablack-out, a friend called us. I was surprised and thankful with that nice gesture. Noemi, whose living 2 blocks away, can’t go because she have a shift. She’s a nurse working for a medical insurance company, the same company who answers my medical bills. Everyone had a turn to talk to her over the phone. I felt like a celebrity becasue of that phone patch :D. Umasa tuloy ako na makarining ng “roll VTR” sabay play ng mga greetings 😀

After 2 bottles of strawberry vodka, everyone begins to have an involuntary and unwanted shut-eye.  but we have this deal na we will draw some doodle sa mga taong matutulog. I have this drawer full of pentel pens [not sharpies okay?] Alfie and Galaxy initiated the havoc. but we ended doodling each other’s skin kahit na gising na gising kami. It’s a tradition Alfie started 2 years ago. He even got this video where he and I drew some doodles to some drunk comrades and even have an introduction, naming it “Art Attack” ; kung saan nang-aatack ang art. dati masakit pa dahil ballpen at signpen pa gamit namin, good thing we have a lot of pentel pens that day 😀

but it seems doodling each other wont stop us having a shut eye. we ended up snoring for almost 3-5 hours. [but i think It was only me and ero who are snoring..anyway..] mom prepared us a sumptuous breakfast as a jumpstart.

after breakfast, it’s time to clean up. I must say, its so hard to erase those tattoos I got from the doodlers [alfie and galaxy]. Lord had to help me erase the pseudo-batman tats in my back. Also I got some present from my pals; another collectible bracelet from Angy, USB from Lord, a hug from Dory [cheesy] and a pad with some written wishes from the rest of the gang. thanks guys 😀

so after prepping up, its time to send everyone home, but as usual, di mawawala ang mga kodakan moments. I made a SILVER LUNA placard using a left over styro while everyone is snoring. It is so cute and handy for a camwhoring activity hehe.

So thanks again guys, you lessen the pain of getting older. hehe. I still feel like a kid by just having you guys around, so kailan ba ang next stop? Dory’s birthday? must file a leave as early as now 😀

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀

scenarios inc. [15] : Mary and Max.

While having breakfast, my friend introduced me to this film. She fell in love with that movie even though it’s a claymation. She knew that I’ll be curious to check that one out because it’s animation. I love animation but I’m sort of connoisseur when it comes to my preferences. So I gave it a try, I trust my friends a lot when it comes to movies. As soon I got home, I looked for copies and I was surprised that I found myself in front of the screen, spending an hour and a half eavesdropping on characters’ life as if they were real.

I must say that “Mary and Max” touched me like no other claymation did to me before. Yes, I’m a fan of Aardman Animation, Wallace and Gromit , Coraline and Tim Burton claymation films but this one got the lonely person out of me. Each scene are made and shown with sadness.

The story starts with a narration, telling us the characteristics, dream and anxieties of the main characters. Mary Daisy Dinkle is a lonely 8-year-old living in Mount Waverly, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia in 1976. Her mother Vera is a slovenly alcoholic, and her father Noel is a stoic taxidermy enthusiast. While on the other side of the world, Max is a depressed, overweight, 44-year-old New York City resident. He has odd mannerisms that make it difficult for him to relate to others. He lives in a small apartment with an assortment of pets, and his only socialization is his weekly Overeaters Anonymous meetings. The only thing they have in common is that they don’t have real friends. Mary made her friends out of chicken bones and scrap while Max grown up with his imaginary friend.

Their lives are sad but I was changed when Mary did an experiment, she randomly picked a stranger’s address in the directory and sends that person a letter.  The thought is cute and innocent but it got interesting when the stranger from New York, Max answered back the letter and thus they began exchanging thought about everything.  One of the outstanding topics they talked about is where are babies came from. Mary wrote to Max that babies in Australia came from Beer mugs, she later asked max where babies came from in NY, Max answered, “Unfortunately, in America, babies are not found in cola cans. I asked my mother when I was four, and she said they came from eggs laid by rabbis. If you aren’t Jewish, they’re laid by Catholic nuns. If you’re an atheist, they’re laid by dirty, lonely prostitutes. “

The script is witty beyond imaginable.  The different thoughts of an old man and a kid didn’t clashed but rather collaborated in discovering things. Max and Mary continue to exchange letters, offering creative solutions to each other’s problems, and contemplating the uncertainty of everyday life. Mary struggles with self-esteem issues, and is too shy to speak to her neighbor Damien, on whom she has a crush. Max wonders about the strange people he encounters, and why no one seems to understand him. Max begins to get anxiety attacks when he receives letters from Mary, and one is severe enough to land him in a psychiatric hospital. He is unable to write to Mary for eight months, and she is shocked at the unexplained loss of her friend.

Max is finally released, and writes to Mary again. He explains that he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, and that it causes him to see the world in a unusual way than most people. Mary is overjoyed to hear from Max again, and begins to study disorders of the mind to learn more about his condition.

Several years later, Mary is a teenager and still writing to Max. Mary’s retired father dies in an accident, and leaves his daughter enough money to pay for university. Mary majors in psychological disorders, hoping to find a cure for Max’s problem. Her crush, Damien, attends the same school, but Mary is still shy. Her mother dies a year later (from accidentally drinking embalming fluid in a drunken stupor). Mary bonds with Damien, who comforts her, and they eventually marry.

Mary conducts promising research in the field of mental disorders, and even publishes a book on the subject. She sends Max the first copy, but he is outraged and confused at the “exploitation” of his condition. He expresses his anger to Mary, who falls into a deep depression. After developing a drinking habit and enduring months of sadness, Mary loses interest in her former passions. Damien leaves her, and Mary attempts suicide. Miraculously, she is saved at the last minute by her elderly neighbor, a World War II veteran, who had recently conquered his agoraphobia.

Mary apologizes to Max, who forgives her. Her depression begins to lift, and it is revealed she is pregnant with Damien’s child.

A year later, Mary and her baby travel to New York to visit Max at long last. Mary enters Max’s apartment and finds him dead, sitting on the couch and staring up at the ceiling with a content expression. After the initial shock, Mary looks upwards and sees every letter she had written to Max, taped to the ceiling. Realizing he had died while happily looking at her letters, Mary weeps with joy and sadness for her only friend.

The ending is sad but you feel that the characters are fulfilled. The characters are lovingly crafted with so much personality.  The characters emotions are shown in different montages. I must say writer-director Adam Elliot did a good job with the storyline and scenes used. The film  concept are so simple but I think the way how they add different qualities to the characters stretched the storyline into somewhat interesting to film as a full length feature.

I love how they shown Max anger by simply pulling out the letter M out of his typewriter and sending it to Mary, letting her know in that gesture that “I’m mad, I don’t want to talk to you anymore”. Also the “Que sera sera” sequence wherein Mary contemplates while she decides to commit suicide.  As far the whole production was designed, it is good for the film to use some simple character design to minimize the tension and sadness of the characters. The utilization of CGI at some point made some scene special, making us detached to the thought that we’re watching claymation. I love also the film noir look they used for Max and New York City and the Sepia tone for Mary and Melbourne.

I do recommend this film to everyone who appreciates claymation. You’ll see claymation in different light with this one. 😀 And I do owe my friend for introducing me to this one 😀

MARY and MAX : casts : Toni Collette as Mary Daisy Dinkle, Philip Seymour Hoffman as Max Jerry Horowitz, Eric Bana as Damian Popodopoulos, Bethany Whitmore as Young Mary . Created and Directed by Adam Elliot. narration by Barry Humphries. The film premiered on the opening night of the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. The film won the Annecy Cristal in June 2009 from the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, and Best Animated Feature Film at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards in November 2009.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless :D

[Thanks to Wikipedia for helping me out with the  synopsis]

Glam Envishion 2010 : the experience

Neil invited me, Jonathan and Tin in his event. Well, ironically, the attire for that event should be casual but I ended up wearing my Batman t-shirt. But It doesn’t matter, actually they’re expecting me coming in t-shirt, shorts and pair of crocs. It’s a plus that I wore jeans that day; at least I was able to surprise them a little. 😀 Anyway, going back to the event, Neil has this event entitled GLAM ENVISHION 2010

I was invited to play some AVPs I made for that event. I was thrilled to do that task. Good thing, I’m in my trusty shirt, I sweat like a pig when working as one of the technicals or at any kind of production. The program was started with a prayer, then right after that, it is my turn to play that teaser I made for the event. And here it goes…

Then it’s the finalists turn to show their entries. Each got its own identity. They walked through the catwalk with such confidence and angst. The entries I used to love last photoshoot were gone. All of those entries evolved into more exciting eye-candies. Some I cannot recognize at all, I think because the dress got its major overhaul or too much decors. Still they able to show their interpretation of the categories they were assigned to. Those categories are futuristic, long gown, psychedelic and fashion of the decades [70s and 80s]

then after the catwalk heat, the tabulation must be made and thus, my turn again to play another AVP I made for the event showing the guests what happened to the pictorial which took place last Saturday. and again, here it goes 😀

And after some minutes of debate , they announced winners in each four categories. I am surprised with some winners but mostly not because almost all my bets won

That event reminds me of “Le Vogue” in college. the creations are great and I can see all the participants and their supporters happy and proud. The night is remarkable and some college friends made it more special. It was too late to go to work that night so I decided to hang out with them and spent the rest of the day. we exchanged jokes and stories in a fast food joint.

That project is my fave this year. it gave me opportunity to study Adobe after effects and I am proud with the results. well, it’s been a long post so I have to call it a day so that’s all for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless :D

Glam Envishion 2010 Photo Op

Last September 25th, Neil invited me to join the rehearsal of their alumni event entitled  “Glam Envishion 2010” . A fashion show showcasing creations of Carlos Albert High School students which are made entirely of scrap and recyclable materials.

It is so reminiscing. I remember my MAPEH subjects when I was in high school. Anyway, that day Neil asked me to take some photos of the finalists in their creations. It so nice to see how they manage to use different materials to produce such work of art.

The competition got 4  categories. Futuristic, Fashion of the decades [70s and 80], Long Gown and Psychedelic. I am so excited to take some photos that day, that’s why it is so devastating when my Nikon D-40 suddenly quit on me while I’m documenting their catwalk practice. It’s a terrible experience when your camera that will be used in a photo shoot suddenly stopped working, midst of your models are in their full make up and ready to make a pose.

Well, What can I do, I’m there already and there’s no room for any excuses, I have to work this out. I literally borrowed the organizer’s digicam and started a photoshoot with a point and shoot digital camera. It’s been years since the last time I used a digicam.

It’s an one of a kind experience, I should tell you. well, as I said, I have to make things work. due to time constraint, I’m in charge of the third and fourth year models wearing their creations for the Long Gown and Psychedelic  categories respectively.

So here are my shots 😀

Jodith Ann is wearing a gown made of magazines.

Alexandra Nicole poses her “long gown” made of coconut weaving, I love the back trail shot of her dress.

This one by Ruby Anne reminds me of the “Parisian Life” lad in a Sunday picnic.

those were the entries for the Long Gown category. It is nice different designs for that catergory, from a typical “reyna elena”ish collar gown, to an exotic cut made from coconut weaving up to a some sort of “Parisian Life” yellow pages gown.

On that one, I use the color yellow wall of their school building to set the mood of calmness a long gown should embody. I am also particular in having all the lines present in each frame to be accurately straight. I was inspired of the technique my college teacher once discussed, it about how Akira Kurosawa filmed most of the sequences in his film “Dreams”. I forgot the term, I’m terrible with terminologies, but if my memory serves me right [and I doubt it] it is called “Kias Kuro” , sounds something like that.

Even though Angela’s entry look like a dress took  straight out  from Lady Gaga’s closet. I love the texture on all of her photographs, much more on her grayscaled shots.

Balloon skirt made of garbage plastic. way to go Fatima.

Jana’s entry caught my attention during the photoshoot. the colors, the materials and the texture used. I lurveee it. hehe.  Looks like a Japanese Shogun girl lost in Las Vegas. She’s so pretty and bubbly in that dress.

Zandra’s Peacock-in-a-mystery-ball inspired dress are dreamy, so are the metallic texture she used. a brave combo I should say.

And those are the entries for the Psychedelic category. I must say, they have so many different interpretation of that theme.  That word constantly reminds me of the 70’s, martial law and weeds. But on that day, they gave me a different representation of that theme. aside from being colorful, the dresses got some wild cuts and patterns.

Apologies if I sounds like sort of a fashion guru. but I got a hang over watching season 8 of Project runway. aside from the creative challenges each week, I find Heidi Klum hot. Also, I used that show as preference on these type of projects.

I must say, that photoshoot is a challenge. Good thing, my Adobe lightroom is always there for me. hehe. It such a big help when it comes to  improving “dry” shots ; tweaking saturation, colors and lens correction wont hurt. And I also believe that cropping bring a photo in a a whole new level. 😀

haist. I miss photo hiking with my pals. but I have to fix my dslr first. I know it’ll be expensive, so do you know anyone who repairs such cams in a very low low looooow price? 😀 [barter mode much?]

BTW. just want to share pics I got from Ruby’s FB wall. See how trigger happy I am during shoot. May pagsplit pa. O-ha. hehe 😀

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀