Glam Envishion 2010 Photo Op

Last September 25th, Neil invited me to join the rehearsal of their alumni event entitled  “Glam Envishion 2010” . A fashion show showcasing creations of Carlos Albert High School students which are made entirely of scrap and recyclable materials.

It is so reminiscing. I remember my MAPEH subjects when I was in high school. Anyway, that day Neil asked me to take some photos of the finalists in their creations. It so nice to see how they manage to use different materials to produce such work of art.

The competition got 4  categories. Futuristic, Fashion of the decades [70s and 80], Long Gown and Psychedelic. I am so excited to take some photos that day, that’s why it is so devastating when my Nikon D-40 suddenly quit on me while I’m documenting their catwalk practice. It’s a terrible experience when your camera that will be used in a photo shoot suddenly stopped working, midst of your models are in their full make up and ready to make a pose.

Well, What can I do, I’m there already and there’s no room for any excuses, I have to work this out. I literally borrowed the organizer’s digicam and started a photoshoot with a point and shoot digital camera. It’s been years since the last time I used a digicam.

It’s an one of a kind experience, I should tell you. well, as I said, I have to make things work. due to time constraint, I’m in charge of the third and fourth year models wearing their creations for the Long Gown and Psychedelic  categories respectively.

So here are my shots 😀

Jodith Ann is wearing a gown made of magazines.

Alexandra Nicole poses her “long gown” made of coconut weaving, I love the back trail shot of her dress.

This one by Ruby Anne reminds me of the “Parisian Life” lad in a Sunday picnic.

those were the entries for the Long Gown category. It is nice different designs for that catergory, from a typical “reyna elena”ish collar gown, to an exotic cut made from coconut weaving up to a some sort of “Parisian Life” yellow pages gown.

On that one, I use the color yellow wall of their school building to set the mood of calmness a long gown should embody. I am also particular in having all the lines present in each frame to be accurately straight. I was inspired of the technique my college teacher once discussed, it about how Akira Kurosawa filmed most of the sequences in his film “Dreams”. I forgot the term, I’m terrible with terminologies, but if my memory serves me right [and I doubt it] it is called “Kias Kuro” , sounds something like that.

Even though Angela’s entry look like a dress took  straight out  from Lady Gaga’s closet. I love the texture on all of her photographs, much more on her grayscaled shots.

Balloon skirt made of garbage plastic. way to go Fatima.

Jana’s entry caught my attention during the photoshoot. the colors, the materials and the texture used. I lurveee it. hehe.  Looks like a Japanese Shogun girl lost in Las Vegas. She’s so pretty and bubbly in that dress.

Zandra’s Peacock-in-a-mystery-ball inspired dress are dreamy, so are the metallic texture she used. a brave combo I should say.

And those are the entries for the Psychedelic category. I must say, they have so many different interpretation of that theme.  That word constantly reminds me of the 70’s, martial law and weeds. But on that day, they gave me a different representation of that theme. aside from being colorful, the dresses got some wild cuts and patterns.

Apologies if I sounds like sort of a fashion guru. but I got a hang over watching season 8 of Project runway. aside from the creative challenges each week, I find Heidi Klum hot. Also, I used that show as preference on these type of projects.

I must say, that photoshoot is a challenge. Good thing, my Adobe lightroom is always there for me. hehe. It such a big help when it comes to  improving “dry” shots ; tweaking saturation, colors and lens correction wont hurt. And I also believe that cropping bring a photo in a a whole new level. 😀

haist. I miss photo hiking with my pals. but I have to fix my dslr first. I know it’ll be expensive, so do you know anyone who repairs such cams in a very low low looooow price? 😀 [barter mode much?]

BTW. just want to share pics I got from Ruby’s FB wall. See how trigger happy I am during shoot. May pagsplit pa. O-ha. hehe 😀

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀


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