Glam Envishion 2010 : the experience

Neil invited me, Jonathan and Tin in his event. Well, ironically, the attire for that event should be casual but I ended up wearing my Batman t-shirt. But It doesn’t matter, actually they’re expecting me coming in t-shirt, shorts and pair of crocs. It’s a plus that I wore jeans that day; at least I was able to surprise them a little. 😀 Anyway, going back to the event, Neil has this event entitled GLAM ENVISHION 2010

I was invited to play some AVPs I made for that event. I was thrilled to do that task. Good thing, I’m in my trusty shirt, I sweat like a pig when working as one of the technicals or at any kind of production. The program was started with a prayer, then right after that, it is my turn to play that teaser I made for the event. And here it goes…

Then it’s the finalists turn to show their entries. Each got its own identity. They walked through the catwalk with such confidence and angst. The entries I used to love last photoshoot were gone. All of those entries evolved into more exciting eye-candies. Some I cannot recognize at all, I think because the dress got its major overhaul or too much decors. Still they able to show their interpretation of the categories they were assigned to. Those categories are futuristic, long gown, psychedelic and fashion of the decades [70s and 80s]

then after the catwalk heat, the tabulation must be made and thus, my turn again to play another AVP I made for the event showing the guests what happened to the pictorial which took place last Saturday. and again, here it goes 😀

And after some minutes of debate , they announced winners in each four categories. I am surprised with some winners but mostly not because almost all my bets won

That event reminds me of “Le Vogue” in college. the creations are great and I can see all the participants and their supporters happy and proud. The night is remarkable and some college friends made it more special. It was too late to go to work that night so I decided to hang out with them and spent the rest of the day. we exchanged jokes and stories in a fast food joint.

That project is my fave this year. it gave me opportunity to study Adobe after effects and I am proud with the results. well, it’s been a long post so I have to call it a day so that’s all for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless :D


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