Declare [12] : Weekend Riot

I practically spent whole Sunday reading books and listening to morning rush podcast. Then suddenly, while listening in a Wednesday Riot edition of the podcast, I suddenly got an itch to download albums from some familiar artists.So weird that  “When you say nothing at all” by Ronan Keating is constantly playing in my head. I don’t know why and how, I’m not in love that time..hmmm..must be the book I’m reading.

Well, I ended up downloading some compilation albums of Ronan Keating, Gavin DeGraw, and  Michael Buble

the dude got so many good tunes. Most of them are ballads like “When you say nothing at all”, “when tomorrow never comes”, “I hope you dance” [which I think quite a homage for “dancing with my father’] and “Father and Son”. Those reminds me of the  “Boyzone”.

I like his upbeat songs, I think it is good for some long out-of-town joyride, especially this one 😀

last heard this one is way back highschool, and damn, having it on my playlist feels so good 😀 and aside from that one, I’m also drawn on these two

well, even though this one is not as jumpy as the first three, I’m just intrigued with his version of this song. Does he nailed it? hmmm

that video reminds of “Obvious” of westlife. [wtf, my boyband preferences begins to show up. teehee… my bad, just missed my highschool day tunes badly. anyway…]

Aside from my fave  “Home” and “Everything”, I heart this new jazzy tune from M.B. The music video is cute but M.B. as Justin Bieber? that’s quite disturbing,  it  hurt my eyes a little bit and until now, that image is still haunts me. Well, must appreciate thy music.

Gavin DeGraw reminds me of a college good friend [and yes Abby, that’s you.] I think it’s becasue of the One Three Hill addiction of that girl.

Hmm. I guess I’m not use to hearing Beyonce [or other lads] belting out that much [unless it’s Glee or showtunes] , I just like plain good ol’ music that will soothe my mind on a weekend. no complicated and angry tunes, no octaves…such a treat I must say.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀


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