Hiatus and Canisters

Yeah. I handled pain for weeks but I think there are some limitations; I’m just a man, not a masochist. Someone told me that pain makes you feel that you’re still alive.  But this kind of pain is nonsense, I’m not talking about love [*snicker*] but I’m pertaining to my right toe.

It’s embarrassing that an ingrown nail will make a man cry. I’m not kidding. I suffered excruciating pain for weeks and sometimes, I can’t sleep or eat or concentrate at work, the pain is like having toothache.

I consulted some doctors, underwent some blood test and medications until they gave me a go signal for surgery. Extraction and draining the infection will be the last resort.  I even got a high fever during the medication, sign that the bacteria went to my blood already.

Yesterday, after completing my Philhealth and HMO forms, I packed my bag with two kinds of slippers, some chocolates [yes I just did] and “Ultraviolins” ; collection of shorts by Khavn. I just kept thinking that I’ll go to a camping trip, just not to be nervous. I can’t help myself to cringe whenever I think of those large long and pointy syringes, and don’t forget the procedure.

I’m in the operating area thirty minutes after one o’ clock of the afternoon, Makati Med’s OR is  so freakin’ cold and you’ll feel that you’re breathing sterile air. A pretty nurse [or intern] approached me and ordered me to change clothes, remove my beadworks and even asked if my undergarment is made of cotton. I am blushing as I answered yes….do boxers counts?  And because I went there unaccompanied, she took good care of my belongings. Another nurse came in and measured my vital signs and BMI. Cause of the preparation, it seems that I will undergo in a major operation, something like a heart bypass or something. The cold and sterile air made me more nervous, and I cringed a lot thinking about those pointy tools and syringe.

Two cute nurses held me to the operating table, put some respirator, some patches for their BP machines and clip to my index finger to monitor my heartbeat [[did  I mentioned I have asthma before?], anyway, my surgeon came in, with his assistants, another surgeon and two more nurses.

The surgeon cleansed my right foot, especially my right toe, the nurses on the other side are making a roll call of the equipments, gausses , and anesthesia that  will be used. After some minutes, they gathered around my right foot, planning their attack, I mean the procedure. 😀

Then a nurse began another roll call; and announced the patient’s info.

NURSE TO SURGEONS, NURSES & INTERNS :       “Roundcall po muna tau before we start , we will do a incision and draining of the toe on the right foot.  patient’s name:[blank], 23 yrs old, Married..”
AKO [nasa operating table, pinapawisan] :”single pa po ako miss.”
NURSE : “sabi dito sa file, married na po”
AKO: “single pa po,pkibago nalang.”
NURSE: “Sure po ba na single kayo?”
AKO: “Hinde. Double.” sabay smile “single pa po ah.”
NURSE: [unconvinced] ah sige…kaw na ang single.

Then operation started…

I suddenly felt the pain as the syringe made an entry to the left portion of right foot, then after several seconds, I felt nothing. Numbness. Doc starts to asks me questions about my job, relationship et al., but the truth is, he is starting to extract something in my toe.

DOC : “matulis ba ito?” [ tinutusok tusok na niya yung injection sa dalari ko sa paa]

ME : [clueless]

NURSE: “mukhang oks na doc yung anesthesia”

ME: [clueless]

DOC: “labas niyo na ang lagare…”

ME : “teka lang doc..teka lang” [sabay labas ng gabaldeng pawis sa aking noo]

DOC : “relax lang boss…joke lang…” sabay bulong sa katabing nurse “tago mo lang yan, wait for my signal”

[nakuha pa magjoke ni doc]

After almost 2-3 hours of talking about the pretty nurses in the hospital, RH Bill and the right way how to wear a condom, the anesthesia made the surgery painless and successful. I just felt a bit drowsy because of the anesthesia, but thank God everything went fine.

Before I left the hospital, my nurses made some round up, gave me some instructions on how to take care my wounds, made me signed some papers and escorted me out of the area.  I felt great. As the anesthesia still in effect,  I got my way to the bus station effortlessly. The pain started to kick in after an hour. Start of another agony.

So here I am, learning how to change my bandages and clean my wounds, I sometimes get a peak of the remembrance my surgeon gave me. A piece of what they extracted from my toe.

Haist. Lesson learned. I will go consult a doctor as soon I felt something wrong, I will not tolerate pain no more. ..as long as it’s about love. Naks.

So that’s for now guys. ’tis explains the blog’s hiatus 😀

So Till Then and Godbless 😀


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