A year to ponder :D

Last December 7, 2009, I am in a training room, clueless about a job which is new to me.  Our trainers tried their best not to alienate everyone. Yup, it’s my third time to work for a BPO company, but it’s my first time to be a tech support. I don’t have that vast knowledge when it comes to troubleshooting some tech stuff. Trust me; I’d prefer paying my brother to fix my virus infested PC rather than spending hours, clueless about what I’m doing. Also, It’s my first time to be in a foreign account, I must admit, I am not that accustomed speaking English, I am a blabbermouth and I tend to have breakdown when I’m nervous.

Well, after almost a month of training, I accepted my fate and tried to give it a shot. Being a tech support for some months taught me many things about our callers. I learned how to appreciate their humor, tolerate their crazy remarks, and be passive on their sarcastic remarks and remorse on their frustrations. I also learned how to understand different kinds of accents, from northern and southern America, Canadian, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, French and of course, the most popular, Filipino accent.

Three months from training, I decided to quit, I’ll just finish the 6 months contract. I mean, who wants a crazy graveyard schedule, health risks [heartburns on every irate and unreasonable caller] and missing special occasions with family and friends. I always encounter a caller who will call just to shout to a poor tech support because they’re frustrated with the product. Some are unreasonable, we’re just there to accept calls and help them troubleshoot and solve their problem over the phone, and we’re not the one who made the product. Well, you cannot just answer them bluntly, the customer is always right.

But days before my contract ends, a sudden realization came to me, this job was able to provide my needs and wants, able to enjoy new things and learned how to be calm and collected at times. I think God gave me this test to gain things that he knew will be useful in the future.

I met new friends and comrades which made my job easier. The working environment is friendly and I think it’s one of a kind. You can hang out with your bosses and still have the same weight of respect to each other when at work. I learned a lot of the tech stuff; that there are many things to consider solving a printer problem. I am grateful at times. [Especially during our offs] but there are some days that I ask God some reason why I have to stay on a certain job that gives me some stress. I always pray while I’m on my way to work, asking him to give me a reason to stay and forgiveness for being impatient and ungrateful at times.

Fast forward to this day, I am now celebrating my first year with the company. The job doesn’t alienate me anymore, yet up to this day I’m still wondering how I was able to survive a year of taking calls and speaking to various types of people. I can’t figure out how I was able to be patient to some irate callers and handle some awkward and frustrating situations with some callers.

I just remembered my final interview with the company a year ago. “How long will you stay with the company?” I can’t recall the exact answer  I gave  but I’m sure I gave them an idea that I’ll stay as the company provides me growth and opportunity. Well I think I did grow in some aspect [physically and figuratively] like I can now speak and interact in English confidently and I gained a lot of technical skills.

So with this I would like to thank God for the opportunity, bosses,  coaches and product specialists that help me survive and solve each call, to my teammates for making the job a lot easier and fun and to my family who always pray for my safety every night I go to work.

Until now I can’t imagine staying that long in a stressful world of BPO. I often got heartburns and difficulty of breathing caused by stressful irate callers but here I am, looking forward to end this year with this company.

What would be in store for me next year?  Will I stay in the company for another year? God will answer my prayer and will give a break in another field? Well come what may, I would be grateful whatever he will give me. I am still blessed, that’s what I can say.

So to my batchmates. Cheers and Happy Anniversary 😀

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀


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