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Passion is Gone

There’s always a point that a human being will stop for doing what he loves. Then setback starts to come in, denial will make it harder to accept and then man’s passion for doing his thing will go to total oblivion. Thus explains a hiatus.

It’s 2011 and I’m still suspended on some errands. But my heart is no longer with me. I begin to hate those things that made me as an individual. I think setbacks made me think if I’ll still pursue what I love. There’s a point that you have to choose between wants and needs, Fetishes and necessities. I’m not some guy who has a silver spoon on his mouth but I’m glad I got stainless one. Not that glamorous but sterile. [okay, i’m trying to throw a joke : i know its a fail …let’s continue]

The point is I almost tried to forget to draw, write, photography and post prod. I realized that no one cares about the output, it’s still about money. But do I need to forget all those things that made me who I am right now?  This is my first time that I lost my passion on things. I don’t know how to start the new me without caring about endeavors.

Then questions starts to kick in. What’s my purpose? Who am I? What am I? I tried to read all the books but they didn’t help. I prayed but I think I’m too blind to see the answers. Good thing there’s my family and friends, they kept me collected.  With them I felt that I have purpose in their lives but still I can’t figure out mine.

Then yesterday, after almost 4 months,   Zagath Gateou X the second came back.  My Dslr is finally fixed and it totally gave me some hope. It rekindled my young passion in photography. Then ideas rushed in, I instantly got some places in mind where to do photowalks on my freetime. Dagdagan pa ng future projects that for sure I’ll enjoy doing. There’s photo coverage for a friend’s event with RockED, a clan reunion, then creative graduation photoshoot on Feb.

I started to draw again after so almost 3 years of doodling. It’s breath of fresh air doing character designs for my portfolio. Then there’s some AVPs slated for events that will take place in the next two months.  I am glad as well that I can release those thoughts that made sleepless for many days since last month. I am excited to write and share  tagalog short stories, as well finish my overdue novels.

Haist, here we go again, catching my breath, even thinking those projects in advance made me exhausted. Well, sabi nga nila, do not waste God’s gift and it’s better than smoking 😀 Thus I think I’m here to be a storyteller on my own way, thru photography, writing and editing videos, to be a trainer to my friends when it comes to editing, and to be a loving kid that they can always hangout everytime.

Apologies if my first post for this year is quite dramatic, but still It’s a feel good task sharing this 😀

Anyway, I know it’s too late [way too late] but I still would like to greet everyone here a Bleated Merry Christmas and Happy New year. One year nalang at 2012 na! can’t wait to party hard like it’s the end of the world haha 😀

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀