Epilogue of a Hiatus

“It’s a typical situation,  in these typical times… Too many choices”

[TYPICAL SITUATION: Dave Matthews Band]

I’ve been doing random things these past few months. And I think I’m spending time without any sense of direction.  No effort. No worries. Nothing to lose. That’s my mindset; I don’t know why my interest on things suddenly fades away.

Seems my ambitions were lost somewhere and my life was sucked out by repetitive tasks at work.  I’m not stimulated. Wala nang gana ika nga. All things that I can see in life are in shade of gray. There’s so many times I tried to get back on track but something holds me. Must be fear of some sort. Ah basta!

“It’s been three weeks, since I got a decent sleep.
I’ve a restless head and an empty bed, these dreams are killing me so

[KEEP ON WALKING: Scouting for girls]

I want to draw and write again, express these ideas in my head before it explode, haist. So frustrating but I need an outlet. Frustrated nga ako, tamad naman, ika nga nila , mahirap labanan ang katamaran, nakakatamad kasi . Anyway, I just realized that Im spending a lot of time wondering and spending time in front of the PC doing nothing, just watching nonsense sitcoms to forget the turmoil. But the pain gets back once its closing credit starts to run.

Then one time, something happened. Because of blog hopping, I landed on these amazing sites that inspired me a lot. There’s Mot’s Teacher’s Pwet [http://motsmots.blogspot.com/] , a blog about an artistic teacher and his students. Kakatuwa ang mga kwento nia, not to compare with Bob Ong’s first book, pero may puso ang mga kwento niya, I love how that he managed to collect quirky and funny remarks of his studes. Not to mention, I love his comical drawings of his students in different scenarios.

Then there’s Mary Ann Licudine’s Blog [http://nnayam.blogspot.com/] where she features some her nostalgic colorful works in progress, from custom toys , sketches , watercolor paintings to her Panasonic Lumix GF1 photograph. I envy her craft. It’s so dreamy. Im an instant fan. It’s like going to my dreamland everytime I see her works, so much color, and I think I’ve drowned some of my frustrations everytime I check her site

Thus, it motivated me a lot, so motivated, it made me clean my room in one whole day just to look for my missing HB pencils, pens  and sharpener. It was such a big move for me and I think there will be no turning back

As I move things around, I discovered some of my old works; some of them are dated way back grade school. I even got a chance to read again some articles that I made for school, some are stories, but mostly poems. I thanked God for that moment, I think I know now what I’m capable of doing.

As soon as I finished cleaning the whole room, I began to draw some lines and swirls and along the process, decided to do a new banner for the site, also new name. not that I hate the old title KINETOGRPAHED JUDGMENTS, it just that the title is little too off with some of my entries because most of them are personal.

After I draw the last swirl, I took a picture of it, used photoshop to put some texture, thought of a good title. My head is overflowing of ideas that I want to share, from stories, AVP techniques, comments on pop media and many kinds of things.

I think I found my new project. Thus the title. 😀

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless

[Btw: thanks for those who visited my site despite of a four month hiatus. I appreciate all the comments, suggestions and questions. Thanks for all the good words and to some people that made me realize that I should take reality with a grain of salt. Again, Thank you and see you on my next posts :D]


2 responses

  1. uy uy uy.. salamat!!!!!!!! 😀

    June 19, 2011 at 1:55 am

    • wow thanks ser mots for dropping by. You, your students and blog inspired me a lot. 😀 walang halong biro 😀 slamat ulit and more power 😀

      June 22, 2011 at 9:28 am

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