Stop Motion Love

I’ve been visiting YouTube lately for possible peg for my project. It would be for my final requirement to complete my summer workshop. I do not own a video camera so I decided to make a stop motion short. Stop motion is no rocket science; all you need are the following: digital camera, tripod [or sturdy/steady] piece your camera can lean on and a computer.

I checked some stop motion videos in youtube for some inspiration and it didn’t failed me to do so. I feel so motivated seeing Oren Lavie’s  “Her Morning Elegance”. Oren is an Israeli award winning musician and theater director. He directed the music video “her Morning Elegance” that won him a Grammy for Best short form music video”

I must say, I watched the video hundred times already and it didn’t tire me. I always discover new details every time I watch this video. I love how they caught the model in stop motion, she runs on a bed sheet with elegance. So apt with the title.

you can check here how they made this awesome video :

To start : Place the camera in position in front of the object you want to animate. It will be important to the final product to make sure the camera does not move. It can be placed on a tripod to keep it steady. Click the first picture with the digital camera. Then move the object or objects very slightly and shoot the next picture with the camera. Be careful the camera does not shift each time the button on the camera is pressed.  Repeat the actions involved with step 2 for as long as you need in order to produce the desired effect. Because each move of the object is slight, you almost certainly will take at least 100 photos for even a 25-second video. Then load it to your PC, use any software you like, Windows Movie Maker, Vegas or simple Ulead [no need to be high end] then drag them to the timeline, you can select the clip duration, than export it as a video, then poof! You have a stop motion film.

Well for me, I tried to apply this to one of my AVP projects and see how it works, unfortunately I have these shaky hands, I can’t make objects move slightly, thus the pace is so fast. But when I import them to my Vegas and set the clip duration, the clip turned not bad at all.

Check out my first attempt[s] on stop motion on these two prenup videos I made for my college friend wedding. Oh, how I love doing AVP especially for a friend

Well that’s for now, I think I need more practice and planning to do my stop motion film. Someday, I’ll create a stop motion film like Coraline and Fantastic Mr. Fox. But for now, I will start to do storyboards  and as I planned almost a year ago, I’ll feature  my beloved mannequin couple; Adam and Eve.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀


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