tagged @ 5th TAGCOM 2011

The last time I participated in this kind event is way back college. When my love with Anime was on hype. Well actually, I don’t have the confidence to wear Gourry Gabriev  of Slayers or Lee Shauran of Cardcaptor Sakura; so I ended up being one of its  spectators.  It’s been a while so I felt weird joining a Cosplay convention after so many years.

I joined my workmate Martin and his team  enjoy the 5th TAGCOM : the gathering [Toys and Hobbies Convention] last Saturday at Robinson Midtown Ermita. It felt  like my first time, I’m too shy to wander around and have some pictures taken but what the hell, I don’t want my effort bringing a camera go to waste there I was, a triggerhappy  shooter. [Haha, sorry for the word.]

Sadly, I’m not familiar with almost 90% of the anime characters represented that day. Might be because I stopped watching anime as soon as started working. I barely hunt dvds of animated series nowadays. Nasanay akong makuntento sa DNAngel, first 2 seasons of Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, Ruruoni Kenshin  at cardcaptor Sakura. Siguro, ang anime na updated lang ako ay ang  Full metal Alchemist. [Did I mentioned I am a BIG fan of than series? Proof? Go to my room]. Pero all in all I enjoyed watching those peeps strike a pose, anime style.

Hmmm, I wonder how much each costume cost? I know some of them went to Divisoria and spent some time to sew their ideal costume together, I must commend the outcome. Speaking of commendation, I met this girl while I’m on my way to the loo, She is so mysterious and her dress is not costumy but God knows that she’s a head turner.  She’s with her two younger siblings whose I guess will be joining her in the event. So there I was, starstrucked, decided to take her a picture once I got a chance to meet her.

Anyway, back to the event, i struggled getting nice photos, there’s so many photographers that day, ah technology!-sa sobrang dami, di alam ng mga participants kung saan sila lilingon. hehe.

Well syempre, dahil toys and hobby convention sya, malamang madaming toys, mangga, comicbooks, anime DVD, apparel, Japanese junk foods at kung anung anek-anek ang makikita. I almost drown sad mi ng mamimili [or ng mga hanggang tingin lang]. Nothing caught my attention except those fleece hats and keychains. I want to buy some fleece hats but c’mon many  wore them already, andaming nagsusukat  even those ala sa character nila, maging cute lang sa pic. Haha bitter? Joke. Anyway.  Each hat cost 250 Php.

Then there some keychains from Keybies cafe. I like them all, gusto ko silang bilhin haha. But I can’t. they got keychain designs ranging from anime characters, comicbook characters, famous insignias and university emblems. I was lucky enough to get a Full Metal Alchemist insignia. I told yah, I’m such a fan. Btw, visit www.facebook.com/keybies for more designs. Each keybies Café Keychain cost 50Php only 😀

Then paglabas ko ng area ng mga nagtitinda. I saw my TAGCOM crush, standing near the escalator, waiting for me, joke! Well, she’s there enjoying the event, watching her siblings strike a pose in front of some strangers’ cameras. “dis is it!” I said. “Its now or neber!”. So ayun, with my shaking voice , I  politely asked her to strike a pose and she’s so humble to comprehend 😀

Sadly I forgot to get her name [or natotorpe lang] but thanks and kudos to her, she’s such a tease. Cruch crush hehe 😀  I’m such a nerd!

Then there’s another girl, I spotted another shojo crush. She’s soooo cute 😀

it’s around 3p.m. when I decided to leave the place for another event. but i managed to have some picture taken. here’s a last roll call 😀

so there you go, I think the next convention I’ll attend is the TOYCON 2011 this coming June. Cross fingers 😀

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀


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