Future Rain

So absurd to wake up late on a Monday morning. I’m normally on my way to work, but not this time.  Still can’t open my eyes but I was able to grab and snooze the alarm. Start of 2012 it is!

Yeah, I know it’ll be February ten days from now, but please don’t pick me because of  technicality. New year resolutions are for people who loves to procrastinate, I still believe that you can start fresh everyday. You don’t need a specific date  to jumpstart a habit.

Today, I want to make a difference but one step at a time. Baby steps.

Again, like a kid, I’m starting to breathe and dream again. But frustration is like slap in the face, waking you up to be realistic. I envy the past version of me but I feel worried for the future me.

Some people says that all great starts with a dream but it made me more anxious.

Still don’t have any idea about my future but I want future me give a heads up.

To future me:

I hope that time has been kind to you, and that you are well.

You wrote this letter some time ago to remind you of things that made you happy. Also to enlighten you at times you’re confused.

If you achieve at least half of your dreams, I’m happy for you. If not, well, don’t worry,  there’s still time so catch up.

Think more and be wise.  Dont rush every decision. ika nga nila, “time is gold and patience is a virtue. ” hehe.

Be serious on things but dont forget to crack jokes every now and then. Your imaginary friends love seeing you  laughing,  it even heals some your real friends’ heartbreaks.

Okay, I’m alone while writing this letter. our parents are asleep and our best friend keep ignoring our texts, she’s still mad at us ( I believe). You apologize already but I think she needs time to forgive us. wait til’ Sunday 😀 (I hope).

Lessons learned? two things. 1. always keep your promises 2. invest in a reliable alarm clock

We know that even though you enjoy going out with friends, we still looking forward going out with the one. I fell in love many times than I had  expected but none of them worked. Good thing, you’re still good friends with them. that’s nice.

But if you still don’t found the one, enjoy life being single, we both know that we love to travel alone and without any additional baggage, am I right? Continue to save more and begin to travel every weekends. Still consider our dream to try backpacking around the world. But don’t close your heart. I have a faith in God that someone will come and knock. Also, I do have faith in you that when that time comes, you’ll have enough courage to smile back and offer your hand. Again, don’t pressure yourself bro, babysteps.

Be committed on something or someone. Learn to apply what a Dave Matthews Band song taught you :  “rolling stone gathers no moss”. Commit, be best at it  and patiently wait, eventually, you’ll reap something rewarding. I promise you.

Value your family and friends more than I do. I would be happy if you’re able to maintain my strong bond with those guys. They are our happiness.

Don’t be workaholic. Yes you learned a lot from your former boss before but working 24/7 is not healthy. (by the way : 9gag.com and Facebook is not work :D, just giving you a heads up) Spend more quality time with your family and friends.

Learn to listen whether its an advice or a sermon. You’ll benefit from it big time. Follow those you think good for you.

And lastly some quick reminders. don’t stop dreaming, motivate yourself to write, keep drawing, explore new things, don’t afraid of Illustrator, Maya, Corel and Freehand , promise, you’ll need it.  if you’re still scared of going to Middle East, i believe your still somewhere here in the Philippines or Canada, or hopefully. UK haha 😀

I hope that you’ll remember that you wanted to learn from your experiences, and that to that end, you wrote this letter to help remind you who you really are, your dreams and what really made you go this far.

As much for them, as for yourself.

From a time past…

Your younger self,

Post inspired by months of  listening to Sara Bareilles albums.  Her “let the rain” motivated me many times.Such a good song.  I don’t know if it’s the lyrics or the mood. Ah basta. BTW, artwork above inspired by the same song but I changed “come down” to “fall down”. wala lungs. 😀

Writing to the future version of yourself is not new,even Yahoo! made a Time Capsule for it’s 25th anniversary, it contains letters for their future selves to be opened and read it in 2020.

but even though the project is already closed, you may try creating one for yourself. you may try this site http://www.futureme.org/  . some advice? you may check this one out: http://alettertomyself.com/how.html

Btw, thanks to those who keep visiting this site. I promise more interesting posts in the future.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀


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