Shopping Mecca of the South : ALDEVINCO

If you are in Davao and you find yourself looking for souvenirs before you fly back home, you should not think twice about going to Aldevinco Shopping Center. This is the favorite shopping area by many tourists. In fact, this is quite known to tourists for the take home products that are found in this establishment.

Pasalubong on a tight budget? ALDEVINCO it is.

Just ten minute ride from the hotel, we found ourselves amazed with the colorful souvenirs. Mindanao culture it is. I felt it more when a saw stores dedicated only to sell variety of Kulintang.

I want to bring home some of those but I’ll be having some problems carrying them. Frustrated, I asked some store owners if there’s a small version, some sort of an accent that I an put on my study table. unfortunately, It made me more frustrated when they told me they ran out of stock.

Evidently, majority of the stores in Aldevinco showcases their magnificent beadworks and products made of pearls. I ended up looking for a pearl accessories for my mom.

ALDEVINCO is often visited by tourists, balikbayans and even by delegates from various conventions held in Davao City. Most merchants and their “tinderas” speak the Tagalog dialect and price haggling or “tawad” is welcome especially when you buy in bulk or when you are the “buena-mano” (first buyer of the day). I even taught a British National how to make a bargain, and she ended up having 3 sets of medium size kulintang and an authentic Moro shield. kewl. I envy you

ALDEVINCO currently houses over 100 shops of souvenirs such as Davao native products, various Batik products (bags, dusters, slippers, table cloths, etc.), textiles imported from Indonesia and Malaysia, antique and brass items, and even indigenous musical instruments. It has become a major tourist attraction for its wide variety of ethnic products.

Speaking of batik products, can’t help myself drooling on their colorful bags and pashminas, I called my mom on the spot to ask her which one she wants. I came out of the store with 3 sets of pashmina, 2 batik handbags and a handful of small pouches. My mom just made me shop for her kumares too T.T

then surprisingly, there’s a store selling these trinkets, these small cute kulintangs. Made some bargain, kinulit si manang, she finally gave in and gave me those trinkets 5 pcs/100 pesos. I brought 20 pieces, I have many friends back in Manila you know hehe 😀

then some woodworks 😀 again, can’t carry some large souveniers so I ended up contented taking some pictures.

then back looking for some colorful accessories for my mom and her kumares 😀

last minute before we leave, I brought some shirts for me and my brother. I must say, it’s a good buy for 150 pesos per shirt. The prints are nicely designed, durable  and not that tacky for a souvenir shirt. I brought 4 😀 3 for me haha. masyado natuwa. 😀

Then outside of ALDEVINCO, you’ll find fresh and candied fruits like durian and pomelo. You could also purchase a packed tuna and fresh or frozen seafood that you can bring back home. At dahil season ng Suha, I brought a box for 400 pesos. It contains 10 medium sized pomelo and 4 trays of sliced Durian for 200 pesos only:D

By the way, in front of Aldevinco, you’ll find…

Indeed, Aldevinco Shopping Center has made a nice niche for itself in the city of Davao. It is generally promoted and known for being the citys ultimate source of ethnic, native and antique products. In fact, it could probably boast to be the only shopping center that offers the products that Davao is truly proud of.

So there you go guys, when you’re in Davao, pay ALDEVINCO a visit.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀


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  1. I hope I get to visit Davao someday. Of course, I’ll pass by Aldevinco and do some shopping! Those photos look great. Makes me want to have those bead works and accessories. By the way, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

    February 2, 2012 at 1:40 pm

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