thank you guys for appreciating my video, this go to all rushers, silent man o active, thru thick and thin, laging nasa likod tau nila Chico and Delle 😀

can’t wait to write the story behind this vid 😀

Strange Fruit

Omigosh, I really don’t know what to say. This video really got me all wistful. It’s touching on so many levels. There’s the fact that he’s been listening for so long after all these years, through the good and the bad, and the fact that he went through so much trouble traveling from so far for a few seconds with us, to have his book signed. For us, we meet everyone for a few seconds, but for some of our guests, that brief moment was long in the making. Thanks Amherst Ureign, your gift to us is WAY more precious than what you say we gave you. We may never know what people have done to support us, but we’d like to thank you guys nevertheless. You guys know how to turn us into puddles of mush. *sniff*

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