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Vinz Louie Strikes Again [1]

Just got home from work.


Excited to catch some sleep when I noticed something written on my workdesk.

I don’t know if I’ll get mad that there’s some random “graffiti” on my desk or be glad to see my youngest brother’s handwriting. I must admit, his handwriting improved a lot compared the last time I saw him write his assignments. At the age of five, I think it is quite an achievement.

Beside it is his medal. I just realized that today is his graduation day (or according to his teacher Girlie : “Moving Up Ceremony”). what a nice surprise from a 5 year old naughty kid. Another achiever like his older brother Larry, who passed the board exam for Mechanical Engineers. Dalawa na ang Engineer Nool. hehe.

Now I wonder kung ano ang magiging propesyon ni louie in the future? hmmm 😀

I also wonder kung paano matatanggal ‘to? Red permanent marker pa naman gamit nya dito T.T

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀


Scenarios Inc [19] : Nerd Herd Part 1 : Zombies, Aliens and Beer!

Nope. not about the band HelloGoodbye, just play on words.

I got frustrated with special features on Philippine TV these days. dont get me wrong, they’re informative, yes but do we have to tackle the same topic a hundred times? Yes, I do watch (and love) our documentaries, but do we need to witness poverty again and again?

Thank God there’s cable (well, torrent…) again, cable.

it made a wide and different  array of interesting shows to people (mostly nerds and geeks)  like these shows I’ve been watching these past few days, informative yet entertaining.

Zombies: A Living History | History Channel

Despite of credibility issues caused by conspiracy theory themed shows, History Channel won’t stop producing shows that entertains ideas from the pop culture. From their past series like Nostradamus Effect Season 1 and 2, Ancient Aliens season 1 and 2 and their disturbing Life after People series, they’re always successful in creating shows for the geeks and conspiracy theorists (like me)

True enough, they created a documentary chronicling the history of zombies. from being part of ancient legends all over the world up to their current representation in the movies. I like how they got these resource speakers who are zombie apocalypse experts on their own way.

Interesting perspective on general emergency preparedness with surprising incite from government officials on Zombies. Worth it to see some of the genre’s authors like Maberry and Brooks!


Also, what made it more interesting/fun to watch is the “How to Fight a Zombie” segment by Roger Ma

Man, he can do it with everything, from Katana sword to crowbar to an ordinary snowplow…oh by the way, he also presented a hand to hand combat wit a zombie, seems legit 😀

I must say, I witnessed one of the most well-rounded documentaries on zombies. I really appreciated how far back the History Channel went to try and find the origins of the zombie story. The production value was as superb as the research, recreations and zombie actors. And it somehow reminds me of Simon Pegg and Shaun of the Dead 😀

When Aliens Attack | National Geographic

Surprised that National Geographic is finally producing shows about the extra terrestrial and even declared an alien invasion month for their specials about ETs. NGC already have this reputation of producing clear and well researched specials so I must say, they can go with the trend without anything at stake 😀

When Aliens Attack starts with a question “What if an extra-terrestrial force attacked Earth?” then followed by series of never ending thoughts like “What might that look like and how will the people of Earth respond?” NGC Consulted a cast of world-renowned scientists and  survival experts and defense experts

This two-hour special, Alien Invasion explors this frightening scenario. Experts reveal what could motivate alien invaders to attack Earth, and speculate on how the attack might play out — the strategy alien invaders might use and the most effective ways for humans to respond. Well turn to science and history to figure out what works. Well show how humanity can survive this

If we’re all geared up for a zombie apocalypse, why not prepare for another kind? You may get a lot of ideas from this NGC special, from communicating to aliens with mathematics up to mobilizing ticking bomb out of diseased infected people.

its not that i believe into aliens but I am sort of fascinated on  our  ideas if they were real.

from History Channel and National geographic, lets jump to…

How Beer Save the World | Discovery Channel

This show traces the important role that beer has played in human history from the probable origins of the first beer at the dawn of history to the development of a special beer for use in zero gravity space missions.

I suspect some of the claims made in this show exaggerate the importance of beer. Was barley made exclusively for beer and not for bread? I do not know, but it seems a bit odd. Even the theory of how beer was accidentally discovered relies heavily on speculation.

But overall, it is pretty decent with real experts explaining things about beer’s history that are not well known. it is fun to watch and entertain the fact that without beer, Pyramid would be impossible, that refrigeration wouldn’t be invented and we will not know what an ice cream is.  Some claims are little bit exaggerated but still, it entertain a nerd like me   Did it “save” the world? I do not know. I mean, sure, beer was safer to drink than bacteria-filled water… but clearly other societies thrived besides the Europeans. The world was not “saved”.

so there you go geeks. cheers! here’s to zombie, alien or whatever apocalypse we’re anticipating’ 😀

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀

Backlogged T.T

Yes! summer is here!

it means, no more classes. Saturdays are mine again. Don’t get me wrong. Taking masters is fun but i miss hanging out here in my pad, sketching, writing and  waiting for my pals to drop by.

Oh well. I have so many things to tell you but still can’t write about them because I have to wait till next week (and because of this Stupid connection. thanks a lot Smart bro or should i say, Dumb bro!)

Several new addition to my growing library like this one “The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need” Graphic Novel by Daniel Pink and TOKYOPOP’s Rob Ten Pas which I finished reading, before buying. 😀

MV Fuji Maru Experience as part of the press  during the 38th SSEAYP Ship for  Southeast Asian Youth Program from Japan.

Hullabaloos while doing my thesis on Cross Cultural Communication entitled “Communication patterns of the Relocated Urban Poor Students  and
San Jose del Monte Bulacan students and faculty and how these
affect the students’ academic performances.” (isa lang masasabi ko..nakakagigil XD)

Our documentary about the impending water scarcity in Metro manila by 2015 entitled “DALOY”, it took group almost 2 sems (and our jobs) to finish this thing. Pero worth naman. CMMA here we come! 😀

Surprise visit sa dating office.  Nice to see my research colleagues again. well, nasurprise din ako to see some of my artworks framed and hanging in a well lit gallery. those artworks are for the Anti Drug Courier campaign of Philippine Information Agency and PDEA. the exhibit started Feb 1, PIA’s 25th anniversary. PNOY was there (and grace Lee too hehe) to grace the event. Those artworks and some infographics I created for the campaign are included on the entry sent by the company to the 47th Anvil Awards (Oscars of Public relations). And yes, we won a Merit Award for the category – Public Relations Program on a Sustained Basis. Sayang, walang photo op with the trophy.

Also they gave me a copy of the published 113th Philippine Independence day Commemorative book which I worked and billed as a researcher.  Second time my name was published in a book 😀

Photos from ToyCon 2011.2 months before Komikon 2012 then Toycon 2012 one month after 😀 countdowns. (must have new dslr by then)
ehem ehem…
Sessions with Abby and Val 2.0, my second attempt to incorporate graphics to my shots, it;s been a while since the last time i tried the approach i used in PUP Photohike Doodle project, still can’t upload albums in my facebook due to incompetent internet connections, again thanks Smartbro. para kang cinderella, May curfew XD
hmmm. hope I could write again…soon 😀

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless

Seminar on Global Communication Trends in the Age of ICT

Take a look  on the successful seminar hosted by GS MC students last March 10, 2012 happened at Communication Foundation for Asia.

Guest Speakers:

Mr. Luis Vicente T. Villanueva
IT and Telco Professional; Head Business, Broadband Business Group Business

Globe Telecom

Topic: Global Communication Trends in the Age of Information Technology

Police Chief Inspector Felizardo S. Eubra Jr.

Topic: Laws on Information and Communication Technology – Cybercrimes


Take a look on the successful seminar hosted by GS MC students last March 10, 2012 happened at Communication Foundation for Asia.

Take a look  on the successful seminar hosted by GS MC students last March 10, 2012 happened at Communication Foundation for Asia.

Guest Speakers:

Mr. Luis Vicente T. Villanueva
IT and Telco Professional; Head Business, Broadband Business Group Business

Globe Telecom

Topic: Global Communication Trends in the Age of Information Technology

Police Chief Inspector Felizardo S. Eubra Jr.

Topic: Laws on Information and Communication Technology – Cybercrimes

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the RXTMR experience (12 years and counting…) : story behind my first VLOG

(Beware: Long Post :D)

I am proud to say that I’m a rusher for almost 12 years.

2nd year highschool nung una ko sila napakinggan, I’m scanning the radio nung napahinto ako sa KC FM (ngayon ay iFM) dahil kasalukuyang tinutugtug ang kantang Scream by WYRD. matapos ang kanta, may dalawang DJ na nagsimulang magkwentuhan. Umaga noon at gumagawa ng assignment para sa aking klase sa hapon pero di ako makaconcentrate dahil sa Top 10 nila (Rush Hour Top ten) Nahawa ako sa kanilang tawa at napatango sa kanilang mga komento. English man ang medium, mas naiinitindihan ko sila kesa sa ibang tagalog FM station, hindi dahil sa jokes, kundi may laman at mas may puso (at sense) ang kanilang mga sinasabi. Sina Chico and Delle and uanng DJ na nakilala ko ng lubusan sa radyo.

Simula noon, nagbago na aking umaga. listening to their segments like “He says, She Says” and “Like a Virgin” up to “GMIX” segment where they features remixes by Vince G made me more hooked to to these two. kakafrustate nga lang because I can’t join the topic dahil de pager pa nun, si itay lang ang may pocketbell, at malayo ang landline sa bahay, effort para sa isang 2nd year high student na nakatira sa isang payak na pook sa isang sulok ng Bulakan (play dramatic music here.) 😀

Highschool Graduation when I got my first phone, Alcatel man pero oks narin, makakasali narin ako sa topic ng Rush Hour. since then lagi akong nakapako sa malaki naming stereo pag magsesend ako ng entry sa kanila, I still remembers yung unang entry ko na nabasa sa radyo, quite ironic nga lang na di ko matandaan ang  topic na nasalihan ko

My first entry goes: “my girlfriend (ex now) went abroad without saying goodbye, I later learned from her friends that she don’t want to tell me that she’s sick and have to go abroad for medication. She rather be alone than struggle seeing me frustrated, can’t go with her and share the pain., so emo right, but that was also the first time I disclosed something personal to another person, and it was aired on national radio. Chico and Delle sympathized and gave advices. They become my on-air therapist and comfort.

from highschool to college, from KC FM back to Monster Radio RX 93.1, from that forgotten codename to RENdenzer to Ureiqn to Amherst Ureiqn, di ko nmalayan na almost 12 years na pala ako nakikitawa sa dalawa (minsan tatlo pag kasama si Brad Turvey), ‘di ko masasabi na silent rusher ako, di ko rin masasabi na active na active, pero lagi silang nasa background ng araw araw kong byahe tuwing umaga.

Then twitter was invented. then podcasts made RXTMR playback possible and more accessible. Time changed but Chico and Delle are still the same. They touched many lives here and abroad and it is simply amazing (smart? :D)

then this awesome moment when I practically converted a college friend to a rusher. nageedit kami ng isang AVp for his event when i played a rxtmr podcast. nacurios siya sa tawa ni Chico, simula noon, naging rusher na sya, he is in Dubai now but he still manage to enjoy TMR thru podcasts. (thanks BlueRitz and Mommy Gubster)

Then came the RXTMR Book. I brought one as a christmas gift for myself and since then I’ve been wondering paano mapipirmahan ang copy ko, I planned to attend the book launch sa Glorrieta pero may klase sa masteral. At thesis subject pa. sorry chico and delle but I know you’ll understand. 😀 Two more booksigning happend and still cant attend and have my book signed. Pero thank God nung natapat ang book signing sa National Holiday, walang pasok sa Graduate School pero sa MOA, from north to south, effort to, pero sa tingin ko ito ang una at huling pagkakataon ko na makita ang mga kaibigan ko sa radio for almost 12 awesome years so I decided to go.

nakangiti akong bumibyahe pauwi from work, may binabalak akong gawin, well I promised Niel (converted rusher) a signed rxtmr book. but I keep disappointing him sa skype pag nalalaman niya na di ako nakakapunta sa booksigning, well I have to make bawi bigtime (kumukonyo na ako like Chico haha)

Excited, I packed my bag night before and charged my videocamera. pero may lagnat at sipon na ako pagkagising, I even tweeted Delle and Chico but got motivated by Chico’s “aww…”, Gino’s “Oh no” and Delle’s blackmail remark, “sige ka, huli na ‘to” haha.

so there, I left home around  8AM and reached MOA by 12Noon, naexpect ko na ang mahabbang pila sa labas ng NBS two and  a half hour before the actual book signing. I was able to “endure” the long line, thanks sa mga katabing random strangers na pinaguusapan sina Chico and Delle, cant stop to eavesdrop but I learned that they are silent rushers, but they talk things about Chico and Delle na parang close sila sa CND, it made me smile. then there’s a group na maingay sa harap ng bookstore, di sila nakapila but their black shirts said it all. THE Rushers. sila yung mga stakeholders ng show, mga active to tweet entries 😀  para talaga silang celebrities, I am amazed that finally seen faces behind those famous codenames like Butterbaby, JRhyan and others (well, ilang beses ko na nakakasakay sa ortigas si Oscar delaho nung nagwowork pa ako sa callcenter, not a stakler haha, just to be clear)

mga 3:40 na nung napasok ko ang NBS at napaupo. yes, malapit na ako sa tagumpay este kina Chico and Delle. They joked and we laughed, that moment was so magical as mesmerizing (ok mejo creepy na) pero, I mean after 12 years di ba?

so yun, i gave the book to their assistant para mapila sa pipirmahan then Got surprised when Delle saw my codename on the book that she’s supposed to sign, she grabbed the mic and ask the audience, “Oh my God, is Amherst Ureiqn here?” , I raised my hand and claimed the glory, “so Ikaw pala yun, nice meeting you” Chico and Delle said. “dati active ka lang sa twitter, but now, nice meeting you ulit” Delle added. and the rushers begins to shout my name, hehe, some mispronounced it as urine but Delle and Chico corrected them, we laughed. my codename got the attention of the crowd for seconds I almost burst into tears when I talked to them and asked them a favor. one of my happiest moment this year 😀 muntikan na ako mag nosebleed sa pagkastarstruck ko hehe 😀

anyway, I must accomplish my other mission, habang nanginginig ang boses ko, i called their attention and asked them a favor. after some takes, (thanks for the patience Chico and delle), I got my books signed and a special gift for my pal abroad.

Chico and Delle while doing our Video Greet for Niel

I went home smiling and excited to upload the video I created for Niel. Sunday came and able to stumble upon the book signing photos, found mine and upload them on my facebook wall. nagsimula nang magtanong si Niel kung nabilhan ko sya ng kopya at napapirmahan, Di ako nagreply, I waited for him to go online thru skype.I gave him a link and said “to answer your question, please watch this.”, he went to the link and sarcastically said:”so gumawa ka pa talaga ng video?” (kaibigang tunay haha), then follewd by “antrapik parin sa pinas” (pertaining to the traffic shown on video) , then silence. “panuorin mo hanggang dulo, there’s a suprise”, i said. “o sige na nga, wait”…then we disconnected. my net connection sucks big time.

Thank God,  he appreciated the video, it’s your birthday, and you deserve it.

“Matagal na tayo magkaibigan, di mo prain alam spelling ng pangalan ko.hmp.” (referring to the subtitles)

Sorry Niel, it’s NEIL pala no? pasensya na dyslexic ang kaibigan mo, 😀

so there you go, thanks for CND for almost 12 years (and counting) of friendship and making this video possible. thanks Rushers for making that day one of a kind and to CherrytheGreat for the pics, i love it :D)

(sidenote: thanks Delle for appreciating the video and Chico for featuring it to your famous blog. Thank you to Silent and Active rushers who watched, commented and shared the video. SuperUltraMegaMagnaSumaThankYou! Cheers to a show that binds people across the globe through laughter and lot of Good Vibes. Long Live RXTMR