Backlogged T.T

Yes! summer is here!

it means, no more classes. Saturdays are mine again. Don’t get me wrong. Taking masters is fun but i miss hanging out here in my pad, sketching, writing and  waiting for my pals to drop by.

Oh well. I have so many things to tell you but still can’t write about them because I have to wait till next week (and because of this Stupid connection. thanks a lot Smart bro or should i say, Dumb bro!)

Several new addition to my growing library like this one “The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need” Graphic Novel by Daniel Pink and TOKYOPOP’s Rob Ten Pas which I finished reading, before buying. 😀

MV Fuji Maru Experience as part of the press  during the 38th SSEAYP Ship for  Southeast Asian Youth Program from Japan.

Hullabaloos while doing my thesis on Cross Cultural Communication entitled “Communication patterns of the Relocated Urban Poor Students  and
San Jose del Monte Bulacan students and faculty and how these
affect the students’ academic performances.” (isa lang masasabi ko..nakakagigil XD)

Our documentary about the impending water scarcity in Metro manila by 2015 entitled “DALOY”, it took group almost 2 sems (and our jobs) to finish this thing. Pero worth naman. CMMA here we come! 😀

Surprise visit sa dating office.  Nice to see my research colleagues again. well, nasurprise din ako to see some of my artworks framed and hanging in a well lit gallery. those artworks are for the Anti Drug Courier campaign of Philippine Information Agency and PDEA. the exhibit started Feb 1, PIA’s 25th anniversary. PNOY was there (and grace Lee too hehe) to grace the event. Those artworks and some infographics I created for the campaign are included on the entry sent by the company to the 47th Anvil Awards (Oscars of Public relations). And yes, we won a Merit Award for the category – Public Relations Program on a Sustained Basis. Sayang, walang photo op with the trophy.

Also they gave me a copy of the published 113th Philippine Independence day Commemorative book which I worked and billed as a researcher.  Second time my name was published in a book 😀

Photos from ToyCon 2011.2 months before Komikon 2012 then Toycon 2012 one month after 😀 countdowns. (must have new dslr by then)
ehem ehem…
Sessions with Abby and Val 2.0, my second attempt to incorporate graphics to my shots, it;s been a while since the last time i tried the approach i used in PUP Photohike Doodle project, still can’t upload albums in my facebook due to incompetent internet connections, again thanks Smartbro. para kang cinderella, May curfew XD
hmmm. hope I could write again…soon 😀

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless

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