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O yeah! pasukan na naman. oras na para sulitin ang nalalabing araw ng summer. it’s been a year since I  quit working on a callcenter and pursue my masters. I thought it’ll be hard,Di ako nagkakamali.

Yes it is hard but its nothing compared to the rewards I got after I finished my first school year. I gained friends and colleagues (and useful contacts hehe) and knowledge about other fields of communication  aside from research and mass media. Not to mention many useful tips on career and personal life. And after my first sem, I totally fell in love with graduate school.

Anyway, weeks from now, enrollment na naman at balita ko may statistics kami na subject, yeah I know it is required to take it but I’m an average guy who get nightmares every time I try to solve a math problem. ironically, ang dati kong mga trabaho ay may kinalaman sa research, una kong trabaho ay bilang data entry sa Philippine Information Agency noong 2007, naging Researcher noong 2009 at naging Research Analyst last year. ‘Di ko parin maisip kung paano ko nasurvive at natapos ang mga workload ko ng ‘di masyado inaalala ang math, siguro dahil sa SPSS o yung mga ‘di ko nakikitang nilalang slash mumu sa opisina pag nag-OOT ako (malamang SPSS). Aaminin ko, nagdalawang isip akong mag enrol muli pero kilala ko sarili ko, walang natatapos pag oras na tinamad na ako. kaya nagpapasalamat ako at may naging kaibigan ako sa GS na dahilan na mag enrol ako…(sa totoo lang, pinipilit nila ako kasi, mahal ang tutorial hehe joke)

Isa ring kinatuwa ko sa graduate school ay ang mga ssignment at projects. Alam ko, hindi lang ako ang minsang nagsabi na “haist, namiss ko ang eskwela”. pero at least ako, gumawa ako ng paraan upang makabalik muli at damhin ang matagal ko nang namimiss. Oh ang mga production work, kahit na school requirement lang siya, iba pa rin talaga ang pag gawa ng project sa school. Aminado ako na karamihan sa aking mga kaklase ay naka establish na ng career sa TV at radyo, pero kahit sila, nagsasabing iba talaga pag hindi pera ang katapat ng isang proyekto kundi isang magandang grado.

nakadalwang dokyumentaryo na kami sa unang taon namin sa Graduate school at iba talaga ang hirap at sarap na aming dinanas. Hirap dahil sa mga lokasyon, ang pagshoot at pag edit. pero sarap naman dahil sa bawat taong nakakasalamuha at nakausap namin ay bagong kaalaman ang aming nababaon sa aming pag-uwi.

Naalala ko tuloy aking Coach Miko sa huling callcenter na napagtrabahuan, minsan niyang diniscus ang curve of learning, (tama ba ang term?) na ‘wag matakot kung may bagong bagay na parating sa buhay dahil marami kang matututunan rito. kahit pahapyaw lang niyang nabanggit sa isa sa mga maraming team huddle namin, isa iyon sa mga memorable ideas na nakuha ko sa mga boss ko.

“DALOY” ang pamagat ng pangalawang dokyu na aming nagawa. Inabot ng dalawang semestre ang anim na katao (kasama ang aming propesor) na makumpleto ito. Nagsimula ang ideya sa isang bali-balita na maaring mawalan ng tubig ang kamaynilaan sa 2015. nagresearch at naglakbay. ayun, nalaman namin ang katotohanan ukol sa isyung ito (o medyo close lang sa katotohanan…kayo na ang humusga).

Sa tulong ng mga panayam, bidyo clippings at datos mula sa iba’t ibang pag-aaral ay nabuo ang DALOY.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀


Stop Motion Love [Part 2]

Using the stop motion treatment is the up coming trends when it comes to Pre Nuptial Videos. Depends on how they style and shot the sequence, it inevitably shows the creativity and quirkiness of the soon-to-be husband and wife.

Most of the Stop Motion inspired prenup videos found on YouTube are inspired by Oren Lavie’s Grammy nominated music video “Her Morning Elegance”, wherein couples will do sequences while lying to the floor.

Neil and I started using stop motion treatment on our Prenup Videos with Kate and Seth (check here and here). Using continuous shots, we’re able to capture some of their moments frame by frame thru series of photographs, stitch it with after effects and there you go, a stop motion video .

Now, even Neil is currently based in Dubai, were able to do another collaborative project and that’s the prenup video for Shy and Abet. I must commend Neil on calling the final shots, it made the “stitching” more easier.

please do check out what Neil and I did with their Prenup videos

btw, Sara Bareilles’ “Kaleidoscope Heart” is one of my favorite albums and I insisted her song “One Sweet Love” to be used on the first video and I think it matched the mood of the photos 😀

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀

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Scenarios Inc [20] : Iron Man is the..uhmm..Man!

Just watched Avengers and my main goal is still the same, to be an Iron Man. For me, Iron Man is the best Avenger of all. (Screw that genetically altered Captain America. He’s the first avenger, yes, great? neh.)

I know you’ll come up with some arguments to defend your favorite avenger but I think I am prepared for this.
Aside from that Awesome iron Suit. Here’s a collection of facts (or should I say snippets of awesomeness) about Iron Man

•    Tony is a Geek. By the age of 15 Tony had enrolled in MIT (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated at the top of his class at age 19 with double masters in physics and engineering.

•    At the age of 21 his parents were tragically killed in a car accident. Afterwards, Tony inherited Stark Industries, an unparalleled mega-conglomerate that mostly manufactured weapons for the United States military. One of his first projects as the new CEO was to purchase the manufacturer who designed his parents car and have the faulty brake system, which was seemingly the cause of their deaths, redesigned in order to prevent any further incidents, thus saving lives.

•    He is into renewable energy. Every suit has a self-contained environment, assorted onboard weapons systems, enhanced strength, flight, and various communications arrays and sensors (such as radar and radio). Furthermore, they typically have multiple power sources including a secondary solar energy collection function in the event that conventional recharging methods are unavailable. (just in case you guys over at Greenpeace looking for an advocate)

•    Iron  Man and makes narcissism pretty interesting.

•    Uhmmm…He has this inevitable sense of humor. (and those one-liners.)

•    He Makes  physicists  and engineers cool and chick magnet (better than those guys from TBBT)

•    The sole avenger who declared war against The Hulk. I mean check out World War Hulk #1.

•    He was not only a founding member but probably the most vocal and proactive towards forming and maintaining the team. Several times he did the job of approaching current or new members to talk with them, etc basically what Cap did on the start of New Avengers

•    Sure, but he’s the guy who has the best pragmatic mind to sense & counter threats. Adding to his scientific mind, through his business sense he knows how to face the opposition with unconventional strategies. He’s the one who can hack back SHIELD if SHIELD ever wants to hack the Avengers system.

•    Uhmm, creating and having J.A.R.V.I.S.? I think that would be valid (cool) enough

•    Tony Stark’s superpower is not money, it’s engineering (and  physics)

I watched Iron Man 1 and 2 and recently, the Avengers and I shamelessly admit that I felt like a kid again watching Tony Stark fly across the devastated New York City by just boosting kets thru his palms. And Iron Man made me watched a movie as a movie goer, not a film critic, Special effects Nazi that I used to be. I forgot to be technical while watching Iron Man fights those aliens.  Can’t wait for iron man 3 (if there is).

(disclaimer : this is just a post by an Iron Man fanboy)

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀