Thanks to those who read and recommended it to their loved ones and friends. Nice to know that despite of this we have a good support system and we’re able to take it easy. Thanks for the overflowing comments, apologies if I do not have much time to approve them and reply. People on KC, various KC teams around the world, thanks

the UREIQN project

40 minutes past 9am, we’re still waiting for the ophthalmologist.  The line is getting longer and the magazines on the lounge are getting less interesting. It’s been weeks since the first time I’m having these headaches and I think it’s my eyes. I’m having astigmatism on every time I open eyes. Even though I just stare in a blank space, headaches will occur and bad thing starts to happen.

I filed a leave just to attend my appointment with the eye doctor; I can’t take the “eye-gony” anymore. It’s now or never. Well, enough with drama, the doctor came while all of his spectators were hooked at the Tournament scene of “The Kung fu Kid”. After 2-3 patients, it’s my turn for them to check my eyes. They even asked for my eyeglasses and measured it  [or test…whatever] with their high end technology. Then they tested my vision with their…

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