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2012! :D


2012 is a blast.

Life’s been good to me so far.  I thought I wont be able to bounce back from the curse of 2011 but I was wrong.  Wise Decisions led me to a new job, new career path, able to gain new skills and meet new friends. It may  sounds sissy  but I would like to thank everyone that contributed something in my life this 2012. Yes, this is kinda melodramatic but this is the best way I think I can thank everybody. Apologies if i gave you a hard time sometimes but I promise that I am willing to learn from my mistakes and opt not to do it again.

At age of 25, I must say that there’s still more things I haven’t crossed out from my bucket list. I’ve been busy lately on random projects,school related and personal, but I didn’t regret it since I learned so much during the process. But this 2013, I will make it more jampacked thanthis year.

Priorities on my bucket list : Learn how to play drums (Im serious about this one.), learn how to drive a car. Learn Digital Photography from the experts (no more shortcuts, more practice) learn new softwares, Back to Graduate School, more travel , (join a band? kung papalarin wahehe), start learning about housing loan etc.

Resolutions? Less Drinking, More Writing. Right amount of partying, more exercise. Spend wisely. Less Procrastination.  More secrets. Learn how to play a devil’s advocate. Learn how to say NO. More artworks. More blog entries. More Practice on writing, photography, editing and other interests. Lastly, learn to stick to these resolutions

Well, that’s for now guys.

Till then and Happy New Year! Cheers!

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Oh Penelope!

In life, you’ll come to a point that the only choice you got is to learn the art of letting go. Despite of the loss, letting go of someone or something will gain you peace of mind, sanity, self respect, confirmation and sometimes, a chance to move on.

Months ago, I landed on a Yahoo! News article “Jake Reilly’s ‘Amish Project:'”, it is amazing how Jake  unplugged humself off the grid. Deactivated his facebook, twitter accounts, stopped  using email and texting. Main Reason: He noticed that today, People tends to spend more time with thier gadgets and keyboards than we do with the people we care about. yes, we’re all updated with our friends and family through social media and able to like and comment on thier activites via thier posts but c’mon, when was the last time you go out and spend hours talking about random things.It’s not time wasted. Just quality time with your family and frineds without any intervention of any gadget.

His viral video used Pinback’s “Penelope.” (thus the title). its aboiut the vocalist’s pet goldfish who died. That song and Jake’s viral video inspired me to do this artwork. I must say, I was surprised with the outcome. Honestly I’m bad with colors, i dont do colored artworks that well but I must have to try to let go of my inhibitions and do try to add colors to my artwork.

Well, here you go. High Quality version can be seen @


Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed  😀