Writing 365 [1] : Office Xmas Riot : Oppa Gangnam Style

being the first post of the year, would like to share to you guys these amazing videos we created for our Christmas party. Short backstory : Our office decided to have a video contest, divided into 4 teams (gray, blue, yellow and green), each should create a music video using the Psy’s Oppa Gangnam Style. It’s a bit of torture hearing that song many times (during post production) but hey, we enjoyed filming the crazy antics of our officemates and have a rare chance to see our big bosses dance. Also, it gave me a chance to learn more shooting techniques from Joemar and Carlo. They’re my freakin’ awesome officemates.

Funny thing is all four artists belongs to different teams and we are tasked to shoot and edit each team’s entry. Creating a little pressure and competition in the air. We even came up with an agreement that we will kick and punch whoever won the contest. haha.

Anyway, Christmas Party came and we are all dressed up as our favorite cartoon characters, it’s about time to  check out all 4 videos. All i can say is, All were amazing. Funny Amazing. Check it out:

Let’s start with Yellow Team

another funny video from Green Team

Psy’s Untold Story by Blue Team

and Our Video, Go Gray Team!!!

if you’re asking who won this competition?, just watch this crazy video hahaha

okay, I think Carlo will kill me if he learns that i shared this video, on our defense, we’re drunk and happy. haha oh well, all videos are amazing and all winners. Everybody worked very hard and gained friends and  extraordinary experience.


So that’s all for now, Start 2013 right.


amherst ureiqn


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