Moving On

Our scars are token of pain that we hide inside
Everyone is scared that somebody knows
Others will notice, keep mum, afraid to ask
Just the rhythm of the songs that we’re afraid to sing
None of us are perfectly fine

Like every other day, someone will hurt you
Would you entertain the pain?
It’ll take some courage to start
take a deep breathe and push hard
Somehow its never enough, but its a start

People may come and go
Days will wither before your eyes
You can’t take back the words you wish you’d never said
Promises will break, Lovers will Lie
All you can do is let out a sigh

But you’ll surprise how quick you could forget that
and how you pass through mess you call consequences
Others will pull you down, thinking life is not fair
Shrug them off and Thank those who prayed for you
You might not notice but its just you moving on.




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