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Stop Motion Love [Part 2]

Using the stop motion treatment is the up coming trends when it comes to Pre Nuptial Videos. Depends on how they style and shot the sequence, it inevitably shows the creativity and quirkiness of the soon-to-be husband and wife.

Most of the Stop Motion inspired prenup videos found on YouTube are inspired by Oren Lavie’s Grammy nominated music video “Her Morning Elegance”, wherein couples will do sequences while lying to the floor.

Neil and I started using stop motion treatment on our Prenup Videos with Kate and Seth (check here and here). Using continuous shots, we’re able to capture some of their moments frame by frame thru series of photographs, stitch it with after effects and there you go, a stop motion video .

Now, even Neil is currently based in Dubai, were able to do another collaborative project and that’s the prenup video for Shy and Abet. I must commend Neil on calling the final shots, it made the “stitching” more easier.

please do check out what Neil and I did with their Prenup videos

btw, Sara Bareilles’ “Kaleidoscope Heart” is one of my favorite albums and I insisted her song “One Sweet Love” to be used on the first video and I think it matched the mood of the photos 😀

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀

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Yey! at last, finished at last. 😀

This  reel is a montage of some my works from 2008-2011. As a self-taught video editor and videographer, I was able to shoot and/or edit music videos, infomercials, documentaries, audio-video presentations, and a digital film.

Thank you for those who believed in my works and entrusted me their projects.

Clients from Philippine Information Agency, North Caloocan Doctor’s Hospital, Ronnie Colors Videography, Creative Vision, Mr. Paul Aviles from Canada, newly weds like Kate and Seth, LA and RJ and other. Students and organizations from various colleges/schools such as First City Providential College, Our Lady of Fatima College, College of Languages and Linguistics – PUP, College of Business-PUP Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Carlos L. Albert High School Grand Alumni Council

Too bad that almost half of my archived DVDs were destroyed by moist and my pc cant read them anymore, most of those are made from Macromedia Flash MX. I should invest more on external drives. haist. lesson learned
Proficient in Sony Vegas (100%), Adobe Photoshop (80%), Adobe After Effects (50%?), Ulead Video Studio (100%) hehe 😀

Still trying to learn Adobe Premier, FCP, Corel Draw and Illustrator 😀

for more information and queries , you may visit or contact me thru these sites 😀
TWITTER : amherst_ureiqn
SKYPE : amherst_ureiqn

see yah.

(PS: please don’t ask me what ‘UREIQN’ means. please. 😀 just giving you a heads up :D)

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Stop Motion Love

I’ve been visiting YouTube lately for possible peg for my project. It would be for my final requirement to complete my summer workshop. I do not own a video camera so I decided to make a stop motion short. Stop motion is no rocket science; all you need are the following: digital camera, tripod [or sturdy/steady] piece your camera can lean on and a computer.

I checked some stop motion videos in youtube for some inspiration and it didn’t failed me to do so. I feel so motivated seeing Oren Lavie’s  “Her Morning Elegance”. Oren is an Israeli award winning musician and theater director. He directed the music video “her Morning Elegance” that won him a Grammy for Best short form music video”

I must say, I watched the video hundred times already and it didn’t tire me. I always discover new details every time I watch this video. I love how they caught the model in stop motion, she runs on a bed sheet with elegance. So apt with the title.

you can check here how they made this awesome video :

To start : Place the camera in position in front of the object you want to animate. It will be important to the final product to make sure the camera does not move. It can be placed on a tripod to keep it steady. Click the first picture with the digital camera. Then move the object or objects very slightly and shoot the next picture with the camera. Be careful the camera does not shift each time the button on the camera is pressed.  Repeat the actions involved with step 2 for as long as you need in order to produce the desired effect. Because each move of the object is slight, you almost certainly will take at least 100 photos for even a 25-second video. Then load it to your PC, use any software you like, Windows Movie Maker, Vegas or simple Ulead [no need to be high end] then drag them to the timeline, you can select the clip duration, than export it as a video, then poof! You have a stop motion film.

Well for me, I tried to apply this to one of my AVP projects and see how it works, unfortunately I have these shaky hands, I can’t make objects move slightly, thus the pace is so fast. But when I import them to my Vegas and set the clip duration, the clip turned not bad at all.

Check out my first attempt[s] on stop motion on these two prenup videos I made for my college friend wedding. Oh, how I love doing AVP especially for a friend

Well that’s for now, I think I need more practice and planning to do my stop motion film. Someday, I’ll create a stop motion film like Coraline and Fantastic Mr. Fox. But for now, I will start to do storyboards  and as I planned almost a year ago, I’ll feature  my beloved mannequin couple; Adam and Eve.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀

AVP for all seasons :D

Whether it’s about your kid’s 1st birthday, or your niece celebrating her 18th hurrah or your brother’s dream wedding; when it comes to sharing your memories, nothing beats a good AVP (audio video presentation) .   Showing an audio-video presentation in an event is a nice way to share treasured memories to your invited guests.

Having your guests watch a 4-6 minutes of moving pictures will make them feel part of your life as you show not only pictures but a part of your history.

I do AVPs on my vacant time, and even I feel the same way every time I tweak, crop and animate photographs of my clients. Through those pictures, I witnessed a kid’s first vacation to a foreign land. A lad’s adventures on her chosen field, how a piece of candy made a couple deeply in love with each other and how a group of friends  celebrate their mid-20s.

Digitizing memories in form of jpegs and memory sticks have it’s own advantages. It’ll not discolor, you can transfer, send it and manipulate is anytime you want. There’s no need to print it just to share it with your folks. You can do whatever you want and making it into an AVP is one them.

It’s been three years already since the first time I did an AVP for a client. Even though It caused me some sleepless nights, It is so rewarding to be a part of a certain celebration. It game a chance to discover some video editing tools as well. I do remember promising a tutorial on how to do AVPs by using various free and common softwares but I think it’ll take time ; I think I need to make my voice more articulate so  you’ll be hearing a credible [and hunky or husky?] voice hehe 😀

I know it’s a month early, but I want to share you guys some AVPs I did for the past 3 years. It’ll be some sort of yearend report of my home based studio.

So guys, here are some treasured memories of my clients and friends : Enjoy.

One of my fave AVP I created for my SYNCOMASS family way back 2008. I don’t know Sony Vegas way back then. I only used MS Powerpoint and Moviemaker to create this overnight. It was shown on a bus while we are on way to Cavite. It is special to me, because it’s about our college graduation memories. Our 4 years of love-hate classroom relationship came to an end but even though some of us have to leave the country or disappeared literally, I’m glad that most of us are still connected to each other. Thanks to Facebook [before : Friendster : ]

It was requested by a college friend for her 21st birthday. Too bad she didn’t come to her own party. But she was able to have a copy of this a year after. Weird. But I enjoyed  making this AVP while discovering hidden talents of Ulead Video Studio. I also put a personal touch on this : Matt Nathanson’s “Come on get Higher”.

Time flies fast. I did an AVP for  the baptismal of this kid before and last thing you know,  he’s celebrating another birthday. Nice to get a client like this. I was able to witness how that kid grows. Daig ko pa ninong hehehe 😀

AVP for the 3rd birthday hurrah of Coco, God knows how the whole clan loves him 😀

Freelance work for Creative Vision Photography. This is one of my fave projects because of the freedom given to me. I was able to play a lot of colorful graphics , choose the song and even the pictures to use. For me, it came out good. The whole thing was done in Sony Vegas 8

Corporate videos shouldn’t be boring and dull. I created this party by using sleek transition and paint splats. Even nostalgic to use Hansons “Mmmbop”. [okay, I’m guilty, that’s one of my fave songsthat should be  played on my funeral. Odd. Hehehe ]

And to wrap up, would like to show you a closing billboard of a project that took almost 5 months in the making. My friends over at CLL hard worked for this one and to end a serious College AVP is a funny blooper reel. I enjoyed having some sleepless lugaw nights with them.

So there you go for now. I’ll be posting my wedding AVP next time; I have to collect them first but hoped that you enjoyed watching my fave projects.

BTW, check out my AVP, OBBs,and 2D animations on youtube. Just Youtube search : UREIQN and more videos on  my portfolio site : For post prod, 2D animation, AVP and photography services rates, just  email me at [heheh promote? :D]

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀

scenarios inc. [15] : Mary and Max.

While having breakfast, my friend introduced me to this film. She fell in love with that movie even though it’s a claymation. She knew that I’ll be curious to check that one out because it’s animation. I love animation but I’m sort of connoisseur when it comes to my preferences. So I gave it a try, I trust my friends a lot when it comes to movies. As soon I got home, I looked for copies and I was surprised that I found myself in front of the screen, spending an hour and a half eavesdropping on characters’ life as if they were real.

I must say that “Mary and Max” touched me like no other claymation did to me before. Yes, I’m a fan of Aardman Animation, Wallace and Gromit , Coraline and Tim Burton claymation films but this one got the lonely person out of me. Each scene are made and shown with sadness.

The story starts with a narration, telling us the characteristics, dream and anxieties of the main characters. Mary Daisy Dinkle is a lonely 8-year-old living in Mount Waverly, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia in 1976. Her mother Vera is a slovenly alcoholic, and her father Noel is a stoic taxidermy enthusiast. While on the other side of the world, Max is a depressed, overweight, 44-year-old New York City resident. He has odd mannerisms that make it difficult for him to relate to others. He lives in a small apartment with an assortment of pets, and his only socialization is his weekly Overeaters Anonymous meetings. The only thing they have in common is that they don’t have real friends. Mary made her friends out of chicken bones and scrap while Max grown up with his imaginary friend.

Their lives are sad but I was changed when Mary did an experiment, she randomly picked a stranger’s address in the directory and sends that person a letter.  The thought is cute and innocent but it got interesting when the stranger from New York, Max answered back the letter and thus they began exchanging thought about everything.  One of the outstanding topics they talked about is where are babies came from. Mary wrote to Max that babies in Australia came from Beer mugs, she later asked max where babies came from in NY, Max answered, “Unfortunately, in America, babies are not found in cola cans. I asked my mother when I was four, and she said they came from eggs laid by rabbis. If you aren’t Jewish, they’re laid by Catholic nuns. If you’re an atheist, they’re laid by dirty, lonely prostitutes. “

The script is witty beyond imaginable.  The different thoughts of an old man and a kid didn’t clashed but rather collaborated in discovering things. Max and Mary continue to exchange letters, offering creative solutions to each other’s problems, and contemplating the uncertainty of everyday life. Mary struggles with self-esteem issues, and is too shy to speak to her neighbor Damien, on whom she has a crush. Max wonders about the strange people he encounters, and why no one seems to understand him. Max begins to get anxiety attacks when he receives letters from Mary, and one is severe enough to land him in a psychiatric hospital. He is unable to write to Mary for eight months, and she is shocked at the unexplained loss of her friend.

Max is finally released, and writes to Mary again. He explains that he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, and that it causes him to see the world in a unusual way than most people. Mary is overjoyed to hear from Max again, and begins to study disorders of the mind to learn more about his condition.

Several years later, Mary is a teenager and still writing to Max. Mary’s retired father dies in an accident, and leaves his daughter enough money to pay for university. Mary majors in psychological disorders, hoping to find a cure for Max’s problem. Her crush, Damien, attends the same school, but Mary is still shy. Her mother dies a year later (from accidentally drinking embalming fluid in a drunken stupor). Mary bonds with Damien, who comforts her, and they eventually marry.

Mary conducts promising research in the field of mental disorders, and even publishes a book on the subject. She sends Max the first copy, but he is outraged and confused at the “exploitation” of his condition. He expresses his anger to Mary, who falls into a deep depression. After developing a drinking habit and enduring months of sadness, Mary loses interest in her former passions. Damien leaves her, and Mary attempts suicide. Miraculously, she is saved at the last minute by her elderly neighbor, a World War II veteran, who had recently conquered his agoraphobia.

Mary apologizes to Max, who forgives her. Her depression begins to lift, and it is revealed she is pregnant with Damien’s child.

A year later, Mary and her baby travel to New York to visit Max at long last. Mary enters Max’s apartment and finds him dead, sitting on the couch and staring up at the ceiling with a content expression. After the initial shock, Mary looks upwards and sees every letter she had written to Max, taped to the ceiling. Realizing he had died while happily looking at her letters, Mary weeps with joy and sadness for her only friend.

The ending is sad but you feel that the characters are fulfilled. The characters are lovingly crafted with so much personality.  The characters emotions are shown in different montages. I must say writer-director Adam Elliot did a good job with the storyline and scenes used. The film  concept are so simple but I think the way how they add different qualities to the characters stretched the storyline into somewhat interesting to film as a full length feature.

I love how they shown Max anger by simply pulling out the letter M out of his typewriter and sending it to Mary, letting her know in that gesture that “I’m mad, I don’t want to talk to you anymore”. Also the “Que sera sera” sequence wherein Mary contemplates while she decides to commit suicide.  As far the whole production was designed, it is good for the film to use some simple character design to minimize the tension and sadness of the characters. The utilization of CGI at some point made some scene special, making us detached to the thought that we’re watching claymation. I love also the film noir look they used for Max and New York City and the Sepia tone for Mary and Melbourne.

I do recommend this film to everyone who appreciates claymation. You’ll see claymation in different light with this one. 😀 And I do owe my friend for introducing me to this one 😀

MARY and MAX : casts : Toni Collette as Mary Daisy Dinkle, Philip Seymour Hoffman as Max Jerry Horowitz, Eric Bana as Damian Popodopoulos, Bethany Whitmore as Young Mary . Created and Directed by Adam Elliot. narration by Barry Humphries. The film premiered on the opening night of the 2009 Sundance Film Festival. The film won the Annecy Cristal in June 2009 from the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, and Best Animated Feature Film at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards in November 2009.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless :D

[Thanks to Wikipedia for helping me out with the  synopsis]

scenarios inc. [7] : Oscars in Short

Ah, the luxury of the net, I enjoyed watching movies online without having the effort go to the mall, buy food and facing discomfort of having uncomfortable seats [and seatmates]. Anyway, as a bonus, It is also  an amazing experience to watch the recent Oscars online, via live streaming at the comfort of my own bedroom. Anyway, two of my favorite categories are Best Animated Short Film and Best Animated Feature. I got a chance to check the nominees of the animated short film category as they’re been casted. I love this year’s nominees, they showcased different types of animation, from tradition, 2D , flash-like up, stop motion to trendy 3D animation.

This year’s winner LOGORAMA was been done with a flashy-like animation. Even though it’s 3D, for me it look like made in Flash. It showcased different well recognized logos and brands. It is so amazing how they’re able to interact used different branding with each other. Like the infamous Playboy bunnies living on a Paramount Studios Mountain. Or the MSN butterflies flying across a zoo containing animals like Red bull…bulls [?] and Ecko rhinos.

It is also disturbing how they used Ronald Mcdonald as the main villain, having a gun fight the Michelin Chubby police duo. Mr peanuts died , also Pringles. Well I’m not aware Mcdonald can be rude until I watched that animation, he can ride a bad ass bike I must say, I just remembered Heath Ledger’s Joker for obvious reasons. The short’s message is how branding controls the market and eventually the whole world, but on the short, the whole {Visa] universe, check the whole animation to know what I mean .

I love  Nicolas Schmerkin’s thank you speech regarding LOGORAMA

“Good evening. It doesn’t look like, but it’s a French film. Sorry about the accent. I’m the producer of the film, so I have to thank the 3,000 non-official sponsors that appear in the film. And I have to assure them that no logos were harmed in the making of the project.”

—-Hilarious. 😀

“A Matter of Loaf and Death” was my favorite on the set. I was so thrilled that there’s another nomination for an Aardman production. So I searched my torrents site for any clear copy of this one. I never failed to fell in love with Stop motion animation like the Wallace and Grommit series.

The story is about a former “bread” commercial model taking revenge to all bakers in their place, blaming them being responsible for making her fat and lost her career. The comic  timing, the amazing interacting set designs , the detailed art direction, cinematography and the use of British noir making it worth watching, think about the effort making this stop motion [clay] animation and to me, this is the who should have won the category, but well, that’s only me.

“Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty” is a mix of 3D animation and some 2D narratives about a Grandma exerting effort to make her grandchild sleep by telling her version of sleeping beauty. Her version is twisted and disturbing. The Fairy tale became a horror story for the grand kid.

Well honestly I didn’t get the whole plot of the story, but for a guess, I think it is about a frustration of an elderly woman, her feelings being old and being rejected.

Next fave to Wallace and Grommit short is the “The Lady and the Reaper (La Dama y la Muerte)”, a short about a battle between a famous doctor and the Reaper itself. They’re fighting over a life of an old woman who badly misses her deceased husband. The whole short is hilarious , had a very cartoonish humor  yet got a nice ending.


In filmmaker Fabrice O. Jouberts animated short, “French Roast”, a situational sketch explores the many layers of human nature. From a hypocrite customer , to a beggar, to an old nun who turns out to be a criminal, up to a monotonous waiter and cliché inspector.

The story began when a customer ordered a French roast, denied a beggar who asked him for alms and discovered that he forgot his wallet. He don’t have the  money to pay for the bill and brain to withstand it, that’s why he ended up staying in the café, keeping ordering the same French until he got a chance to steal some money from an old woman’s purse.  The ending it hilarious and full of Irony: The beggar who was been denied paid the bills and went away, denying the hypocrite customer and continue picking up trashes. It’s a satire on how we judge people by appearance.

So there you go, hope you’ll check this year’s nominees in the animated short film category. It’s ood to see superb storytelling in a different medium and short span of time, it’s like taking a whole jawbreaker one at a time.

Next stop, My favorite Animated full length black horse : “The Secret of Kells”. By the way, apologies for late posting, wordpress password issues 😀

So Till then and Godspeed