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A year to ponder :D

Last December 7, 2009, I am in a training room, clueless about a job which is new to me.  Our trainers tried their best not to alienate everyone. Yup, it’s my third time to work for a BPO company, but it’s my first time to be a tech support. I don’t have that vast knowledge when it comes to troubleshooting some tech stuff. Trust me; I’d prefer paying my brother to fix my virus infested PC rather than spending hours, clueless about what I’m doing. Also, It’s my first time to be in a foreign account, I must admit, I am not that accustomed speaking English, I am a blabbermouth and I tend to have breakdown when I’m nervous.

Well, after almost a month of training, I accepted my fate and tried to give it a shot. Being a tech support for some months taught me many things about our callers. I learned how to appreciate their humor, tolerate their crazy remarks, and be passive on their sarcastic remarks and remorse on their frustrations. I also learned how to understand different kinds of accents, from northern and southern America, Canadian, Indian, Chinese, Mexican, French and of course, the most popular, Filipino accent.

Three months from training, I decided to quit, I’ll just finish the 6 months contract. I mean, who wants a crazy graveyard schedule, health risks [heartburns on every irate and unreasonable caller] and missing special occasions with family and friends. I always encounter a caller who will call just to shout to a poor tech support because they’re frustrated with the product. Some are unreasonable, we’re just there to accept calls and help them troubleshoot and solve their problem over the phone, and we’re not the one who made the product. Well, you cannot just answer them bluntly, the customer is always right.

But days before my contract ends, a sudden realization came to me, this job was able to provide my needs and wants, able to enjoy new things and learned how to be calm and collected at times. I think God gave me this test to gain things that he knew will be useful in the future.

I met new friends and comrades which made my job easier. The working environment is friendly and I think it’s one of a kind. You can hang out with your bosses and still have the same weight of respect to each other when at work. I learned a lot of the tech stuff; that there are many things to consider solving a printer problem. I am grateful at times. [Especially during our offs] but there are some days that I ask God some reason why I have to stay on a certain job that gives me some stress. I always pray while I’m on my way to work, asking him to give me a reason to stay and forgiveness for being impatient and ungrateful at times.

Fast forward to this day, I am now celebrating my first year with the company. The job doesn’t alienate me anymore, yet up to this day I’m still wondering how I was able to survive a year of taking calls and speaking to various types of people. I can’t figure out how I was able to be patient to some irate callers and handle some awkward and frustrating situations with some callers.

I just remembered my final interview with the company a year ago. “How long will you stay with the company?” I can’t recall the exact answer  I gave  but I’m sure I gave them an idea that I’ll stay as the company provides me growth and opportunity. Well I think I did grow in some aspect [physically and figuratively] like I can now speak and interact in English confidently and I gained a lot of technical skills.

So with this I would like to thank God for the opportunity, bosses,  coaches and product specialists that help me survive and solve each call, to my teammates for making the job a lot easier and fun and to my family who always pray for my safety every night I go to work.

Until now I can’t imagine staying that long in a stressful world of BPO. I often got heartburns and difficulty of breathing caused by stressful irate callers but here I am, looking forward to end this year with this company.

What would be in store for me next year?  Will I stay in the company for another year? God will answer my prayer and will give a break in another field? Well come what may, I would be grateful whatever he will give me. I am still blessed, that’s what I can say.

So to my batchmates. Cheers and Happy Anniversary 😀

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀


Team Miko : Team Building

It’s almost four months since I landed on a TSR job. It’s new to me to take calls, speak to foreign people, imitate some accents and fix a specific line of gadget over the phone. It’s been a roller coaster ride, sometimes you’re stressed out, sometimes not, at times I decided to quit, but every after attempt, I always see some reason to stay. But I got stressed out mostly.

Also adding the depression is being deprived of a typical vacation, can’t do beach hopping on my free day due most of my pals are not available, some of have work, gone to their masteral classes or busy bugging their better half, by the way,  I’m only free every Wednesday and Friday. They often send me postcards from the places they went to. Speaking of having sensitivity, kidding.

At least our team decided to have an overnight luau after a long week. It’s so refreshing to have that kind of break, plunging on a pool and got a chance to bond with your new officemates.  All of my teammates, including our coach are like kids, so playful and full of laughter..uhmm, let me rephrase it, they’re all enjoy to be with.

Meet our team 😀

Even though we dared each other to survive the whole stake out without any shut eye, there still some peeps who managed to sneak out, hide somewhere in the resort and sleep. Well, it’s understandable because we just came from work. Still, we managed to enjoy each other’s company with some liquor and karaoke tunes pumping up the whole bonding moment.

Bonding started righ away we boarded the van, thoughts about politics , high school and college classes and more on Anatomy and dissecting frogs were been exchanged...weird Hellical movement

Our Shutterbug Coach 😀

Well, hope it won’t be the last, I’m still expecting more team building this summer season, well, I hope somebody from our team will be able to read this and raise the idea during our end shift huddles.[I’m a shy guy you know hehehe.. :D]

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

Heartburn Theif

Did I do something wrong to the whole humankind, the race of life and euphoria of existence? That’s the only question that kept thinking over and over. Not to brag but I am a nice person, I always think of others and do anything for the welfare of others. But, God, do I deserve this kind of curse?

Ok, too much drama, hehe, I am talking about what happened to me early this morning.

Because of some heartburns [according to the nurse : chest pains] I am allowed to go home early, I also skipped my 2nd day round, and all the tasks planned for me at the 5th Pinoy Media Congress. I normally rides ordinary bus when going home but unfortunately, I am badly need of rest and it took me almost half an hour waiting still, Air-conditioned buses are the only ones who are available that time.

A good air-conditioning helps me to fell asleep anytime, anywhere and coincidentally, beside a petty thief.  Too much graphic to tell the whole “holdapan” process. At least I’m safe and able to go home. I lost my phone and wallet full of cards because of the incident. But I gained more than the usual serving of a mom’s nag, sermon for breakfast, this ain’t going’ good.

Actually this is my third to become a prospect/target victim. I don’t know, If my eyes serves me right, I disn’t looks like a  kind of a rich guy, my cuteness,  if serves them as a standard, is  only slight above average, I often mistakenly approached as students by others. I lost my Zagath, Xpress music, Videocam, and a dslr , 2 original expensive batteries last year because of the same incident.

I just make a thought that, it’s like Christmas, some of us are in need of money and will do anything to have a good Christmas, but this time, the rising prices of various flowers for the coming Valentine’s triggers them to do such things. 😀

Anyway, there’s a video tip to avoid some petty crimes 😀

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

First call [Part 2]


A weak voice answered back. He sounds frustrated and on the other end, me too.  I asked for the required info, name, phone number so just in case we get disconnected I can call him back, email address if there’s any, and from what country they’re calling from [we are able to answer calls from Puerto Rico, USA and Canada ],

“so what would be the problem of your printer?” I asked, he answered back with a minute long story. I just type what he’s saying on my notepad for documentation. I occasionally answer back with an audible nod.

I am sure that I listened to his problem but I wondered why I ended up clueless. I asked if I can hold his line for a minute for a reason I’ll just check our database about the fix, he confirmed.

I just realized that I have to collect myself in able to fix his problem. His problem is about the printer won’t communicate with the computer. We did some basic troubleshooting steps, like reseating the printer, print a self test page, scan and copy using the printer alone.  We have to sure that the printer is working and it is. Now it’s time for the connection. We checked the USB cables and installed the proper driver for that. We got lost sometimes during the fix but one of our coach helped me. Thus I ended up solving the caller’s problem.

"must collect thy self..must look for a solution..must answer that call" | Photo by Ehl-Ey Cruz 😀

It’s quite fulfilling yet strange, I made someone from the different side of the world happy by merely giving him instructions through phone. The experience is nice. 😀

During the call, there are times I get buckled up, caller just laugh and tells me to go on, He also asked me where I was, I told him his call is routed to the Philippines. He also told me that my voice seems came from a young man; I confirmed that  I’m just on my teens. [ehem. ehem.] He laughed and since then he calls me “young man” every time I give instructions during the fix.

The fix is almost done when the line suddenly cut off..

I called him back, I verified the fix and thank God, our agony is over. I solved his problem and I finished my first call. It’s amazing, and then the voice became serious and asking for my supervisor. My palms became sweaty, “May I ask why you want to speak to my supervisor?”.  The voice seems happy, “I want to give you acknowledgement”. I approached my coach and give her the headset, She talked to him for a couple of minutes and after that, ended the call.

With noticeable sarcasm, She smiled at me, and asked for my shirt size. I am so happy by that time; It gave me enough energy and optimism to answer the next call. Thank God for that wonder night.

My coach doing some emails about my first commendation is still waiting for my measurements. I just answered “Large” 😀

Have a nice day everybody. Be Optimistic  and keep smiling 😀

First Call [Part 1]

We called last Tuesday as Judgment day. It is when we had a chance to hit the floor, in BPO terms, be in the production as a technical support representative for a certain US Printer Brand. Honestly speaking, it’s my first time be a TSR agent, also first time be in a foreign account. Like what I said in my profile, I don’t have the gift to grasp the English language that much.  My audience tends to not able to understand what I am saying. There are times that I’m such a blabbermouth, or some instances, right words will escape you while you’re in the climax of speaking straight English.  That’s why when I applied for the job, I am surprised that I actually passed and got hired last December. I think it is one of God’s many ways to test and flourish my ability and skills.

Going back, Almost a month we trained to be familiar in that certain brand of printers, it is overwhelming to know all about almost a thousand types of printers they had been introduced to the market. We occasionally experience nervous breakdowns and information overload when were studying different troubleshooting step just to make a printer work, from a simple power connection problem up to the problems regarding t software. At times, we ended up having a crash course on computer science , ECE and programming, ah… vast knowledge of man who made technology, made life so much complicated..:D

We also did some mock calls, wherein we stimulate ourselves attending some real calls, while others, will be the problematic to irate caller. We attend some “written exams” and fortunate to pass the “phone certification” with some Coach and supervisors or in layman’s term: the do-or-die mock call.

Last Tuesday is the day we attended our first live calls. I’m not new in attending calls because I do worked as a customer service officer for ePLDT Ventus for a financial/credit card account, but it never gave me a chance to use the English language because it’s a local account, most callers tend to speak in their mother tongue.

picture taken during our phone certification ; thats Joey by the way 😀 Photo by Ehl-Ey Cruz

Everyone one our batch are nervous in receiving their first call. Everyone is worried if they’ll be able to solve the caller’s problems regarding their printer. Our Head coach even made a deal out of our first production calls; he will give an exclusive [printer’s brandname] shirt to the first one to have a commendation.

The there’s a moment of silence. Our coach ordered us to log in to our Avaya phone , and wait for our  first caller.

First hour came and done, still no caller

Second came and done, still none.

Third hour, a strange feeling came to me.

My phone rang and I answered it with fear on my face….

[to be continued]