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Scenarios Inc [19] : Nerd Herd Part 1 : Zombies, Aliens and Beer!

Nope. not about the band HelloGoodbye, just play on words.

I got frustrated with special features on Philippine TV these days. dont get me wrong, they’re informative, yes but do we have to tackle the same topic a hundred times? Yes, I do watch (and love) our documentaries, but do we need to witness poverty again and again?

Thank God there’s cable (well, torrent…) again, cable.

it made a wide and different  array of interesting shows to people (mostly nerds and geeks)  like these shows I’ve been watching these past few days, informative yet entertaining.

Zombies: A Living History | History Channel

Despite of credibility issues caused by conspiracy theory themed shows, History Channel won’t stop producing shows that entertains ideas from the pop culture. From their past series like Nostradamus Effect Season 1 and 2, Ancient Aliens season 1 and 2 and their disturbing Life after People series, they’re always successful in creating shows for the geeks and conspiracy theorists (like me)

True enough, they created a documentary chronicling the history of zombies. from being part of ancient legends all over the world up to their current representation in the movies. I like how they got these resource speakers who are zombie apocalypse experts on their own way.

Interesting perspective on general emergency preparedness with surprising incite from government officials on Zombies. Worth it to see some of the genre’s authors like Maberry and Brooks!


Also, what made it more interesting/fun to watch is the “How to Fight a Zombie” segment by Roger Ma

Man, he can do it with everything, from Katana sword to crowbar to an ordinary snowplow…oh by the way, he also presented a hand to hand combat wit a zombie, seems legit 😀

I must say, I witnessed one of the most well-rounded documentaries on zombies. I really appreciated how far back the History Channel went to try and find the origins of the zombie story. The production value was as superb as the research, recreations and zombie actors. And it somehow reminds me of Simon Pegg and Shaun of the Dead 😀

When Aliens Attack | National Geographic

Surprised that National Geographic is finally producing shows about the extra terrestrial and even declared an alien invasion month for their specials about ETs. NGC already have this reputation of producing clear and well researched specials so I must say, they can go with the trend without anything at stake 😀

When Aliens Attack starts with a question “What if an extra-terrestrial force attacked Earth?” then followed by series of never ending thoughts like “What might that look like and how will the people of Earth respond?” NGC Consulted a cast of world-renowned scientists and  survival experts and defense experts

This two-hour special, Alien Invasion explors this frightening scenario. Experts reveal what could motivate alien invaders to attack Earth, and speculate on how the attack might play out — the strategy alien invaders might use and the most effective ways for humans to respond. Well turn to science and history to figure out what works. Well show how humanity can survive this

If we’re all geared up for a zombie apocalypse, why not prepare for another kind? You may get a lot of ideas from this NGC special, from communicating to aliens with mathematics up to mobilizing ticking bomb out of diseased infected people.

its not that i believe into aliens but I am sort of fascinated on  our  ideas if they were real.

from History Channel and National geographic, lets jump to…

How Beer Save the World | Discovery Channel

This show traces the important role that beer has played in human history from the probable origins of the first beer at the dawn of history to the development of a special beer for use in zero gravity space missions.

I suspect some of the claims made in this show exaggerate the importance of beer. Was barley made exclusively for beer and not for bread? I do not know, but it seems a bit odd. Even the theory of how beer was accidentally discovered relies heavily on speculation.

But overall, it is pretty decent with real experts explaining things about beer’s history that are not well known. it is fun to watch and entertain the fact that without beer, Pyramid would be impossible, that refrigeration wouldn’t be invented and we will not know what an ice cream is.  Some claims are little bit exaggerated but still, it entertain a nerd like me   Did it “save” the world? I do not know. I mean, sure, beer was safer to drink than bacteria-filled water… but clearly other societies thrived besides the Europeans. The world was not “saved”.

so there you go geeks. cheers! here’s to zombie, alien or whatever apocalypse we’re anticipating’ 😀

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀


Serbis : A documentary

We all want to experience fun. The idea of visiting another place other than your everyday reality brings excitement and a little bit of hesitation. Oh, honestly, this moment – a lot of hesitation.

Who wouldn’t panic, we are visiting not Disneyland or anything near to that – we are going to explore a place called Smokey Mountain. Not such a lucrative idea.

But the daunting task of coming up with a documentary is more powerful than the little butterflies in the stomach. “Ah, kaya namin ito”, we agreed with conviction. Thanks to Mr. Ricky R of RTV Production and Direction for pushing us to go far and excel in his subject.

And so the adventure begins. The first visit, an ocular inspection actually, was not devoid of novelty. We were impressed by the Philippine Christian Foundation opened and managed by a British national Ms. Jane Walker. Though she was not around at that time, the Filipino staff was very helpful and they toured us around the school.

The classrooms were managed by volunteer teachers to student-beneficiaries who have their own sponsors from both local and international sectors. Even their meals were programmed and transportation service available all for free.

From where are all these students coming from? All came from the impoverished community of the Smokey Mountain particularly the so-called temporary housing. The primary occupation (if we can call it that) here is “pag-uuling” or coal-making from the crates retrieved from barges that dock at the nearby pier. (we all smelled of burnt whatnot when we went home that day).

It is worth to mention that what really amazed us were the industry of classy bag-making at the third floor of the PCF Building. The bags made up of the tin can tips are worth thousands of pesos (like 3,500-5,000php/bag) and sold in UK.

And so we planned the shoot. Unlike the usual theme of the docu where it explores poverty through the eyes of the poor child or disabled poor individual, we focused on the heroism of the social worker. Rarely do the focus is on them. So through the social worker named Cris Moraga, the documentary ala-Front Row style went underway.

The interview portion was breezy, with JP, Val, Judi, Jhec, Maricon and yours truly enjoying the photo ops. We did not mind that we were standing already for hours, and did not feel hungry despite the lateness of the hour. We were enjoying. Take note, we employed a professional cameraman and an HD camera to boot. Ah, we are not leaving anything to chance. We intend to come up with quality video so be it.

After late lunch, we proceeded to Cris’ working place. Here the meat of the daunting task began. The intense rainfall did not dampen our spirits. If only, the gloomy atmosphere only added to the texture of the scene. “Ah, good good,” says Direk JP.

So, with much caution for the camera (wrapped with plastic bag to protect it from the rain) the challengers followed Cris through as he went to gingerly traverse the seawall. (One false move and you end up splashing in the waters of Manila Bay).

Fulfillment filled each one when they successfully maneuvered through the snake-like esteros not minding the foul smell emanating from within each shanty passed. They all greeted Cris and some showed sheer happiness in seeing their guidance counselor cum helper. Cris talked to them mingled with them, lent an ear, offered help and advice; all in the name of love and commitment to social work.

At this point in time, we were all unmindful of the discomfort. What if we were tired, if we were hungry and if we smelled of smoke from garbage. That didn’t stop us from moving on and going forward. By the end of the day, there is a sense of uplifting and warm feeling. It is such a privilege to experience a pure expression of love and concern for the least of our brothers. We are seeing the world from the eyes of a heaven sent or heaven-called child of God.

Cris was awesome. Thank God, we knew him.

so with no further ado, here’s the fruit of our labor. Our documentary, a project to be proud of.



a word full of commitment and promise…

Selfless in its passion to give meaning to life.
This documentary is dedicated to the professional social workers who give their time and service to the less fortunate people of Smokey Mountain through the Philippine Christian Foundation. The silent heroes continue to shape the future of the poor children with the vision of alleviating poverty through education… quite a noble task.

Special thanks to Ms. Jane Walker, founder of the Philippine Christian Foundation, and the Filipino staff headed by Ms. Grace  Vahdanipour  for accommodating the RTV Production and Direction class of Mr. Ricky Rosales, professor of PUP Graduate School for Master in Communication. The project, in the fulfillment of the course COM646 – Advanced RTV Production and Direction, is actually a spiritual and social fulfillment as well as emotional and intellectual gain for the members Judi Galleta, Maria Concepcion S. Peregrino, Valentino Nool Jr. , Maria Clara B. Rivas, Jessica Saria and Jonh Paul R. Seno.

for more informationyou may visit Philippine Chrisitan Foundation’s website

or you may contact them at

The Philippine Christian Foundation Inc.
Unit 1621 City and Land Mega Plaza
Corner ADB Avenue and Garnet Road
Pasig City, Metro Manila. 1605

Tel/Fax: 02 6356913

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless  😀