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tagged @ 5th TAGCOM 2011

The last time I participated in this kind event is way back college. When my love with Anime was on hype. Well actually, I don’t have the confidence to wear Gourry Gabriev  of Slayers or Lee Shauran of Cardcaptor Sakura; so I ended up being one of its  spectators.  It’s been a while so I felt weird joining a Cosplay convention after so many years.

I joined my workmate Martin and his team  enjoy the 5th TAGCOM : the gathering [Toys and Hobbies Convention] last Saturday at Robinson Midtown Ermita. It felt  like my first time, I’m too shy to wander around and have some pictures taken but what the hell, I don’t want my effort bringing a camera go to waste there I was, a triggerhappy  shooter. [Haha, sorry for the word.]

Sadly, I’m not familiar with almost 90% of the anime characters represented that day. Might be because I stopped watching anime as soon as started working. I barely hunt dvds of animated series nowadays. Nasanay akong makuntento sa DNAngel, first 2 seasons of Naruto, Hunter X Hunter, Ruruoni Kenshin  at cardcaptor Sakura. Siguro, ang anime na updated lang ako ay ang  Full metal Alchemist. [Did I mentioned I am a BIG fan of than series? Proof? Go to my room]. Pero all in all I enjoyed watching those peeps strike a pose, anime style.

Hmmm, I wonder how much each costume cost? I know some of them went to Divisoria and spent some time to sew their ideal costume together, I must commend the outcome. Speaking of commendation, I met this girl while I’m on my way to the loo, She is so mysterious and her dress is not costumy but God knows that she’s a head turner.  She’s with her two younger siblings whose I guess will be joining her in the event. So there I was, starstrucked, decided to take her a picture once I got a chance to meet her.

Anyway, back to the event, i struggled getting nice photos, there’s so many photographers that day, ah technology!-sa sobrang dami, di alam ng mga participants kung saan sila lilingon. hehe.

Well syempre, dahil toys and hobby convention sya, malamang madaming toys, mangga, comicbooks, anime DVD, apparel, Japanese junk foods at kung anung anek-anek ang makikita. I almost drown sad mi ng mamimili [or ng mga hanggang tingin lang]. Nothing caught my attention except those fleece hats and keychains. I want to buy some fleece hats but c’mon many  wore them already, andaming nagsusukat  even those ala sa character nila, maging cute lang sa pic. Haha bitter? Joke. Anyway.  Each hat cost 250 Php.

Then there some keychains from Keybies cafe. I like them all, gusto ko silang bilhin haha. But I can’t. they got keychain designs ranging from anime characters, comicbook characters, famous insignias and university emblems. I was lucky enough to get a Full Metal Alchemist insignia. I told yah, I’m such a fan. Btw, visit for more designs. Each keybies Café Keychain cost 50Php only 😀

Then paglabas ko ng area ng mga nagtitinda. I saw my TAGCOM crush, standing near the escalator, waiting for me, joke! Well, she’s there enjoying the event, watching her siblings strike a pose in front of some strangers’ cameras. “dis is it!” I said. “Its now or neber!”. So ayun, with my shaking voice , I  politely asked her to strike a pose and she’s so humble to comprehend 😀

Sadly I forgot to get her name [or natotorpe lang] but thanks and kudos to her, she’s such a tease. Cruch crush hehe 😀  I’m such a nerd!

Then there’s another girl, I spotted another shojo crush. She’s soooo cute 😀

it’s around 3p.m. when I decided to leave the place for another event. but i managed to have some picture taken. here’s a last roll call 😀

so there you go, I think the next convention I’ll attend is the TOYCON 2011 this coming June. Cross fingers 😀

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀


AVP for all seasons :D

Whether it’s about your kid’s 1st birthday, or your niece celebrating her 18th hurrah or your brother’s dream wedding; when it comes to sharing your memories, nothing beats a good AVP (audio video presentation) .   Showing an audio-video presentation in an event is a nice way to share treasured memories to your invited guests.

Having your guests watch a 4-6 minutes of moving pictures will make them feel part of your life as you show not only pictures but a part of your history.

I do AVPs on my vacant time, and even I feel the same way every time I tweak, crop and animate photographs of my clients. Through those pictures, I witnessed a kid’s first vacation to a foreign land. A lad’s adventures on her chosen field, how a piece of candy made a couple deeply in love with each other and how a group of friends  celebrate their mid-20s.

Digitizing memories in form of jpegs and memory sticks have it’s own advantages. It’ll not discolor, you can transfer, send it and manipulate is anytime you want. There’s no need to print it just to share it with your folks. You can do whatever you want and making it into an AVP is one them.

It’s been three years already since the first time I did an AVP for a client. Even though It caused me some sleepless nights, It is so rewarding to be a part of a certain celebration. It game a chance to discover some video editing tools as well. I do remember promising a tutorial on how to do AVPs by using various free and common softwares but I think it’ll take time ; I think I need to make my voice more articulate so  you’ll be hearing a credible [and hunky or husky?] voice hehe 😀

I know it’s a month early, but I want to share you guys some AVPs I did for the past 3 years. It’ll be some sort of yearend report of my home based studio.

So guys, here are some treasured memories of my clients and friends : Enjoy.

One of my fave AVP I created for my SYNCOMASS family way back 2008. I don’t know Sony Vegas way back then. I only used MS Powerpoint and Moviemaker to create this overnight. It was shown on a bus while we are on way to Cavite. It is special to me, because it’s about our college graduation memories. Our 4 years of love-hate classroom relationship came to an end but even though some of us have to leave the country or disappeared literally, I’m glad that most of us are still connected to each other. Thanks to Facebook [before : Friendster : ]

It was requested by a college friend for her 21st birthday. Too bad she didn’t come to her own party. But she was able to have a copy of this a year after. Weird. But I enjoyed  making this AVP while discovering hidden talents of Ulead Video Studio. I also put a personal touch on this : Matt Nathanson’s “Come on get Higher”.

Time flies fast. I did an AVP for  the baptismal of this kid before and last thing you know,  he’s celebrating another birthday. Nice to get a client like this. I was able to witness how that kid grows. Daig ko pa ninong hehehe 😀

AVP for the 3rd birthday hurrah of Coco, God knows how the whole clan loves him 😀

Freelance work for Creative Vision Photography. This is one of my fave projects because of the freedom given to me. I was able to play a lot of colorful graphics , choose the song and even the pictures to use. For me, it came out good. The whole thing was done in Sony Vegas 8

Corporate videos shouldn’t be boring and dull. I created this party by using sleek transition and paint splats. Even nostalgic to use Hansons “Mmmbop”. [okay, I’m guilty, that’s one of my fave songsthat should be  played on my funeral. Odd. Hehehe ]

And to wrap up, would like to show you a closing billboard of a project that took almost 5 months in the making. My friends over at CLL hard worked for this one and to end a serious College AVP is a funny blooper reel. I enjoyed having some sleepless lugaw nights with them.

So there you go for now. I’ll be posting my wedding AVP next time; I have to collect them first but hoped that you enjoyed watching my fave projects.

BTW, check out my AVP, OBBs,and 2D animations on youtube. Just Youtube search : UREIQN and more videos on  my portfolio site : For post prod, 2D animation, AVP and photography services rates, just  email me at [heheh promote? :D]

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀

Glam Envishion 2010 : the experience

Neil invited me, Jonathan and Tin in his event. Well, ironically, the attire for that event should be casual but I ended up wearing my Batman t-shirt. But It doesn’t matter, actually they’re expecting me coming in t-shirt, shorts and pair of crocs. It’s a plus that I wore jeans that day; at least I was able to surprise them a little. 😀 Anyway, going back to the event, Neil has this event entitled GLAM ENVISHION 2010

I was invited to play some AVPs I made for that event. I was thrilled to do that task. Good thing, I’m in my trusty shirt, I sweat like a pig when working as one of the technicals or at any kind of production. The program was started with a prayer, then right after that, it is my turn to play that teaser I made for the event. And here it goes…

Then it’s the finalists turn to show their entries. Each got its own identity. They walked through the catwalk with such confidence and angst. The entries I used to love last photoshoot were gone. All of those entries evolved into more exciting eye-candies. Some I cannot recognize at all, I think because the dress got its major overhaul or too much decors. Still they able to show their interpretation of the categories they were assigned to. Those categories are futuristic, long gown, psychedelic and fashion of the decades [70s and 80s]

then after the catwalk heat, the tabulation must be made and thus, my turn again to play another AVP I made for the event showing the guests what happened to the pictorial which took place last Saturday. and again, here it goes 😀

And after some minutes of debate , they announced winners in each four categories. I am surprised with some winners but mostly not because almost all my bets won

That event reminds me of “Le Vogue” in college. the creations are great and I can see all the participants and their supporters happy and proud. The night is remarkable and some college friends made it more special. It was too late to go to work that night so I decided to hang out with them and spent the rest of the day. we exchanged jokes and stories in a fast food joint.

That project is my fave this year. it gave me opportunity to study Adobe after effects and I am proud with the results. well, it’s been a long post so I have to call it a day so that’s all for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless :D