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Somewhere in Ilocos Norte [Day 2]

 There I was, on my second day travelling with my college peeps.  Actually, I dont have a clear idea about our itinerary, good thing there’s Jonathan to tour us in his hometown.

Our first stop of the day : Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Anyone driving north through the province of Ilocos Norte can see the lighthouse which dominates the Burgos skyline.

After iparada ang sasakyan, syang akyat namin pataas ng bundok. The Climb ang drama namin that time. I didn’t complain. Namiss ko rin maghike. Nagulat ako sa dami ng turista sa mga oras na iyon.

It’s deja vu all over, I dont why but i felt like I went here before. I think it’s because the lighthouse quite resembles the Malabrigo Lighthouse of Lobo Batangas.

The lighthouse’s  pavilion has  been transformed into a small museum. Giving tourist like us backgrounds about the declared  National Historical Landmark

Also known as Burgos Lighthouse [thus the town] , it is built around 1800s and is set high on Vigia de Nagparitan Hill overlooking the scenic Cape Bojeador where early galleons used to sail by. Earthquake around 1990 damaged the lighting apparatus, thus the lighthouse is currently inoperable.

From its top, one can easily take in the sweeping panorama of the sea and the surrounding countryside.  Also, you can feel and enjoy the wind coming from China Sea

Then off to our next detination. Pagudpud beach! naks! makakaligo na ako sa dagat.  wasn’t able to hit the beach last year due to work but hah! lubos lubusin ang vacation leave. Anyway, sa daan palang makikita mo na yung sikat Bangui Windmills. Anlalaki nila! OA man pakinggan pero gahigante ang mga windmills. Naexcite ako lalo ngaun malalpitan ko sila mamaya. And out of nowhere, bigla kong narinig si regine Velasquez kumakanta sa utak ko, mamaya ko kwento. anyway back to Pagudpud…

Its white-sand beaches and crystal-blue water makes Pagudpud a haven for tourists. that’s true, kaso paano namin mapapatunayan ang ganoong statement kung fully booked na lahat ng resort. Buti nalang andyan ang ever reliable naming driver 😀 nakahanap at nakapasok ang sasakyan namin sa resort kahit fully booked. Ang cottage ay malapit sa dagat at bilihan ng souvenirs at ang pamatay, it’s FREE!

tulad ng banggit ko kanina, malapit lang ang cottage sa bilihan ng souvenirs. Actually they’re by the beachside.

from nick knacks made from seashells, coconut shells, to woven bags and keychain, you can actually buy all your pasalubong here. Ang galing din nung iba na on the spot nila gagawin yung mga souveniers like woven bags and Shell paperweights. You can do and buy bargains as low as 10 pesos 😀so bago matuksong gmastos ng bonggang bongga, we  stroll away from our cottage and decide to do our passion. Vanity picture. Chos. haha

hay. kakarelax sobra. worth the wait. worth din ng vacation leave ko, anyway, kahit minit ang araw, we dont mind, mahangin naman kasi at inisip nalang namin na turista kami, nagpapaTAN haha.

at syempre, di mawawala ang isa pa naming hobby, ang walang kamatayang jumpshots. 😀

To cap off our second day in Ilocos Norte, we went ot he infamous Bangui Windmills. Like I said earlier, this reminds me of Regine Velasquez TV ad. nakaka-LSS. I actually sang it while taking pictures that time. haha

Well check this video first para magkaroon kayo ng idea [you’ll see  Cape Bojeador  Lighthouse as well ]

…and again some jumpshots 😀

The Northwind Project in Bangui is the first windfarm project in South East Asia. Towering 70 meters tall, these majestic wind powered turbines have attracted many visitors both local and foreign. They supplies electricity to Bangui and towns nearby.

This is an awesome experience. I mean, this might be my first and last, seeing this giants made appreciate the power of mother nature. [naks pangdrama ang banat]. my friends know my love to pinwheels and windmills, they’re my emblem and seeing an array of  huge windmills made me smile.

To bring home a piece of this place, I brought a miniature windmill for my desk. Actually you can find many sizes of windmills in the souvenir shops,  from small as  keychains  to as big as a common stand fan.

Well’ that’s for Day 2. Apologies if i wasn’t able to warn you about the enormous jumpshots we had. Let’s say we just love to jump. haha

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀


Zagath’s Twisted Vision

Zagath introduced me to Mobile photography , my infamous (to those who knows him) Nokia 5610 Xpress music phone.

Four years ago, I was so frustrated on having my own cam, whether it’s analog or digital, or low pixel, i don’t care, as long it can feed my hunger to take pictures. I often borrow someone’s camera just to take picture, sometimes I took the advantage for being the class’ photographer just to shoot something I want.

Mobile Photography is not new to me, my Motorola phone serves as my camera for the past 3 years, problem is it only has low resolution and pixels. but because of Gatue (yup,named him after a jap cartoon character and yes, I do give my gadget names 😀 ) helped me to hone my “craft” –and even without a formal training or books or class regarding to that art, it never stopped me from taking up photos and showing them in public. Inferiority is not in my vocabulary.

One of retrieved pics. taken by my Motorola phone.

Sad thing, a day before my college graduation, i mistakenly left Gatue somewhere in SM North, I was so worried since then, how can I continue my hobby (texting is not my thing so the hell I care in that function)

Graduation day, while marching my way up to the stage, I remembered him and thinking where he might be as of that moment. But I think, God taken him away from me to serve other people in need.

On our way home after graduation, I asked my dad if I can use my credit card for the first time, and be responsible for paying upcoming bills, he agreed so we rushed to the nearest mall, there I was tempted to buy Cannon and Nikon, SLRs makes me drool at that time, but I have to accept that I was a fresh graduate and have no job so I have to buy a gadget that I can be used for my job hunting.

I scanned every window display in that floor and I found Zagath, a nice phone with a 5 digit price tag. Zagath got the nicest camera a phone can ever had (exaggerating things here).

Starting then, Zagath is with me everywhere I go, taking snapshots of important events in my life, capturing every breath taking scenarios up to the simplest or unseen formation, we two can only see. But like what a Dave Matthew’s song says, “Good things must come to an end sometimes”., something happened. Zagath was stole away from me a year after my graduation. It was heartbreaking. I lost my favorite gadget and passion. I didn’t brought another phone, thus the end of my mobile photography.

These photos remind us of his one year existence. Random photographs taken by him,  ushered by me, then given by God.

Grotto church photo set

Intramuros photo set

MV Doulos, the largest floating library | 2nd Philippine Visit photo set

Samuel| Zagaths teddy bear keychain photo set

And by the way, Zagath and i both love cloud formations and electric posts…


Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

Grotto Kinetograph Hike [Year 2]

Last week I organized a photo hike with my NKTI-PIA research buddies.  Originally arranged for an attempt to capture beautiful sunset as to follow up to the trend made from last individual photo shoots.

Well, I am almost three hour far from the Metro that’s why i can’t afford to set the whole thing there. Also, it is a nice experience to show to other people how proud you are about your hometown. San Jose del Monte Bulacan is one of the new thriving city of Bulacan, however, it is nice that everybody still observant in keeping it green as possible and close to nature.

Last year, [i think around March] I started this photo hike in the Grotto grounds, called the Grotto Kinetograph Hike, which is honestly speaking, idea just came out, out of a sudden frustration and soul searching.

Well, going back to the trip. Trees are everywhere, abundant and green and healthy. It gives such a feeling. I invited a couple of my research buddies however due to schedule conflict one of them must travel by  her own. Rose rode a bus with a direct route of Edsa to Tungko, SJDM Bulacan.  It is her first time to go to Bulacan, SJDM in particular, that’s why I’m a little worried about her.  We always exchange sms every minute. To end her agony, I told her that if you’re near SM Fairview, you’re 30 mins far from my place, keep noticed about a big bridge and a large number 1 made of dirty white tiles. If she was able to saw that it means she’s in Bulacan.

She arrived in Bulacan safe and sound, She praised how green SJDM is. I just smiled.  After an ice cream stop, We started backpacking around 3pm. Even though the sun is at its’ peak, it didn’t bothered us at all because the wind was able to blend with the temperature and made the Grotto’s atmosphere good for hiking.

I was able to show Rose my old [now abandoned] elementary school beside the Grotto church, a peak of what’s inside the cathedral-like church. it’s nostalgic, even to me.

Then after an hour, Sheila and Joshua was able to made it to the Grotto ground. thus the hike was officially started.

We’re like a kid, strolling around the grassy Calvary grounds of the Grotto Church [by the way, behind the Grotto church, there’s a man-size calvary replica, you can hike, and pray station of the cross. They’re so infamous, the place never missed featuring them in several TV shows every lenten season. if you, join the yearly lenten pilgrimage]

One of the many advantages of a photo hike is you can burn some calories and feel good to yourself by the same time. Loosing weight is unquestionable..while feeling good to your self, well, check out these photos :

I just noticed that the more we clicked our cameras, the more we tend to pose comfortable in front of it. Oh well, that’s feeling good to yourself. [Also I learned how to make a good pose in front of the camera, i thought it was too late, I’m wrong hahahaha…:D]

Cheesy 😀

Well, the sad thing is, after that effort, we are not able catch the sunset because we failed to look for a perfect sunset spot. The sun ended up swallowed by a giant cloud and then made it’s almost 20 second sunset in the middle of the nearby forest. Haist, my apologies.

Photo by DLittle star Con De

So see you on the next Grotto Photo Hike…[maybe next year— I’m buying for an Intramuros photo hike, also thinking a quick stroll around the interesting buildings in Old Manila and Binondo..hmmm—-]

[to check last year’s photo hike, check out this one :

Zagath Gateou X the second


I’m now trying to learn more about the art of digital photography.  Well, frankly I’m not a newbie on the said medium but it is frustrating to spend almost a year without handling and owning a camera. I am used to mobile photography and that’s what I think I am good at. Still, I’m not scared to try things out of my limitations. And thus I brought my second DSLR. I got my original Zagath a year ago but I lost him in an mind twisting incident about new found camaraderie and trust.

Anyway, I brought a simple Nikon DSLR D40, complete body and kit. equipped with 18-55mm lens. I planned to buy my new Dslr last September, a nerd’s way to celebrate his 22nd birthday, however, due to some projects, I wasn’t able to concentrate canvassing different models of Nikon, I always ended up going home with a bunch of Dslr and digital camera catalogues.

Then the promise was shelved till December, but my new job is so time demanding, I can’t even afford to go to the mall anymore,  i’d rather spent my time in sleeping rather than roaming through shops, ended up wasted and late for my graveyard shioft.

But at least, last week, i got some pretty enough time to buy that dreamy cam. I negotiated someone to do it for me and I ended up with a D40 Nikon . It is not that technical to use and still it quite portable. Unlike those professional cameras that should be carried through big bulky bags, which can grab some misfits’ attention.

Well this is the start of me converting from mobile photography to digital. I am planning to do my “one photo a day” project but even it’s simple task, it still requires time. I can’t even afford now to have time to do some test shots with my new son. Good thing, Wednesday and Thursday is just a sleep away, I can now do several photo hikes in some scenic places here in my hometown , San Jose del Monte Bulacan. The thruth is, i already set a photo-hike this coming Thursday with the rest of NKTI-PIA research team. I am so excited so expect some photos after the shot. 😀

Anyway, I just named my new son, Zagath Gateou X the second,  named after his long lost big brother. Oh boy, I am that sentimental hahaha :D.

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

Blurred Realms Project 3

Even though I do lack of equipments, I still love photography, frustrations on having my passion on it to come back gave me more push lately to focus and continue my personal projects.

I almost gave photography [mobile photography to be exact] last year, when some culprits stole away my equipments. [those bastards–anyway, enough with the cursing]

Honestly speaking I am not a professional photographer, i was once satisfied with point and shoot cams, not having any concerns with ISOs, modes, focus, exposures, and any photography jargons available in human subconscious. Unconsciously,  It just came to me to put an angle and  proper framing on every photos i take. thus that’s the start I owned photography as one of my mediums.

Macro shot of some random bike on our TVC shoot in Plaridel Bulacan

So what about Blurred realms Project? well, I was once tempted with this interesting project, One photo a day, for the whole year, however, by some obvious reasons, i can’t keep a promise to shoot some image everyday. i can’t bring my cam everyday because I might lost it again along the process. Then Blurred realms project came to me. it is a collection of some random pics, from snapshots, stolen shots up to beautifully planned snipets of life, with some quotes in it. it’s like making your own postcard. On this case you don’t need to be a professional photographer, all you need is your own appreciation to your own art. It doesn’t matter if its crappy or beautiful;, as long you own the medium, it will give you some rewards in the future 😀

shot of my former workplaces starcaise, it just an ordianry pic at first but by adding fun using photoshop, its a lively piece now 😀

Anyway, I spent my Christmas vacation on some undone projects, from commisioned graphic lay-outs up to audio-video presentations. then along the busy editing and hulabahoos , I just thought that Its almost a year since i created the last set of Blurred Realms Project. Why not start another set for 2010. so I scanned all my back-up DVD photos and grabbed some interesting pics, the theme? Snipets of life, a collection of ordinary photos that captures different moments of the subjects lives. all of them we’re took unplanned. meaning, subjects had no time to strike a pose, wear make up or shift their facial expressions, I just called thier attention and click my camera, just like a paparrazi.

On this photo : stolen pic of Kath "Unlikely Anjel" in from of Ventus, my former workplace 😀

Anyway enjoy some of the photos from the third set of Blurred Realms Project

younger version of gambling

just playng with some fries left-overs 😀

stolen shot of some members of the Silver Luna Gang 😀


so there you go, why don’t you give it a try.  Scan your files now and let your instinct select those pics, if needed, splash art or adjust color by using photoshop or other imaging software.  Self made postcards can be a nice gift in ordinary days you know 😀

my high jump duirng my Batangas Holy Week vacation " Let me win,but if I cannot win, let me brave in this attempt."

for the whole third set of Blurred Realms Project, please give these links a click 😀

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

Samuel : An Introduction

I brought Samuel last year. The same year I got my phone which i usually use for mobile photography.  Even though its a hobby, mobile photography made me a couple of bucks at times. But still I need to venture out for more gadgets and techniques or I might concentrate to  digital photograhgpy.

Samuel served as one of many key chain hanging on to Zagath [my nokia 5610 Xpress music phone] until one tragic event happen which made me lost my phone eventually.  Zagath was lost along with the other keychain but fortunately Samuel also had a repair appointment  on that  same day, It saved him actually.

Then last night while retrieving some files, This album came up, a folder of some unfinished personal projects and a folder entitled “When Samuel tried to escape” is one of them.

Samuel got pretty  much photos more than I do I should say. I’ve been thinking to continue this unfinished storyboard about Samuel. Hmmm…if there’s only time 😀

I think i’ll continue his “adventure” by next week, he got many interesting photos for a montage you know 😀