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O yeah! pasukan na naman. oras na para sulitin ang nalalabing araw ng summer. it’s been a year since I  quit working on a callcenter and pursue my masters. I thought it’ll be hard,Di ako nagkakamali.

Yes it is hard but its nothing compared to the rewards I got after I finished my first school year. I gained friends and colleagues (and useful contacts hehe) and knowledge about other fields of communication  aside from research and mass media. Not to mention many useful tips on career and personal life. And after my first sem, I totally fell in love with graduate school.

Anyway, weeks from now, enrollment na naman at balita ko may statistics kami na subject, yeah I know it is required to take it but I’m an average guy who get nightmares every time I try to solve a math problem. ironically, ang dati kong mga trabaho ay may kinalaman sa research, una kong trabaho ay bilang data entry sa Philippine Information Agency noong 2007, naging Researcher noong 2009 at naging Research Analyst last year. ‘Di ko parin maisip kung paano ko nasurvive at natapos ang mga workload ko ng ‘di masyado inaalala ang math, siguro dahil sa SPSS o yung mga ‘di ko nakikitang nilalang slash mumu sa opisina pag nag-OOT ako (malamang SPSS). Aaminin ko, nagdalawang isip akong mag enrol muli pero kilala ko sarili ko, walang natatapos pag oras na tinamad na ako. kaya nagpapasalamat ako at may naging kaibigan ako sa GS na dahilan na mag enrol ako…(sa totoo lang, pinipilit nila ako kasi, mahal ang tutorial hehe joke)

Isa ring kinatuwa ko sa graduate school ay ang mga ssignment at projects. Alam ko, hindi lang ako ang minsang nagsabi na “haist, namiss ko ang eskwela”. pero at least ako, gumawa ako ng paraan upang makabalik muli at damhin ang matagal ko nang namimiss. Oh ang mga production work, kahit na school requirement lang siya, iba pa rin talaga ang pag gawa ng project sa school. Aminado ako na karamihan sa aking mga kaklase ay naka establish na ng career sa TV at radyo, pero kahit sila, nagsasabing iba talaga pag hindi pera ang katapat ng isang proyekto kundi isang magandang grado.

nakadalwang dokyumentaryo na kami sa unang taon namin sa Graduate school at iba talaga ang hirap at sarap na aming dinanas. Hirap dahil sa mga lokasyon, ang pagshoot at pag edit. pero sarap naman dahil sa bawat taong nakakasalamuha at nakausap namin ay bagong kaalaman ang aming nababaon sa aming pag-uwi.

Naalala ko tuloy aking Coach Miko sa huling callcenter na napagtrabahuan, minsan niyang diniscus ang curve of learning, (tama ba ang term?) na ‘wag matakot kung may bagong bagay na parating sa buhay dahil marami kang matututunan rito. kahit pahapyaw lang niyang nabanggit sa isa sa mga maraming team huddle namin, isa iyon sa mga memorable ideas na nakuha ko sa mga boss ko.

“DALOY” ang pamagat ng pangalawang dokyu na aming nagawa. Inabot ng dalawang semestre ang anim na katao (kasama ang aming propesor) na makumpleto ito. Nagsimula ang ideya sa isang bali-balita na maaring mawalan ng tubig ang kamaynilaan sa 2015. nagresearch at naglakbay. ayun, nalaman namin ang katotohanan ukol sa isyung ito (o medyo close lang sa katotohanan…kayo na ang humusga).

Sa tulong ng mga panayam, bidyo clippings at datos mula sa iba’t ibang pag-aaral ay nabuo ang DALOY.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀


Backlogged T.T

Yes! summer is here!

it means, no more classes. Saturdays are mine again. Don’t get me wrong. Taking masters is fun but i miss hanging out here in my pad, sketching, writing and  waiting for my pals to drop by.

Oh well. I have so many things to tell you but still can’t write about them because I have to wait till next week (and because of this Stupid connection. thanks a lot Smart bro or should i say, Dumb bro!)

Several new addition to my growing library like this one “The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need” Graphic Novel by Daniel Pink and TOKYOPOP’s Rob Ten Pas which I finished reading, before buying. 😀

MV Fuji Maru Experience as part of the press  during the 38th SSEAYP Ship for  Southeast Asian Youth Program from Japan.

Hullabaloos while doing my thesis on Cross Cultural Communication entitled “Communication patterns of the Relocated Urban Poor Students  and
San Jose del Monte Bulacan students and faculty and how these
affect the students’ academic performances.” (isa lang masasabi ko..nakakagigil XD)

Our documentary about the impending water scarcity in Metro manila by 2015 entitled “DALOY”, it took group almost 2 sems (and our jobs) to finish this thing. Pero worth naman. CMMA here we come! 😀

Surprise visit sa dating office.  Nice to see my research colleagues again. well, nasurprise din ako to see some of my artworks framed and hanging in a well lit gallery. those artworks are for the Anti Drug Courier campaign of Philippine Information Agency and PDEA. the exhibit started Feb 1, PIA’s 25th anniversary. PNOY was there (and grace Lee too hehe) to grace the event. Those artworks and some infographics I created for the campaign are included on the entry sent by the company to the 47th Anvil Awards (Oscars of Public relations). And yes, we won a Merit Award for the category – Public Relations Program on a Sustained Basis. Sayang, walang photo op with the trophy.

Also they gave me a copy of the published 113th Philippine Independence day Commemorative book which I worked and billed as a researcher.  Second time my name was published in a book 😀

Photos from ToyCon 2011.2 months before Komikon 2012 then Toycon 2012 one month after 😀 countdowns. (must have new dslr by then)
ehem ehem…
Sessions with Abby and Val 2.0, my second attempt to incorporate graphics to my shots, it;s been a while since the last time i tried the approach i used in PUP Photohike Doodle project, still can’t upload albums in my facebook due to incompetent internet connections, again thanks Smartbro. para kang cinderella, May curfew XD
hmmm. hope I could write again…soon 😀

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless

Serbis : A documentary

We all want to experience fun. The idea of visiting another place other than your everyday reality brings excitement and a little bit of hesitation. Oh, honestly, this moment – a lot of hesitation.

Who wouldn’t panic, we are visiting not Disneyland or anything near to that – we are going to explore a place called Smokey Mountain. Not such a lucrative idea.

But the daunting task of coming up with a documentary is more powerful than the little butterflies in the stomach. “Ah, kaya namin ito”, we agreed with conviction. Thanks to Mr. Ricky R of RTV Production and Direction for pushing us to go far and excel in his subject.

And so the adventure begins. The first visit, an ocular inspection actually, was not devoid of novelty. We were impressed by the Philippine Christian Foundation opened and managed by a British national Ms. Jane Walker. Though she was not around at that time, the Filipino staff was very helpful and they toured us around the school.

The classrooms were managed by volunteer teachers to student-beneficiaries who have their own sponsors from both local and international sectors. Even their meals were programmed and transportation service available all for free.

From where are all these students coming from? All came from the impoverished community of the Smokey Mountain particularly the so-called temporary housing. The primary occupation (if we can call it that) here is “pag-uuling” or coal-making from the crates retrieved from barges that dock at the nearby pier. (we all smelled of burnt whatnot when we went home that day).

It is worth to mention that what really amazed us were the industry of classy bag-making at the third floor of the PCF Building. The bags made up of the tin can tips are worth thousands of pesos (like 3,500-5,000php/bag) and sold in UK.

And so we planned the shoot. Unlike the usual theme of the docu where it explores poverty through the eyes of the poor child or disabled poor individual, we focused on the heroism of the social worker. Rarely do the focus is on them. So through the social worker named Cris Moraga, the documentary ala-Front Row style went underway.

The interview portion was breezy, with JP, Val, Judi, Jhec, Maricon and yours truly enjoying the photo ops. We did not mind that we were standing already for hours, and did not feel hungry despite the lateness of the hour. We were enjoying. Take note, we employed a professional cameraman and an HD camera to boot. Ah, we are not leaving anything to chance. We intend to come up with quality video so be it.

After late lunch, we proceeded to Cris’ working place. Here the meat of the daunting task began. The intense rainfall did not dampen our spirits. If only, the gloomy atmosphere only added to the texture of the scene. “Ah, good good,” says Direk JP.

So, with much caution for the camera (wrapped with plastic bag to protect it from the rain) the challengers followed Cris through as he went to gingerly traverse the seawall. (One false move and you end up splashing in the waters of Manila Bay).

Fulfillment filled each one when they successfully maneuvered through the snake-like esteros not minding the foul smell emanating from within each shanty passed. They all greeted Cris and some showed sheer happiness in seeing their guidance counselor cum helper. Cris talked to them mingled with them, lent an ear, offered help and advice; all in the name of love and commitment to social work.

At this point in time, we were all unmindful of the discomfort. What if we were tired, if we were hungry and if we smelled of smoke from garbage. That didn’t stop us from moving on and going forward. By the end of the day, there is a sense of uplifting and warm feeling. It is such a privilege to experience a pure expression of love and concern for the least of our brothers. We are seeing the world from the eyes of a heaven sent or heaven-called child of God.

Cris was awesome. Thank God, we knew him.

so with no further ado, here’s the fruit of our labor. Our documentary, a project to be proud of.



a word full of commitment and promise…

Selfless in its passion to give meaning to life.
This documentary is dedicated to the professional social workers who give their time and service to the less fortunate people of Smokey Mountain through the Philippine Christian Foundation. The silent heroes continue to shape the future of the poor children with the vision of alleviating poverty through education… quite a noble task.

Special thanks to Ms. Jane Walker, founder of the Philippine Christian Foundation, and the Filipino staff headed by Ms. Grace  Vahdanipour  for accommodating the RTV Production and Direction class of Mr. Ricky Rosales, professor of PUP Graduate School for Master in Communication. The project, in the fulfillment of the course COM646 – Advanced RTV Production and Direction, is actually a spiritual and social fulfillment as well as emotional and intellectual gain for the members Judi Galleta, Maria Concepcion S. Peregrino, Valentino Nool Jr. , Maria Clara B. Rivas, Jessica Saria and Jonh Paul R. Seno.

for more informationyou may visit Philippine Chrisitan Foundation’s website

or you may contact them at

The Philippine Christian Foundation Inc.
Unit 1621 City and Land Mega Plaza
Corner ADB Avenue and Garnet Road
Pasig City, Metro Manila. 1605

Tel/Fax: 02 6356913

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless  😀

After a long Hiatus : Burning 6th floor Chairs

Hello everybody, it’s been a while since the last time I posted something here. Well, for some strange reasons, I can’t open my account for almost 2 weeks. Bizarre. Anyway, I supposed to post some articles about animated films featured in Oscars, however something in the news bugged me recently.

I graduated  in a four year course, It just cost me four years of hardwork and perseverance and almost 300 pesos per semester, merely 12 – 24 pesos per unit. That’s why I understand why students on my alma matter was so angry on the proposal to raise tuition fee up to 200 per unit. It is a state university, for crying out loud, education should be free however there’s an amount to pay to avail certain academic knowledge. Okay, students back then fought on what they believe in, we do march rally, noise barrage, class walk out and even dialogues with some higher officials. All of them sort of worked that’s why we enjoyed the cheapest/affordable college “tuition” in the country.

What I said earlier, tuition should be free, but dialogues was made and both parties was agreed on an understanding that the tuition that be paid by the students will be used to build more facilities students can use. The government continues to cut our budget, thus paying small amount will help the university stand on its own feet.

But now, we don’t understand anymore why the admin should raise the fee that high. Are they aware of average income of a “mangbabalut”, Janitors, vendors and all blue collar workers who are trying to put their kids to college and somehow, produce a graduate regardless of their income? Are they aware how hard to see your parents work hard just to pay your tuition, produce your baon and put something on the table while you, trying to make a suggestion to leave college and find a job just to make things easier for them. Are they aware that a raise on tuition fees may cause family drama, making the tormented for the whole year o may change the kid’s course of life?

When asked why they need to do that, all we could understand is “to improve facilities” and “Huge budget cut”.

In these past few days, students, activists in particular can’t hold their anger anymore, they threw their examination papers, tables and a bunch of chairs out of the main building and burned them.  The outrange made into local and national news, It was covered by media almost every day since the day it started. And last night, I learned from a colleague that they got more worse,  chairs bungee jumped from the 6th floor of the main building, had a nasty fall, broke to pieces then burn into ashes. Many of those chairs are still in good condition, some claims it is brand new. My colleague showed pictures she took regards the incident. I felt liberated but somehow, I felt something wrong.

Burning chairs aint do anything good. They should know that every chair placed in  the building came from someone’s hard earned tuition fee. Even though they are activist, it is not an excuse to do such things just to be heard. Activists once mauled by some policeman, and he’ll cry for human rights. But when they outnumbered a troop, they just beat those policemen to death, not practicing what they preached. Please remember, even though you’re fighting for  some intent, think of equal rights, don’t think that human rights is all about your own rights. Going back to the rally. It is so wrong just to burn someone’s effort to put good facility on your school grounds. We’re all educated, we should know that part of our tuition goes to the facilities were enjoying right now; it’s like buying our own chair, table and cubicle. So why burn them and preach about the high tuition fees? I just don’t get it. Please be civilized, don’t just do things because you just feel like it. Please try to attend a class, that’s why you passed PUPCET at the first place, to study and make your family proud. You can help the university by other means. Try to clean the university, spread the word that can boost someone’s morale, try not to write some trash talks and non sense graffiti around the building because you just don’t like the regulations, try to talk like a civilized man, an educated one. Try to go to basics, dialogues do wonder and peacefull arrangements. Be mature. Think of other students who is trying their best to study while someone is shouting outside during school hours; think of those studes that had a hard time to get into school being interrupted by your speech that can be heard after school hours, Before you waste a spray can for a angry  graffiti, think of those students painted the university to make it more presentable and clean. THINK THAT YOU”RE NOT THE ONLY PUPIAN ON THIS PLANET. Lucky you have the voice, use it wisely. You’re a part of the solution right? Not part of the problem.

“If you want a symbolic gesture, don’t burn the flag; wash it. “ —Norman Thomas

[Oh by the way, I’ll try to go back to regular postings, I just have to deal with my schedule, but what the heck, I’m too excited to share many new things I discovered from the net, from work, and from my hobby, also please be patient for the continuations of those two novels “Mga ulap sa aking ulunan” and “Carousel”..Well see yah,  be nice to others and pass the gratitude]

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

PUP coffee table book

Lunch. 5th Pinoy Media Congress day 1. some room in NALLRC.

I was about to go when I saw these bulks of coffee-table books, carefully placed and arranged in a table. The almost dark maroon book cover shines too much , it’s giving me hard time to read the title embedded on the it’s side. Those hardbound books, bounded by beautifully arranged ribbon caught my attention.

I couldn’t help to stop my child-like curiosity. Thus I ended up in from of the table, checking the title of those beautifully laid books.

The cover depicts a night shot of the newly renovated centennial park.  It is entitled “PUP : Light of the Nation” . I asked one of the secretariat what kind of book that is. I am right, coffee table books. I never got a chance to open one because they are for the speakers, ABS-CBN execs and respectable guests. One of them also told me that they’re limited edition and expensive. On that instant, I told myself that there’s no chance for me to get one of those limited edition coffee table book.

Until last week, before starting a photo hike with Rose, She surprised me with a copy of the coffee table book.  My heart jumped for joy because finally I got this book that celebrates the Alma mater I came from. Rose told me that there are two guest / speakers that didn’t made it, thus giving us a chance to have our hands land on this precious gem. I am proud PUPIan, there’s no question about it, that’s why I think that the book is really meant for me.

I felt like a student again as I open the the coffee table book, scanned those pages, pictures, and articles. the book refreshed my knowledge about PUP’s history, introduced me again to a growing PUP, gave me a chance to catch up on things I missed after I graduated around 2008.

The book also introduced me to different personalities in PUP like the University’s Walking encyclopedia / Historian named “Senior San Pedro” , the man they called “Pandak” and Dindo, a disabled accounting officer.

It also features articles about PUP’s diverse culture,  Stories how some PUP students struggled in poverty and eventually claimed their triumph with thier hard-earned diploma. It also showed how PUP students involve themselves into political issues. Also various faces that made PUP proud here and abroad.

The coffee table book is produced by the PUP Public Affairs Office around 2008. Like what the recent PUP president Dante Guevarra mentioned on his Foreword : the certain publication aims to inform the people of what PUP stands for, to make them see that PUP is staunch on it’s goal to enrich the nation’s fund of general competence and potential achievement.