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Samuel : An Introduction

I brought Samuel last year. The same year I got my phone which i usually use for mobile photography.  Even though its a hobby, mobile photography made me a couple of bucks at times. But still I need to venture out for more gadgets and techniques or I might concentrate to  digital photograhgpy.

Samuel served as one of many key chain hanging on to Zagath [my nokia 5610 Xpress music phone] until one tragic event happen which made me lost my phone eventually.  Zagath was lost along with the other keychain but fortunately Samuel also had a repair appointment  on that  same day, It saved him actually.

Then last night while retrieving some files, This album came up, a folder of some unfinished personal projects and a folder entitled “When Samuel tried to escape” is one of them.

Samuel got pretty  much photos more than I do I should say. I’ve been thinking to continue this unfinished storyboard about Samuel. Hmmm…if there’s only time 😀

I think i’ll continue his “adventure” by next week, he got many interesting photos for a montage you know 😀