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Ynvictus : Prologue

Kahit mahina, nakakarindi pa rin ang bulung-bulungan. Walang paglagyan ang katahimikan sa mga oras na iyon. Makulimlim ang langit at lahat ay nagdadalamhati. Patapos na ang mga supulturero na ibaon sa lupa ang isang nilalang at ngayo’y inaayos ang lapida kung saan nakaukit ang pagkatao ng isang Pilipinong namatay dahil ka kanyang kabayanihan.

Unti-unting umalis ang mga tao sa lugar na iyon habang isa-isang nahuhulog sa lupa ang ulang kanina pa pinipigil ng langit. Kabayanihan sa tingin ng lahat, ngunit sa isang inang nawalan ng anak, ang pagdadalamhati at galit ay walang paglagyan. Oo, Bayani siya sa patingin ng kanyang mga kaibigan at guro ngunit isa sya’y isa ring anak, may kahinaan at minsan sa kanyang buhay ay sumandal at humangos sa kanyang ina .

Nanginginig na inilagay ng isang ina ang mga bulaklak na hawak nito sa bagong gawang puntod, alay sa anak na mawawalay sa kanya habambuhay. Tumingala ito sandali. Nagdasal at nagisip, ilang sandali pa’y nagkrus at pilit na ngumiti sa puntod  at di naglao’y lumisan.

Tahimik lang na pinanuod ni Inyigo ang kanyang ina na lisanin ang  kanyang puntod. Mahinahon niyang sinundan ng tingin ang babaeng kanyang pinakamamahal. At bago tuluyang mawala sa paningin ang ina, nagsimula siyang magtipak ng kanyang gitara at mag-alay ng kanta.


Base sa isang dula na aking sinulat noong college para sa aming DTA , sa awa ni Diyos, na-reject. 😀


Glam Envishion 2010 Photo Op

Last September 25th, Neil invited me to join the rehearsal of their alumni event entitled  “Glam Envishion 2010” . A fashion show showcasing creations of Carlos Albert High School students which are made entirely of scrap and recyclable materials.

It is so reminiscing. I remember my MAPEH subjects when I was in high school. Anyway, that day Neil asked me to take some photos of the finalists in their creations. It so nice to see how they manage to use different materials to produce such work of art.

The competition got 4  categories. Futuristic, Fashion of the decades [70s and 80], Long Gown and Psychedelic. I am so excited to take some photos that day, that’s why it is so devastating when my Nikon D-40 suddenly quit on me while I’m documenting their catwalk practice. It’s a terrible experience when your camera that will be used in a photo shoot suddenly stopped working, midst of your models are in their full make up and ready to make a pose.

Well, What can I do, I’m there already and there’s no room for any excuses, I have to work this out. I literally borrowed the organizer’s digicam and started a photoshoot with a point and shoot digital camera. It’s been years since the last time I used a digicam.

It’s an one of a kind experience, I should tell you. well, as I said, I have to make things work. due to time constraint, I’m in charge of the third and fourth year models wearing their creations for the Long Gown and Psychedelic  categories respectively.

So here are my shots 😀

Jodith Ann is wearing a gown made of magazines.

Alexandra Nicole poses her “long gown” made of coconut weaving, I love the back trail shot of her dress.

This one by Ruby Anne reminds me of the “Parisian Life” lad in a Sunday picnic.

those were the entries for the Long Gown category. It is nice different designs for that catergory, from a typical “reyna elena”ish collar gown, to an exotic cut made from coconut weaving up to a some sort of “Parisian Life” yellow pages gown.

On that one, I use the color yellow wall of their school building to set the mood of calmness a long gown should embody. I am also particular in having all the lines present in each frame to be accurately straight. I was inspired of the technique my college teacher once discussed, it about how Akira Kurosawa filmed most of the sequences in his film “Dreams”. I forgot the term, I’m terrible with terminologies, but if my memory serves me right [and I doubt it] it is called “Kias Kuro” , sounds something like that.

Even though Angela’s entry look like a dress took  straight out  from Lady Gaga’s closet. I love the texture on all of her photographs, much more on her grayscaled shots.

Balloon skirt made of garbage plastic. way to go Fatima.

Jana’s entry caught my attention during the photoshoot. the colors, the materials and the texture used. I lurveee it. hehe.  Looks like a Japanese Shogun girl lost in Las Vegas. She’s so pretty and bubbly in that dress.

Zandra’s Peacock-in-a-mystery-ball inspired dress are dreamy, so are the metallic texture she used. a brave combo I should say.

And those are the entries for the Psychedelic category. I must say, they have so many different interpretation of that theme.  That word constantly reminds me of the 70’s, martial law and weeds. But on that day, they gave me a different representation of that theme. aside from being colorful, the dresses got some wild cuts and patterns.

Apologies if I sounds like sort of a fashion guru. but I got a hang over watching season 8 of Project runway. aside from the creative challenges each week, I find Heidi Klum hot. Also, I used that show as preference on these type of projects.

I must say, that photoshoot is a challenge. Good thing, my Adobe lightroom is always there for me. hehe. It such a big help when it comes to  improving “dry” shots ; tweaking saturation, colors and lens correction wont hurt. And I also believe that cropping bring a photo in a a whole new level. 😀

haist. I miss photo hiking with my pals. but I have to fix my dslr first. I know it’ll be expensive, so do you know anyone who repairs such cams in a very low low looooow price? 😀 [barter mode much?]

BTW. just want to share pics I got from Ruby’s FB wall. See how trigger happy I am during shoot. May pagsplit pa. O-ha. hehe 😀

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀

Pictures and Photographs

Due to many post prod project these past few weeks, my PC got a hell of a work out. I downloaded tons of Futurama , the simpsons, History channel specials and when a project comes, I need to exterminate them quickly to accommodate a  huge amount of memory for a single animation sequence. It’s like Nibbler who gorges a spaceship-full of extinct animals and then poop a small ball of antimatter.

Well, Good thing my computer didn’t gave up on me even though I abuse him a lot [I’m not a fan of the shut down button, I’ll just unplug him from the outlet. I also turn it on, run my torrent, then have a 5 to a day worth oif shut eye, then I’ll use it for the next whole day without giving him a rest.]

Now, I don’t have any projects to worry about, it’s about time to clear my PC from huge amount of unnecessary files, like  video/image/audio clips used in my past projects, word docs of CBBs, movies i downloaded from torrent that I didn’t watched at all, up to some software that I downloaded and used when Sony Vegas fails. Tasks like these require time, so I ended up doing so on my free day.

During the clean up, I found a lot of photos that I never been posted on the net, some of them are overlooked personal projects, but most of them are just for keepsake, reminding me what kind of shutterbug I am.

Well here’s a roundup:

LEGO’s Clutch Powers Exhibit

Part of Lego’s promo for their straight-to-DVD full length feature “The Adventures of Clutch Powers” . Hell yeah. I felt like a kid again. those Lego bricks are such an eye candy. I almost buy one of the starwars lego set that were being sold on the vicinity that time.

Louie : Bully in the making [part 2]

Just visited my pal on one of his classes. As usual, He’s such a bully on other kids and still wears that  naughty smile.

Aspirin and some freakin high dose anti-histamines.

Ode to the “Buwis Buhay Much” series.  Napapadalas ang pagkakasakit ko lately. It’s too much to blame the freakin’ weather. I think my friends are right. It’s the lifestyle. Anyway, above is that 600mg of Flumucil, just put it on a half cup of water and watch its chemical reaction similar to a dry ice,  I feel like a mad scientist every time I’m doing my medication. And guys, this one taste like a Sprite soda reject 😀

Strolling somewhere in cyberzone

Strolling somewhere in SM North, waiting for the 3:30 showtime of “Cinco”. Good thing there’s a spacious floor in the new cyberzone where I can rest for a while.

Pechay Mode

Here, Louie is wearing a pechay-inspired clothing. In preparation of a production number for their class  about Go Glow and Grow foods. Hehehe. Anak ng Gulay.

Fortress is down

One of my rosary bracelets turned into pieces after it’s almost 5 year old garter that holds the beads dearly snapped. bad thing, it’s one of my fortress / shield against accidents and like. This one is special to me because “someone” gave me this as a gift and protection during my college days, for that time we’re doing a documentary about embalmers and the script oblige us to shoot in 3 different morgues, documenting in film how embalmers of different kinds [morticians for the rich and the poor] prepare dead bodies. Haist. I’ll miss that  string of beads.


Lunch after my mom and lil’ brother accompanied me buying new jeans. I’m experiencing pants shortage lately with my ever changing waistline. Grunt. Anyway,  because I also checked some lenses and tripods for my cam, I brought it that day, I enjoyed taking picture of my mom and my little brother, it’s like looking back when I was still a kid, careless and no worries about work or anything. The time where all I care are not getting enough ice cream and daily dose of Mighty Morphin [freakin’] power rangers. hehe. I also attempted to teach Ma how to use a DSLR cam, unfortunately, she captured  ceiling pics a lot. 😀

Blackout Carousel

This is what I hate the most. Walang kuryente for 24 hours, me shortage sa tubig and not getting enough sleep becasue those monsters under my bed are grunting all the time due to they cant make their air-condition to work.

Good thing Larry [my brother, the family’s resident inventor] Invented numbers of rechargeable lamps which he was able to recharge during the summer. but still, I do prefer the candlelight drama for my room. It is nice for  my cam to got a nifty amount of batt,  I was able to experiment  midst of the darkness surrounding me.


Yeah, I know, i’m getting fat and it’s not too late to start a diet. But what the heck, I’m still young and I do prefer to enjoy meals rather than be conscious on what other people will say about my body shape. In self defense, I do believe in the famous saying of a famous cook that “those who reached the age of 90 means they didn’t enjoyed the food when they were young” [ironically I forgot thy name]

Matchhead Mannequins

Brought from NBS, Its about time to get one of these. I’m always daydreaming of doing a stop motion animation but I have no idea how to start. I’m no good at clay modeling as well as carpentry, so I think this mannequins will do. I’m still doing the storyboard ’till now. Any suggestions?

Doodle it up [Part 3]

Haist. Doodling on random sheets of paper. Haist, if only I could have a whole for myself, I will draw my heart out. I got stacks of rims of clean bond paper, waiting for me to stroke some lines and occasionally crumple some of them.

Syncomass going Japanisa-hai.

Straight from our Intramuros shoot, I got a quick tutorial from co-photohiker Rose and Neil about going from SM Manila to Glorietta by riding LRT line 3 [or whatever, not sure with the number ] because I have to meet my Syncomass friends for a little chit chat. And Boy, It’s amazing how we laugh our hearts out by sharing our “call cenner” stories and fascinated by Tin’s stories about her indie film shoot. it such fun to have some time with good ol’ Syncomass pals. too bad, we cant  have each other the whole night because all of us have work the next day. still, that moment is hilarious and unforgettable. Also, would like to offer a toast to that waitress who almost chased us because we almost forgot to pay our bill as we walked out of the resto, still high of laughing amidst of Jiesyl’s jokes.

well there you go, sorry for the long hiatus [wordpress is having hard time to upload my pics hehehe, hmmm, is it about time to switch to premium? tempting. tempting…]. Anyway, thanks for those who regularly check my posts. This post is inspired by a Vertical Horizon song titled “Heart in Hand” from their infamous [almost] acoustic album “Running on Ice”

Heart In Hand lyrics
I know it’s been a long road
To get these towns behind me and I
Will gladly reap what we may sow I am
There for you and you’re there for me

Pictures and photographs
Memories and windows
Goodbyes and epitaphs
Heartbeats and hellos

Are you waiting for
Heart in hand
Woman and man
See me where I stand I am
Heart in hand

These fields may hold a hunting ground
But the wolves are far behind me and I
Hear the howls and the distant sound
Of the messengers lost at sea

Into the morning light
Followed by madness
Reach through the empty fight
Searching through sadness

I know it’s been a long road
To get these fears behind me and I
Will gladly reap what we may sow I am
There for you and you’re there for me

[sorry for this geeky portion, they rearranged this song and changed the lyrics for a contemporary rock feel, and for me , the song lost it’s senses…darn rock. watch the vid and you decide, reactions are welcome :D]

from the refrain of the first version : “Pictures and photographs / Memories and windows / Goodbyes and epitaphs/ Heartbeats and hellos”  they changed it to “I stopped believing / a long time ago / And it’s you I keep seeing/ And I won’t let you go” hmmm, well, again I do apologize for this nerdy interlude hehe 😀

So that’s for now.

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

You’re on 3rd AMHERST UREIQN STUDIOS; nice.

March last year, me and some from the Silver Luna Gang agreed to do a business out of my hobby. A little home based studio for Audio Video Presentations, catered for birthday, weddings, seminars, other events and as giveaways. We named our “company” as “ARTEBIDA”.  Audio Video Presentation projects came in and made me busy for a while which is good for business. The Tarp we posted  on our gate is our only advertisement, it is also reminds our strong friendship every time we look at it.

But I can’t stop myself to use the first name of the Studio which is AMHERST UREIQN STUDIOS. I don’t know, I think I’m still attached to it.  Amherst Ureiqn studios reminds me of college and it is so hard to let go. Projects overflowed my calendar till now. I managed how to balance work, my health ,stake outs with the barkada and my bankable hobby with is Video Editing.  I do Video post productions for various schools and universities now. Every client came in is another addition to my Demo Reel and Portfolio, but still I use my hobby to help some friends , did some AVPs for free, still I enjoyed watching the end product, making it one of my favorite, “PUSH” for FCPC is one of them. The flash animation I made about  abortion, scored by an a capella  / choir version of Matchbox 20’s “PUSH” made it unforgettable and  until now, I look forward to do something like that.

This hobby gave me opportunities to meet various people, to gain more techniques in production and made me land a job as a high school teacher for a special project and sometimes give talk to various colleges.

Almost a year passed, many happened that changed me also the state of my studio. I also realized what is the use of a tarp that don’t bear the name of the studio that I’m currently using, plus, I lost my phone twice, so contacts embedded on that ad is not useful anymore. So I decided to change it for the better. With the permission from my friends, I decided to take the old tarp down and produce a new one. Promoting the studio I had in my dreams. A studio named AMHERST UREIQN STUDIOS. minimally inspired , I designed a simple tarp, my logo against white backdrop, services rendered and contacts on the right. It is nice to be proud showing everybody the name of the studio  I made couple of years ago.

Now I would like to take the opportunity to thank my  family, friends, clients and students I had before. You made my hobby productive; it made me more passionate about it. Thanks for new projects that challenged my creative juices these past few years. Thanks. The studio I named out of my codename last 2007 became a striving underground business.

Thanks to my friends at SYNCOMASS for allowing me to edit those AVP, flash animations and sorts, it served as my training ground. My clients from First City Providential College,studes and friends from  College of Languages and Linguistics, College of Communication, Advertising and Open U of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Far Eastern University, Our Lady of Fatima University Lagro, TIP Cubao, Gregorbelle Preschool, ePLDT Ventus, Creative Vision photography, Ronnie Colors, Montana Luz catering, Philippine Information Agency, My co editors, my friends specialized in different editing software, various Medi speciliast I met and became one of my friends, my studes at PWU and IHMU, to the Silver Luna Gang,  to my family, and the God above. Thanks.

Check out my portfolio site where I posted some of my works, from graphic design, video editing up to AVPs and 2D animation: WWW.UREIQN.MULTIPLY.COM

[my first ever demo reel made last 2008, If ever got a chance , or time on that matter, I’ll do another demo reel..hmmm…]

Well, Happy 3rd Anniversary , AMHERST UREIQN STUDIOS : eyecandies since 2007

Blurred Realms Project 3

Even though I do lack of equipments, I still love photography, frustrations on having my passion on it to come back gave me more push lately to focus and continue my personal projects.

I almost gave photography [mobile photography to be exact] last year, when some culprits stole away my equipments. [those bastards–anyway, enough with the cursing]

Honestly speaking I am not a professional photographer, i was once satisfied with point and shoot cams, not having any concerns with ISOs, modes, focus, exposures, and any photography jargons available in human subconscious. Unconsciously,  It just came to me to put an angle and  proper framing on every photos i take. thus that’s the start I owned photography as one of my mediums.

Macro shot of some random bike on our TVC shoot in Plaridel Bulacan

So what about Blurred realms Project? well, I was once tempted with this interesting project, One photo a day, for the whole year, however, by some obvious reasons, i can’t keep a promise to shoot some image everyday. i can’t bring my cam everyday because I might lost it again along the process. Then Blurred realms project came to me. it is a collection of some random pics, from snapshots, stolen shots up to beautifully planned snipets of life, with some quotes in it. it’s like making your own postcard. On this case you don’t need to be a professional photographer, all you need is your own appreciation to your own art. It doesn’t matter if its crappy or beautiful;, as long you own the medium, it will give you some rewards in the future 😀

shot of my former workplaces starcaise, it just an ordianry pic at first but by adding fun using photoshop, its a lively piece now 😀

Anyway, I spent my Christmas vacation on some undone projects, from commisioned graphic lay-outs up to audio-video presentations. then along the busy editing and hulabahoos , I just thought that Its almost a year since i created the last set of Blurred Realms Project. Why not start another set for 2010. so I scanned all my back-up DVD photos and grabbed some interesting pics, the theme? Snipets of life, a collection of ordinary photos that captures different moments of the subjects lives. all of them we’re took unplanned. meaning, subjects had no time to strike a pose, wear make up or shift their facial expressions, I just called thier attention and click my camera, just like a paparrazi.

On this photo : stolen pic of Kath "Unlikely Anjel" in from of Ventus, my former workplace 😀

Anyway enjoy some of the photos from the third set of Blurred Realms Project

younger version of gambling

just playng with some fries left-overs 😀

stolen shot of some members of the Silver Luna Gang 😀


so there you go, why don’t you give it a try.  Scan your files now and let your instinct select those pics, if needed, splash art or adjust color by using photoshop or other imaging software.  Self made postcards can be a nice gift in ordinary days you know 😀

my high jump duirng my Batangas Holy Week vacation " Let me win,but if I cannot win, let me brave in this attempt."

for the whole third set of Blurred Realms Project, please give these links a click 😀

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

scenarios inc. [4] :Innocent Soldier

Yuletide season is in the air, it is the time when we need to patch things up with our enemies and give life-changing chances to everybody. Commercialism loves Christmas, as it is when their sales boost and inventories were made. Media on the other hand still plays the rating game, “Christmas stories” shows are introduced to slots, gameshows invite some charities,  Teleserye characters starts to decorate their trees while still nursing some emotional baggage and Later, Christmas special were being aired every week.

No doubt, we can still feel Christmas. It’s a baloney to have a perception or attempt to ignore this occasion because of some tragedies It is also a good time for beginnining, dealing with inner guilt as a jumpstart for preparing for the New Year.

I can’t believe that, days from now, It’ll be 2010 already. Still I have many things in mind that I think will left this year unfinished. Also yuletide season is when guilt attacks me the most. I mean, you can’t just ignore those people begging for alms, they can be found in streets or sleeping in bridges. Also you can’t pay no attention to old people sleeping in cartoons or on a bridge’s floor just to sell candies for petty profit in able to survive. Some of us will be felt down because they’ll celebrate Christmas penniless, but others have to deal with an empty stomach everyday. My point is, love what you have right now, appreciate them and if possible, share them.

Three years ago, The Syncomass peepz, Digital Kamote Inc. in particular produced and shot three documentaries and “Innocent Soldier” is one of them. It is written by Armie Hubilla and hosted by Kathylyn Lomotan. This is about kids dealing with terminal cancer. We found them by the help of Philippine Cancer Society. With some arrangements, the organization allowed us to shoot and interview those kids. Their stories are heartbreaking, I can’t imagine the pain these kids are dealing with. All we can do by that time is donate some toys, give some contacts of possible donors and lastly, listen to their stories.

Me doing my guerilla cinematography skills, while kate doing her hosting antics...

They shared their stories infront of our camera, without any cuts, dull moment and inhibition. They seem to be happy even though they’re aware of their health condition. They’re trying to forget that they have cancer by playing with some random kids, drawing, doing some errands and by praying.

would like to help? watch the editor's cut of the docu till end for their contact numbers 😀

Well to end the post, may these kids inspire you to help someone this Christmas, try to bring back something to the world.  I think we’re lucky to get what we want but truth is, we’re lucky because God gave us a chance to help others, unfortunately, some of us need a certain season to ignite that charitable spirit.

Any Plans?

it’s been a year since the last time we saw each other. Haist, even though I got a chance to catch up with some of them, it’ll be more likely to have all the SYNCOMASS peeps around, chatting, goofing , whatever.

So it is December already, any plans for us to push our annual reunion to it’s 2nd year before yuletide activities overload our calendars?

[SYNCOMASS in NO TIME 2008 reunion here —->

Also I learned that one of my pals left the country without any formal goodbye. We didn’t even had a chance to wish him luck or bid goodbye. He just left us hanging. Anyway, the whole SILVER-LUNA Gang wishes Alfie to have the best for his career as a Seaman.

Bon Voyage Alfie. We’ll miss our weird mask rider black—–in white 😀

HD copy here :