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T-shirt Design Boot Camp

It’s been years since the first time I planned to have a T-shirt printing business. I thought t’was easy but no, you got to have a big capital, fresh and bold ideas and group of creative designers or Illustrators. Well, I think it’s about time to start the old plan and to jumpstart the whole process, I decided to have my own T-shirt design boot camp.

I scanned the net for hours for tips on how to make successful printed shirts. I got so many tips but I think I’ll stick to the simple ones. I am so excited to make my own line of shirts. Well, I’m thinking about statement shirt since I would like to give my typography skills a try.

Well here are my own tips on how to design a statement shirt and I would like to share them:

1.       Keep a pen and notebook wherever you go, great ideas comes from unsuspected time and place and sometimes you can’t recall them because thoughts already escaped you. Having it jotted in a piece of paper can be handy.

2.       Have a lot of chit chat with your friends, colleagues and family. Again, some of the priceless statements came from unusual sources.

3.       Try to scourge for a lot of Fonts. Meaning downloading 14 thousand different fonts would be a great weapon when it comes to practicing typography. But be careful, don’t install them right away, you might ended up with a slow PC. Try to download a Font Viewer : a free software that can give you a preview of the uninstalled fonts , it’ll give an option to install your selected fonts with just one click. Try to check this freeware here :

4.       Research for the latest trend in pop fashion, your color templates for the fonts will depend on it.

5.       Start with Iron transfer method when it comes to T-shirt design. It is so easy that you will not worry about color separation and other complex things. It’ll give you more freedom on designing the print

6.       Learn to use different platforms such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. Don’t be scared to explore new thinks, think as it was new knowledge gained.

7.       Make sure that you’re starting a project by creating it on the actual scale. Create a new workplace in inches and high resolution

8.       Try to play with the fonts, try to rearrange them, distort them and color them. Having each letter have its own layer make you more in control of the typography.

9.       Do not afraid to put designs or other visuals, such as doodles and photographs, since you’re working on a iron transfer print, don’t worry about missing a WYSIWYG aspect of the output. There’s no color separation needed on this one. It’ll print the design as is.

10.   Imagine what your design will look like in a shirt. Download some picture of a white shirt from the net or try to look for a downloadable set of T-shirt templates, there’s an available T-shirt template in various cut and colors for both men and women, you can find it in

11.   Remember to save your design as is in .PNG [portable network graphics] format. Remember that not all the iron transfer companies have the fonts you use on your project. Because if you only have the photoshop/illustrator file of the project, it’ll look for the font you used in the project, if the PC that opened the project doesn’t have it, it means you have to select an alternative font. You don’t want changing your project’s design on the spot.

12.   Finally, share your design or output to your friends, family and colleagues. It’ll not only boost your confidence in doing such project but you’ll get some suggestion as well some constructive criticisms. You might get tips from some fellow beginners.

So there you go now, start having your own T-shirt printing boot camp. And you might surprise on what you can do when it comes to T-shirt designing.

By the way, here’s my first T-shirt design for this month.  It’s still raw, I must say, but not bad for jumpstart.

Note : If you know what AUX means, meaning you’re included in  my target market for my upcoming T-shirt line 😀

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless  😀