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Stop Motion Love [Part 2]

Using the stop motion treatment is the up coming trends when it comes to Pre Nuptial Videos. Depends on how they style and shot the sequence, it inevitably shows the creativity and quirkiness of the soon-to-be husband and wife.

Most of the Stop Motion inspired prenup videos found on YouTube are inspired by Oren Lavie’s Grammy nominated music video “Her Morning Elegance”, wherein couples will do sequences while lying to the floor.

Neil and I started using stop motion treatment on our Prenup Videos with Kate and Seth (check here and here). Using continuous shots, we’re able to capture some of their moments frame by frame thru series of photographs, stitch it with after effects and there you go, a stop motion video .

Now, even Neil is currently based in Dubai, were able to do another collaborative project and that’s the prenup video for Shy and Abet. I must commend Neil on calling the final shots, it made the “stitching” more easier.

please do check out what Neil and I did with their Prenup videos

btw, Sara Bareilles’ “Kaleidoscope Heart” is one of my favorite albums and I insisted her song “One Sweet Love” to be used on the first video and I think it matched the mood of the photos 😀

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀

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Yey! at last, finished at last. 😀

This  reel is a montage of some my works from 2008-2011. As a self-taught video editor and videographer, I was able to shoot and/or edit music videos, infomercials, documentaries, audio-video presentations, and a digital film.

Thank you for those who believed in my works and entrusted me their projects.

Clients from Philippine Information Agency, North Caloocan Doctor’s Hospital, Ronnie Colors Videography, Creative Vision, Mr. Paul Aviles from Canada, newly weds like Kate and Seth, LA and RJ and other. Students and organizations from various colleges/schools such as First City Providential College, Our Lady of Fatima College, College of Languages and Linguistics – PUP, College of Business-PUP Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Carlos L. Albert High School Grand Alumni Council

Too bad that almost half of my archived DVDs were destroyed by moist and my pc cant read them anymore, most of those are made from Macromedia Flash MX. I should invest more on external drives. haist. lesson learned
Proficient in Sony Vegas (100%), Adobe Photoshop (80%), Adobe After Effects (50%?), Ulead Video Studio (100%) hehe 😀

Still trying to learn Adobe Premier, FCP, Corel Draw and Illustrator 😀

for more information and queries , you may visit or contact me thru these sites 😀
TWITTER : amherst_ureiqn
SKYPE : amherst_ureiqn

see yah.

(PS: please don’t ask me what ‘UREIQN’ means. please. 😀 just giving you a heads up :D)

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀

Stop Motion Love

I’ve been visiting YouTube lately for possible peg for my project. It would be for my final requirement to complete my summer workshop. I do not own a video camera so I decided to make a stop motion short. Stop motion is no rocket science; all you need are the following: digital camera, tripod [or sturdy/steady] piece your camera can lean on and a computer.

I checked some stop motion videos in youtube for some inspiration and it didn’t failed me to do so. I feel so motivated seeing Oren Lavie’s  “Her Morning Elegance”. Oren is an Israeli award winning musician and theater director. He directed the music video “her Morning Elegance” that won him a Grammy for Best short form music video”

I must say, I watched the video hundred times already and it didn’t tire me. I always discover new details every time I watch this video. I love how they caught the model in stop motion, she runs on a bed sheet with elegance. So apt with the title.

you can check here how they made this awesome video :

To start : Place the camera in position in front of the object you want to animate. It will be important to the final product to make sure the camera does not move. It can be placed on a tripod to keep it steady. Click the first picture with the digital camera. Then move the object or objects very slightly and shoot the next picture with the camera. Be careful the camera does not shift each time the button on the camera is pressed.  Repeat the actions involved with step 2 for as long as you need in order to produce the desired effect. Because each move of the object is slight, you almost certainly will take at least 100 photos for even a 25-second video. Then load it to your PC, use any software you like, Windows Movie Maker, Vegas or simple Ulead [no need to be high end] then drag them to the timeline, you can select the clip duration, than export it as a video, then poof! You have a stop motion film.

Well for me, I tried to apply this to one of my AVP projects and see how it works, unfortunately I have these shaky hands, I can’t make objects move slightly, thus the pace is so fast. But when I import them to my Vegas and set the clip duration, the clip turned not bad at all.

Check out my first attempt[s] on stop motion on these two prenup videos I made for my college friend wedding. Oh, how I love doing AVP especially for a friend

Well that’s for now, I think I need more practice and planning to do my stop motion film. Someday, I’ll create a stop motion film like Coraline and Fantastic Mr. Fox. But for now, I will start to do storyboards  and as I planned almost a year ago, I’ll feature  my beloved mannequin couple; Adam and Eve.

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀

AVP for all seasons :D

Whether it’s about your kid’s 1st birthday, or your niece celebrating her 18th hurrah or your brother’s dream wedding; when it comes to sharing your memories, nothing beats a good AVP (audio video presentation) .   Showing an audio-video presentation in an event is a nice way to share treasured memories to your invited guests.

Having your guests watch a 4-6 minutes of moving pictures will make them feel part of your life as you show not only pictures but a part of your history.

I do AVPs on my vacant time, and even I feel the same way every time I tweak, crop and animate photographs of my clients. Through those pictures, I witnessed a kid’s first vacation to a foreign land. A lad’s adventures on her chosen field, how a piece of candy made a couple deeply in love with each other and how a group of friends  celebrate their mid-20s.

Digitizing memories in form of jpegs and memory sticks have it’s own advantages. It’ll not discolor, you can transfer, send it and manipulate is anytime you want. There’s no need to print it just to share it with your folks. You can do whatever you want and making it into an AVP is one them.

It’s been three years already since the first time I did an AVP for a client. Even though It caused me some sleepless nights, It is so rewarding to be a part of a certain celebration. It game a chance to discover some video editing tools as well. I do remember promising a tutorial on how to do AVPs by using various free and common softwares but I think it’ll take time ; I think I need to make my voice more articulate so  you’ll be hearing a credible [and hunky or husky?] voice hehe 😀

I know it’s a month early, but I want to share you guys some AVPs I did for the past 3 years. It’ll be some sort of yearend report of my home based studio.

So guys, here are some treasured memories of my clients and friends : Enjoy.

One of my fave AVP I created for my SYNCOMASS family way back 2008. I don’t know Sony Vegas way back then. I only used MS Powerpoint and Moviemaker to create this overnight. It was shown on a bus while we are on way to Cavite. It is special to me, because it’s about our college graduation memories. Our 4 years of love-hate classroom relationship came to an end but even though some of us have to leave the country or disappeared literally, I’m glad that most of us are still connected to each other. Thanks to Facebook [before : Friendster : ]

It was requested by a college friend for her 21st birthday. Too bad she didn’t come to her own party. But she was able to have a copy of this a year after. Weird. But I enjoyed  making this AVP while discovering hidden talents of Ulead Video Studio. I also put a personal touch on this : Matt Nathanson’s “Come on get Higher”.

Time flies fast. I did an AVP for  the baptismal of this kid before and last thing you know,  he’s celebrating another birthday. Nice to get a client like this. I was able to witness how that kid grows. Daig ko pa ninong hehehe 😀

AVP for the 3rd birthday hurrah of Coco, God knows how the whole clan loves him 😀

Freelance work for Creative Vision Photography. This is one of my fave projects because of the freedom given to me. I was able to play a lot of colorful graphics , choose the song and even the pictures to use. For me, it came out good. The whole thing was done in Sony Vegas 8

Corporate videos shouldn’t be boring and dull. I created this party by using sleek transition and paint splats. Even nostalgic to use Hansons “Mmmbop”. [okay, I’m guilty, that’s one of my fave songsthat should be  played on my funeral. Odd. Hehehe ]

And to wrap up, would like to show you a closing billboard of a project that took almost 5 months in the making. My friends over at CLL hard worked for this one and to end a serious College AVP is a funny blooper reel. I enjoyed having some sleepless lugaw nights with them.

So there you go for now. I’ll be posting my wedding AVP next time; I have to collect them first but hoped that you enjoyed watching my fave projects.

BTW, check out my AVP, OBBs,and 2D animations on youtube. Just Youtube search : UREIQN and more videos on  my portfolio site : For post prod, 2D animation, AVP and photography services rates, just  email me at [heheh promote? :D]

So that’s for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless 😀

Glam Envishion 2010 : the experience

Neil invited me, Jonathan and Tin in his event. Well, ironically, the attire for that event should be casual but I ended up wearing my Batman t-shirt. But It doesn’t matter, actually they’re expecting me coming in t-shirt, shorts and pair of crocs. It’s a plus that I wore jeans that day; at least I was able to surprise them a little. 😀 Anyway, going back to the event, Neil has this event entitled GLAM ENVISHION 2010

I was invited to play some AVPs I made for that event. I was thrilled to do that task. Good thing, I’m in my trusty shirt, I sweat like a pig when working as one of the technicals or at any kind of production. The program was started with a prayer, then right after that, it is my turn to play that teaser I made for the event. And here it goes…

Then it’s the finalists turn to show their entries. Each got its own identity. They walked through the catwalk with such confidence and angst. The entries I used to love last photoshoot were gone. All of those entries evolved into more exciting eye-candies. Some I cannot recognize at all, I think because the dress got its major overhaul or too much decors. Still they able to show their interpretation of the categories they were assigned to. Those categories are futuristic, long gown, psychedelic and fashion of the decades [70s and 80s]

then after the catwalk heat, the tabulation must be made and thus, my turn again to play another AVP I made for the event showing the guests what happened to the pictorial which took place last Saturday. and again, here it goes 😀

And after some minutes of debate , they announced winners in each four categories. I am surprised with some winners but mostly not because almost all my bets won

That event reminds me of “Le Vogue” in college. the creations are great and I can see all the participants and their supporters happy and proud. The night is remarkable and some college friends made it more special. It was too late to go to work that night so I decided to hang out with them and spent the rest of the day. we exchanged jokes and stories in a fast food joint.

That project is my fave this year. it gave me opportunity to study Adobe after effects and I am proud with the results. well, it’s been a long post so I have to call it a day so that’s all for now guys.

So Till Then and Godbless :D

scenarios inc. [13] : Demo Reels I like

Learning by watching demo reels  is fun.  It gives you opportunity to get fresh ideas and visuals to use in your future projects. Famous editors and motion graphic artists also watches various demo reels as it offers vast line of design that can be recreated, modified our make an original piece bit inspired by a certain  demo reel. Also demo reels set a goal and gives inspiration to those self taught editors, motion graphic artist and animators.

So here, I would like to share some demo reels that inspired me to learn video editing and 2D animation, hope you’ll be inspired by these 😀

Ramon del Prado’s work is something to look forward to. The progression of his animation skill is something to admire. Too bad I don’t have that patience to learn Maya or 3D studio Max. I can do flash animations but not as sophisticated and quirky like his works. Hope guys like him got a break in mainstream media, that a major TV station will give them a project that will showcase original Filipino content animation.


Rianne Hill Soriano is a Director, Independent filmmaker, Writer and critic and an Educator. I was able to watch some of her works like “Karsel” [Prison] and “Aninag” [Light’s Play]. I remember working as a Production assistant in one of StreetPark Production  Projects wherein she worked as an Associate Producer. Her vast knowledge in production for me is overwhelming, I learned some  techniques about filming from her, but that time I have no idea who she is until I got time to search the net and saw her works in Youtube. I don’t know that she is filmmaker behind the short “Karsel”. Anyway, I love her recent demo reel; hope I got a mentor like her in near future. As of now, all I know she’s in Vegas doing some projects. She is a  regular content contributor as well for Associated Content. Check out her reviews and sorts in


Rocketsheep Post is One of the Inspiring Pinoy Posts around . This tiny home based post got a lot to say when it comes to their freakin’ portfolio . A lot of their projects dealt with animation and special effects, and boy they executed it very well. Their clients varies from food to clothing brands, mainstream Pinoy music artists and corporate. I like their treatment to  Yeng Constantino’s “Time In” music video. It is so Pinoy.  I heard that they’re the brains behind a feature film that combined 3D-2D animation and live action vid called “Saving Sally”. Since they normally works with Ad agencies and Music Vids expect that the feature would be an extravagant eye candy. Sneak peek of the “Saving Sally” production can be seen here :

i don’t know what happen to that feature, the last thing I heard is that they’re looking for a new Sally 😀


Chibibotoons is the Production behind the first Filipino made animated interstitial that aired in local Filipino TV and that is BARKADA TRIP. I miss this toon bits much.

Buddy Gancenia is One of the premier wedding and events videographers here in the country. I once worked with his team in a certain wedding and boy, they’re fast and the outfit is superb. We didn’t felt the stress at all. The team literally runs from the hotel to the church up to the reception area and still they’re enthusiastic and creative when it comes to shooting lensflares in a certain event. And I will tell you they’ll surprise you with their onsite AVP 😀


A newcomer when it comes to  wedding videography, MAYAD Studios  got nice wedding AVPs on their vault I must say. One of them is Tisha and Donald Wedding AVP which starts with a nice multiframing. They’re also responsible to the well celebrated  lovely wedding AVP in facebook. It is the wedding of Coy Placido + Izel Sarangelo [a.k.a. Tuesday Vargas]


Now here are some of my faves when it comes to International  Posts.

Vector Meldrew Motion graphics show reel projects made using a mixture of Animation, Graphics, Live Footage and 3D. I want to learn the Software used: After Effects, Cinema 4D they got Clients such as: adidas, Rolls Royce, Levis Engineered Jeans, Wincanton Defence Systems, Olympics 2012


Then Mi Ultimo Faborito [huh? Hehe] Mark Coleran is a visual designer who has worked in a wide range of design disciplines from print graphics to motion design and visual effects. His work in motion graphics has included television show titles and branding through to his specialist area; the design, creation and animation of fantasy user interfaces for film. Over the years this work has seen him create interfaces for such films as The Bourne Ultimatum, Tomb Raider, Mission Impossible 3, The Island and Mr and Mrs Smith. Currently he is working with the Canadian software developer, Gridiron Software. He is creating the user experience and interface for a next generation creative workflow application; Flow. It is so admiring how film outfits have budget and effort to make a specialized live playback for  sets that so techy. I haven’t seen a Pinoy film that uses Techie Live playback for it’s “Cyberspace” themed sets, usually the “playback” is inserted during the post prod, so as a result, the actors are clueless about the interface they’re “using” in a scene and the interaction is choreographed and fake.

Anyway there you go, Hope these demo reel inspire those who wants to be an Editor, Motion Graphic artist or Animator.

Well that’s for now…

So Till then and Godspeed 😀

Amherst Ureiqn Studios : “Flash”back

The course of my life changed when I tried to learn some editing software when I was in college . First, learned Adobe Photoshop, created some crappy lay-outs and later on explored some tricks during the process. Followed by Audacity which I first used to make a 15-second radio plug for our Multimedia project. I got the prime of that learning curve when I tried to explore Macromedia Flash MX and boy, I got a blast with that software, everyone knows that Flash MX  is utilized for web lay-out and even games, but for an AVP?

Well, it’s so easy, just make a layer, put in an object, then convert it as a flash object, add some keyframe then tweak the object’s position on the  last keyframe and you got an instant animation of that certain object.[all you need to do is export it as a videoclip, then import it to your moviemaker to put tome audio clips and or connect them with other flash-made vids.]  It’s sounds hard at first but when you get along with it , I bet you’ll bid your old moviemaker goodbye.

As a result, I ended up doing my college AVPs with Macromedia Flash and moviemaker. Well, my PC way back is sort of primitive and I can’t use Adobe After effects and Adobe Premiere on it. So I ended up working with some unusual resources and on that note, Macromedia Flash helped with as it uses around 200+ MB of my disc space.

Just to prove how amazing we can use Macromedia Flash for AVPs, here are some of my samples [sorry for the quality, I made it almost 4-3 years ago]

SONG CREDITS : “Ironic” by Alanis Morisette

my first ever full length AVP made entirely with Macromedia Flash MX, i made this for my barkada whose taking up nursing that time.

CLIENT : First City Providential College | College of Nursing | Angielica Agana
SONG CREDITS : “One in Me ” by Akafellas

AVP about ectopic pregnancy, this is used in a forum organized by another friend who’s taking up nursing as well.

CLIENT : First City Providential College | College of Nursing | Angielica Agana
SONG CREDITS : “Push” [A capella version] by Harvard university Callbacks [not sure]

Made for the same friend who used the second video. This is one of my fave material on my video vault, not because of the poor thing featured on the clip, it is because how we incorporate the thought of Abortion with the choir-like rendition of Matchbox 20’s “Push”

Ironically, I only got good copies of those I made for my friends, I don’t know where I lost my college works, I think from now on I will think of a plan on how to back up things, specially my video vault.

So that’s for now, I’m thinking of having a video/AVP making tutorial here…hmmm, let’s see.

So till then and Godbless 😀