No to “buwis buhay” much [Part 2]

Sabi nga nila, “one step at a time”, but I not a fan of that saying. What’s the use of two feet if you can just hop 3 to 4 steps forward? I know it sounds ridiculous [and cheesy] but hey, who don’t want to accomplish everything in nick of time.

Well, I guess I was wrong. Everyone has its own limitations and I just felt it last Saturday. I went to work while my body is aching and my tonsils in wreck. I ended up wasted but the pizza party during that time somehow cheered me up.   It came back while I’m on my way home, the muscle spasms became influenza. It’s  not a joke being sick, it such a waste of time. Imbes nagawa ko na ang ilan sa aking plano, ay ‘yun, nakahiga ako sa kama, matamlay at nanunuod ng season 1 ng Futurama. I’d rather keep up to my plans on how to be a pop star than stay in bed, torture myself more by thinking what’s my life could’ve been if I were Rob Thomas or Jack Neo.

Anyway, I guess I need some freakin’ rest, but for 3 days? O c’mon. I need to join my team to save some frustrated peeps on how to save their failing gadget. I tried to go to the nearest hospital but the doctor is sick as well, Ironic huh? Then I tried to self medicate but hell, I felt something in my appendix area, I might harm my liver or something so I stopped immediately.

So I have no choice, Absent nanaman ako. I don’t think my boss would be happy about that. But…sigh.

Anyway, as I write this down my temperature went low, manage to ease some occurring muscle pain and still I have a sore throat. Sickness is a belief, which must be annihilated by the divine mind. I promise as soon I get my energy back I’ll do some workout, won’t miss a single pop of vitamin C and give my rest to have a 8 full hours sleep [in other words : less  time for Facebook. :D]

So that’s for now.

So Till then and Godspeed 😀


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